RagLak – Broken Promises (Few Shots) Shot 3


Broken Promises:

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Shot 3:
This girl is making me angry, as I pulled her close to me, I could feel she isn’t comfortable with my touch. She looks away trying to move back but I pulled her more closer, her chest hit mine and she looked up at me.

She blinked at me from her chocolate brown eyes, her lips trembled to pronounce words, I sighed a smirk as it’s not first time girls have been nervous around me.

“Lak. . . Shya, I. . . I need to go with the bag otherwise.” She managed to utter with slight whispers.
“Otherwise Leo and Aleah would do susu on you!” She completed.

I stared at her in confusion and she started giggling. That was lame, I let go and she turned with the bag in her hand.

“Next time keep your hands to yourself, actually. . .” She said and turned.
“Let’s make a promise. . . You have to promise me and the you won’t touch me.” She uttered as she looked and me with one of her eyebrow raised.

Like I’m so keen on touching her.

“Promise.” I promised with a small glare.

“I hope you don’t break this one.” She somewhat taunted and walked out of the room.

That’s impossible, she broke her promise that’s why I did but this promise isn’t going to break.

I sighed and walked towards my bathroom, it’ll be refreshing if I have an shower.
I was being dragged, I felt lifeless, I couldn’t even speak, why would he want to harm me? What have I ever done to him? I gave him respect, love and accepted him to be part of Maheshwari Family, but I guess that didn’t satisfy him, if it did then this wouldn’t have happened.

“W. . . Why a. . . Are y. . . You d. . . Doing t. . . ” Before I could complete, I felt my chest pierce as the bullet struck through my skin and into my flesh.

My breathing increased, I was running out of breath, I’m. . . I’m going to die.

“You’re finished Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari!” He fiercely uttered and shot me again.

Everything was slowly going blank, no one could possibly know I’m dead because of the silencer attached to the gun. . . I guess this is my last day on earth. Oh god, forgive me for all the sins I had committed during the past.

I couldn’t breath anymore and. . . . . . . . . .
123: Killer

What did he think? He would survive after his heinous crime? No ways, I have vowed for the destructions of the Maheshwari’s and I will obtain it, hook or by crook. It took me time for this but I promise, I won’t spare any lineage of the Maheshwari’s, including the children of Lakshya!

I bent down and dragged the body of the Mahan, Durga Prasad Maheshwari, I need to hide it somewhere, I can’t let the fun of the game get spoilt already.
I was standing and watching Aunty making Leo go to sleep as Allah had already fallen asleep.

“Ragini beta, could you please make milk for the two?” Aunty asked with a small smile.

I nodded and smiled back.

I then walked towards the kitchen and entered it, they’re kitchen is quite similar to ours, it’s even located where our kitchen is. . . I grabbed the pan and placed it on the gas stove. I glanced around for milk but couldn’t find it, I then walked up to the fridge but before I could open it, I a vessel on the table besides the fridge and took the cover off it.

That’s the milk, finally I found it. I picked it up and walked back towards the stove and poured it in the pan, then, I turned the gas stove on and stood there, waiting for it to warm up.

Aunty is such a good carer, no one would’ve got an awesome grandma like her, it seems like she cares for Leo and Aleah more than Lakshya. I looked down at the milk and turned the stove off, I gazed around and saw two small cute bottles, a small smile crept up on my lips and I walked up to the sink and held the two in both of my hands.

I walked back and poured the milk in both of the bottles, making sure it wasn’t too warm, after that, I walked out and as I walked out, I saw Lakshya sitting on the sofa, talking with aunty.

“Maa, why not?”

“Lakshya, chup hoja!”

“Maa, it’s a good decision, I swear Maa, you’ll be super se*y woman on magazines, Papa would be jealous of your success.” Lakshya, in serious tone uttered.

Aunty shook her head in disbelief, releasing a sigh.

“Maa, I already called the agency, they said you need to go for an interview and I’m sure after seeing you, they’ll say yes straight away.” Lakshya gave a faint smile as he moved slightly back, resting on the sofa.

“Talking about Papa, where is her?” Lakshya glances around the whole hall.

“He must’ve slept, he was tired when he returned from the office.”

I forwarded the bottles, Lakshya looked at me and I looked at him, he then smacked his hand in the air, making one of the bottle fall onto the floor, under the act of getting up.
Aunty took the other bottle, I narrowed my eyes at Lakshya and so did Aunty.

“Lakshya!!” Aunty sighed as she looked away.

“I didn’t do anything.” Lakshya moaned, acting as if he’s innocent.

I sighed and bent down, picking the bottle up, thank god it didn’t break and the milk didn’t come out. I stood back up and walked straight to the kitchen, wanting to wash the bottle.

“Maa, I want water, I’m thirsty!” Lakshya yelled, so that it could reach my ears. Lazy git, if he thinks I’m getting him water upon hearing that then he’s wrong because I haven’t signed up as his servant.

“Get it yourself, I’m sure your legs haven’t fallen asleep.” I heard Aunty say and smiled a little.

I just love the way Aunty answers Lakshya back, it. . . Sounds refreshing.

