RagLak – Broken Promises (Few Shots) Shot 2


Broken Promises:

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Shot 2:
“Lucky!” I heard someone call my name, I can’t be bothered to open my eyes to see the person, I just want to sleep.


It has to be Vishal, only he calls me Lucks!

I groaned and sat up with half opened eyes.

“What?!” I irritatedly yelled.

“Congrats bro, where’s the twins?” Vishal asked while glancing around.

Why does he seem so happy, he’s more happier than I am.

“They’re. . .” I turned to the side and stopped my sentence as I couldn’t spot them.

I looked at Vishal in amusement, did he. . . Steal my babies? But why will he steal them.

I stood up, fully waking up.

“They’re gone missing!” I panicked.

Why is he so calm?

“Lucks, chill!” He retorted.

“Chill? Are you serious? Chill? How am I meant to chill! Dude, my babies went missing!” I yelled as I stared at him.

“They’re downstairs with. . .” He trailed off.

I didn’t bother listening ahead and walked out, he followed.

As I rushed down the stairs, I saw them with Maa and. . . Her! Why is she touching my baby?!

I fumed and stormed up to her with full energy and snatched child away from her.

“How dare you touch them?! And with who’s permission did you take them out!” I yelled in anger.

There was a pin drop silence, just then the child in my hand started crying. I looked at it.

“I took them out.” Maa uttered as she stood up with the other child.

I started shaking my daughter to calm her down, I can’t see her crying.

“Lucks. . .”

“Not now Vishal!” My voice was stern, hkw dare she even come near my children.

I turned to her as she blinked at me.

“I don’t even want your shadow near my children, do you get that?!” I asked as I looked at her, in a combined tone of anger and disgust.

It sounds like I’m threatening her, her eyes moistened and I walked away with my daughter but before I could climb the stairs Maa stopped me.

“Lakshya! Is this how you talk to her? She came on my persistence and touched them with my permission!” Maa answered me, taking a stand for her.

Anger rose inside me, I was about to erupt when Vishal interrupted.

“Aunty, when would the Naamkaran be conducted? Lucks, you best take suggestions from me, you know I give out awesome suggestions.” He praised himself.

He knew how to handle things, he senses my anger so quickly and it’s been 8 years since we’ve been friends, if he wasn’t here then I would’ve erupted and said the things I didn’t want and Maa would’ve got hurt, all would’ve happened because of her!

“Not now Vishal, I want to talk to him.” Maa said, blocking out what Vishal had said for a moment.

“If she broke her promises then you did too!” Maa sternly said, I looked at her with a sigh.

“Congratulations then!” I harshly uttered and walked up.

Vishal took my son from Maa and followed.

What was Maa trying to say, I broke my promise? I tried remembering and remembered how I promised her that I will never go against her.

But she broke her promise first, if her promise broke then mine has no meaning!

“Leo and Leah” Vishal uttered as we entered my room.

Upon hearing these names, some old memory came back.

“Remember, you said you wanted to name your son Leo and your daughter Leah, this is perfect time to fulfil your wish.”

He’s right, I was standing on the rock in Ladakh and I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing and I shouted those names for my children, unfortunately, it was caught on tape.

I don’t actually want my children to be named some old next up traditional name, I want some fresh and modern name.

“Not Leah, Aleah.” I retorted while remembering clearly.

Leo means lion and Aleah means exalted, what can be any better names than these, they make a perfect combination.

“So, from now on, their names are Leo and Aleah.” Vishal declared.

There, naamkaran is done, Leo and Aleah.
I placed Aleah down on the bed as she was sleeping. Vishal walked forward and placed Leo down besides her.
“No Aunty, he doesn’t like me and I don’t think this is right.” I said to Aunty as it don’t agree with this at all, it would be wrong.

“Ragini. . .”

I interrupted “Aunty, you saw how he behaved today, he snatched his daughter from me and said he doesn’t want my shadow near his children.” I sadly uttered with a slight frown.

How could he be so harsh? I was just trying to help but I guess even my help is worth poison to him.

“Ragini, it’s just anger which will slowly fade, please don’t say no.” Aunty requested and joined her hands together.

“No Aunty.” I uttered and pushed her folded hands down.
“Don’t embarrass me like this, please.” I requested.

She looked at me with moist eyes, I let out a small sigh and nodded.

“Okay Aunty, I’ll help you take care of his children.” I agreed.

That was it, she had asked me to come over every day and help her with the twins.

“But. . . ” I uttered and Aunty interrupted.

“Lakshya won’t say anything, I promise.” Aunty assured.

I simply nodded but wasn’t much happy with this decision. I’ll just go with it.

“Come . . .” Aunty said and started walking.

I was confused but she gestured me to come, I nodded and started following her as we walked up the stairs.
I’m glad Ragini decided to stay, I would need extra help in taking care of the two, I’m sure Lakshya wouldn’t pay much of a heed, yesterday, I had to feed the children as Lakshya had fell asleep, I believe it’s harder for him to take care of the two, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing so that’s why I asked Ragini to help me.