I might as well but the remaining milk back in the fridge or it will get spoilt. I picked it up, walked towards the fridge and opened the door, but to my shock. . .

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” I couldn’t help but scream and drop the milk in my hand.

My heartbeat was beating fast due to fear, I took my steps back and simply ran.
I heard her scream and stood up, Maa was even surprised with that sudden move, I walked forward to check and saw her rush out from the kitchen, she then hugged me in fear. I could feel her whole body shivering, her heartbeats increased and she was short from breath and was murmuring something which was inaudible, I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

“What happened?” I asked.

She broke the hug and looked at me, damn. . . She was sweating and looked terrified.

“K. . . Kitchen. . .” She pointed towards the kitchen.

I walked inside and glanced around and then my eyes fell on the. . .

“Papa!” I uttered in shock and bent down.

Dead body of Papa! No, this was impossible, this can’t happen, t…this must be a prank, this isn’t real.

“Papa!” I shouted as I wobbled him.

He wasn’t responding and his body was cold, it seems like he had been in the fridge for an hour! Oh god, who sleeps in the fridge?! This Papa is Mental.
While shaking him, I turned him. Before I could utter anything, my eyes stopped at the blood and bullet mark which shocked me.

I moved back in shock, no. . . This can’t happen, I don’t know why my eyes moist, my brain isn’t being able to think after witnessing this.

I heard a thump and turned, Maa. . . Now I’m damn sure Maa and Papa are playing a joke with me, Papa must be taking vengeance for not naming Leo and Aleah what he wanted them to be named and Maa is supporting him, like she says. . . ‘My Piyaji’s order and my duty to fulfil it.’
It has to be a joke, I panicked and crawled up to Maa.

“Maa, if this is a joke then it’s a very bad one, I promise I’ll leave the house.” I sniffed, unable to control my tears.

Maa wasn’t reacting, she was sitting there like a statue, it seems like her body had numbed up.

“Maa, tell Papa to get up, tell him I promise not to make you India’s top s*xy lady or more famous than him. . .” I managed to utter before I could get captured by the world of depressive tears that are ready to flow from my eyes.

Maa still didn’t react and I couldn’t help but start crying, my forehead fell into her lap and I continued sobbing.
After a while, the police and ambulance came, I was waiting in the hall with Leo and Aleah as I was timid to renter and witness that. What must’ve happened to uncle? Loads of questions but the answers seem to be gone on a vacation.

“Mr Maheshwari, you have to come with us to the police station for further investigation.” The inspector broke my chain of thought.

I saw Lakshya and the inspector exiting from the Kitchen, Lakshya was in tears, why wouldn’t he be? He lost his father and I couldn’t help but to develop tears in my eyes.

“The body will be sent for post mortem and don’t worry, we will catch the culprits soon.” The inspector confidently utters.

The word post-mortem gave me goose bumps, I never knew it would be this hurtful in real life other than reel, I never cried for actors but I am crying now. Uncle d. . . Died. But where’s Aunty? She must be traumatised to witness that, she lost her husband.

“Can I join you later?” Lakshya, in a shaky voice uttered.

It sounds like he wants to cry, he shouldn’t keep it in, the more he keeps it in the more he would feel blue.

The inspector nodded and walked towards the exit, then the ward boys brought uncles dead body out on the stretcher and walked towards the exit. I looked away, unable to look at him anymore, my eyes then fell on Leo and Aleah, who were sleeping peacefully.

Soon the hall emptied and we were left. There was merely silence, I wasn’t sure if I should stay.

“Stay with Maa, I will be back.” Lakshya, without looking at me said and walked away.
I never knew we would have to go through this day, Papa was murdered but by who and why? Sometimes I feel like it’s a dream, a very bad dream that needs to vanish now and allow me to awaken in the fresh morning of tomorrow. This gloomy dawn was killing me, I don’t want to stay here any longer.

I walked out from Maheshwari Mansion and out of the gates. I took a deep breath, tilting my head and looking up with tears flowing down. It’s hard to believe it’s a not a dream. I want it to be my dream, I know I disliked Papa but I never wanted him to leave me like this, he’s such a loser, he didn’t even die fairly.

I chuckled and in no time, bursted into tears. I heard a sound and turned, the lights flashed in my eyes, giving me no time to move as I was engaged in covering my eyes and I felt a heavy metal hit into my chest and flew back.

Unable to control my movement, I fell onto the floor and hit my head on the rock, damnnnn it hurt. . . I got hit and I went blank.

Lakshya had gotten hit by a lorry and now is lying in pool of blood, the lorry zoomed pass and all that was heard was merely the wind that was blowing and Lakshya struggling to breath.

Shot 3 yahi samaapt hua. . .

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      Glad you liked it ??

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      Cry because your Sautans are mourning. . . Then laugh after the funeral because I’m laughing. . . ?

      Nagesh Babu wanted a break so I gave his character a permanent break, don’t know why he got lazy but now he’s happy and must be enjoying in Goa, he’s truly lazy when it comes to work, he always used to throw fits over small small things but oh well, Nagesh urf DP actually left, we can’t get his return ticket. . . ?

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