The children seem to get along with her, she would make a good carer, if she wants, I can hire her as a carer and pay her for this job. . . Hmm, this would be an excellent idea, I’ll talk to her about it but first I need to bring the children so that we can feed them.
We were heading towards a room, I hope it’s not Lakshya’s.

Aunty knocked on the door before entering, I stood outside, I was too nervous to enter.

“No, what made you think I’ll give them to you especially when she’s around?” I heard him say.

I don’t understand why he hates me to this extent, I wasn’t the only one who broke the promise, he reciprocated too.

“Lakshya, if you were capable of taking their responsibility then I wouldn’t have worried much!” Aunty yelled back at him.

“Mom please, I can take care of my children, I don’t need an extra hand.” He replied.

“Really? Have you even thought about how you’re going to feed them and do their upbringing?” Aunty questioned.

She was right, he’s unemployed so how will he provide for his children.

“Yes, I have applied for an interview at the Royal Blues.” He responded, I could sense easiness in his tone as if he’s actually telling the truth.

“Royal Blues?” Aunty asked sounding confused as she was unaware of what that was, even with me, I was unsure too.

“It’s a music records company.” His friend replied.

Music record company? Is Lakshya planning to be a singer?

“Why there?” Aunty queried.

“Because it is an easy way to make money and I enjoy singing.” He pronounced with a sense of proudness in his tone.

“Singer? You want to become a singer? What about what your father had decided. . .?” Aunty queried and she sounded disappointment.

“What has he decided? If you’re expecting me to work under him then you’re wrong.” He responded with slight of chuckle.

“Lakshya. . .”

“Maa, you wanted me to get money for my children, then let me at least do that peacefully.”

“Fine! But what about their upbringing? They need a mother. . .”

The room was silence after that, no one was speaking.

“Maa, no ways!” He responded as if he understood where she was coming from.

“Why not? I didn’t think of this earlier but actually, it’s not that bad of a decision to make.”

“I agree Lucks, you won’t be able to handle them alone, you would need someone to help you while you’re gone for work.”

“Yeah. . . You’re here and so is Maa.”

“And you expect Aunty to handle two babies at the same time?”

His friend was somewhat right as Aunty wouldn’t be able to handle both of them.

“And? Why should I get married? We will hire a carer.” He decided.

“Where will we find a carer from?”

“I found one.” Aunty interrupted.

I hope she won’t mention me, he’s not going to like that at all.

“Don’t tell me it’s her, Maa anyone but not her!” He seemed to sound like he’s begging.

Am I actually that bad?

“Why not? You have a problem with her, not your children so don’t drag them in between both of you, why should they get involved?” Aunty said.

“Lucks, aunty is right, you and her have problems going on, don’t drag the children in between, come on, she’s not that evil enough to gulp your children down.”

What?! He thinks I’m a threat to his children? How cruel of him!

“No ways, I don’t even want her eyes on my children so forget touching them!”
I really feel like slapping him across the face, but if I barge in like that, I would seem like I’m desperate to get close to his children.

“I guess I have to talk to Ji.” Aunty said.

I could hear footsteps and I slightly moved back.

Aunty came out and looked at me, I gave a small worrying smile in exchange of her look. She sighed and shook her head in disbelief as if she gave up talking to him.

“Sorry about all this beta.” Aunty apologised.

“No aunty, you don’t need to apologise, it’s not your fault.” I softly uttered.

She gave me a faint smile and both of us walked away, as we walked down, uncle had entered with the Pandit.

“Annapurna, are the arrangements ready for the Naamkaran?” Uncle asked.

“Ji. . . Today?” Aunty responded confusingly.

“Yes today, I don’t want this news to leak out, so I want it to get over and done with today. . . Come in Pandit Ji.” Uncle frustratedly tells and welcomes the pandit.

“Beta, can you please go and get Lakshya with the children, I need to see the other things.” Aunty requested and rushed.

Do I have to walk up again? Oh gosh.
“Lucks Chill.” Vishal said to calm me.

“Chill? Chill?!” I yelled as I see no reasons to chill.

“That girl took my Mum on her favour and now you too!” I huffed.

“Lucks! Chill dude, wait, let me go to the toilet and then we will continue.” Vishal gritted and rushed to the bathroom.

I released a sigh, today Maa argued with me for her, what makes Maa think that I’ll make her the carer?!

I heard a knock on the door and tilted my head to the side. It was her, I instantly looked away.

“Aunty said to bring the children down for the Naamkaran ceremony.” She uttered.

I totally ignored her and turned my back towards her, who would want to talk to her?

“Hello? Did you hear what I said?” She asked.

I ignored her again, I felt a tap on my shoulder, oh god, what does this girl want.

As soon as I turned, she slapped me across the face, leaving a sting in the form of pain as my cheek warmed up.

Why did she slap me? Actually, how dare she slap me!!

I looked up at her and eyed her angrily.

“What the hell is your problem?! There’s something called ‘reciprocate’, have you ever heard of that?! I’m here being nice to you and don’t I expect a nice behaviour back from you? But no! You’re too arrogant! If you’re not being nice to me then why should I be to you?! Thank god I let myself go! I couldn’t hold back anymore, being nice when you don’t even appreciate it! What do you think? You’re the only one who’s been hurt?! Come on Lakshya!! Oops, Lucky! You’re not the only human on earth! Even I got hurt when you said all that to me, do you know why?! Because I’m also a human! But I let it go, I thought forget it but I gave up! I couldn’t cope up with your idiotic behaviour anymore!! Don’t forget that you have also broken the promises you made to me!! And you want to play the broken Promises maze? Fine, I’m ready to play!!” She lashed out at me all in one go and simply released a small sigh.

Woah! She should calm her horses.

“Y…” I was about to utter but she interested.

“I’m not here to ask you! I’m telling you that Aunty said come down with the children!” She interrupted.

I was surprised by her sudden behaviour, what’s wrong with her.

“Don’t look at me like that! If you don’t come then I would have to use my ways! You see, I’m tired of being nice to you!” She puffed and faked a sarcastic smile in the end.

I was unable to figure out how to respond, I was still in a slight shock to see this side of her.

“Actually, why am I even asking you? You’re not required, it’s only the twins.” She said and walked forward up to them.

“Don’t you. . .” I came to slight sense as I caught her movement and uttered but she interrupted yet again.

“If you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut!” She said and picked Leo up and turned to me.

“It’s a nice quote, isn’t it?” She faked a smile.

Wait what! What’s happening! This was totally unexpected of her, she. . . She can’t do that, but why am I unable to answer this girl.

“Are you bringing her or do I have to tell Vishal to?” She asked, noticing Vishal standing there.

She walked out with Leo and my mouth slightly hung open. I was totally blank on what just happened.

First she slapped me for nothing and then lashed out on me.
I walked down with the baby, hoping the other one would also be brought out. I don’t know what just happened, I snapped at him because. . . He hurt me.

I never been rude to anyone expect the people I don’t like and surely he fell into that category, how can I forget? He’s not Lakshya, he’s Lucky!

Then I rudeness is justified because I don’t know anyone called Lucky, it’s always been and will be Lakshya.

He’s so irritating, I guess he took my nice behaviour lightly but this time he’s not getting it back until he pays off for his rudeness. People like his deserve that slap, he’s behaving as if he’s the only person that ever got hurt but he forgets there’s other people who exist too.

I may look simple but I’m not that simple, I’m just like every other girls that get annoyed and have emotions, right?

Who would’ve done what I did?

Just because I don’t dress western doesn’t mean I don’t have attitude.
Just because I don’t talk with other boys doesn’t mean I don’t live my life.
Just because I don’t go out much it doesn’t mean I’m caged.
I live my life the way I like it and I love it simple.

As I reached the hall, Uncle gestured me to sit down, how could I sit down there? This is meant to be done by the mother and father of the children, I’m neither, of course not the mother and there’s no chance of being a father, I don’t see any chances of me sitting there.

“Beta, sit down.” Aunty smiled as she came out with a platter.

“But Aunty. . .” I uttered.

“Don’t worry, just sit down.” Uncle interrupted.

I don’t know what to do, how should I respond to them, I had no option but to sit down with the baby. I might as well, I have no important role other than just sitting down.

Aunty did an amazing preparation in that short span of time, even I wouldn’t have got all this done.

Soon, I felt someone near me and turned my head to see, it was Lakshya with his daughter, he was looking forward, I also looked away.

“Pandit Ji, you may start.” Uncle says.

The pandit Ji then starts to read the mantra’s for the name ceremony.

I don’t know why I’m feeling guilty for slapping him, but I won’t apologise, I know what I’m going to do.
The naming ceremony was happening, why the hell is she here? And what does she think, she’ll get away with that slap, no ways Lucky will allow her to get away with that slap.

I don’t want to see her, whenever I do, I remember her Dayan wala avtaar, this Dayan has to be taught a lesson so that she doesn’t howl again.

“What names would you want you children to be named?” The pandit asks.

Before I could say anything, Papa interrupted.

“Pandit Ji, is there any letters?” DP asks.

“Let me check.”

Gosh, what’s it to Papa? I already decided their names.

“A and L have good suggestions.” The pandit replied.

Perfect, Aleah and Leo.

“Aleah and Leo.” I responded with a small smile as I stared at the pandit.

The pandit made a face, it clearly showed he was surprised with the names.

“No Pandit Ji, don’t listen to him, Layanti and Amol.” Papa interrupted and suggested.

Layanti? What the hell is that meant to be? No ways I’ll name my daughter Layanti and my son Amol!

“Aleah and Leo.” I repeated again.

“Ananya and Lakshman.” Papa sternly utters.

Lakshman? Never ever in my whole life I would name any of my sons Lakshman, what’s up with his L’s, can’t he get better names.

“Aleah and Leo!” I repeated again and this time I raised my tone.

“Lakshya, what type of names are they? They don’t match our culture!” Papa gravelly uttered.

Damn, even his questions sound cruel.

“They’re just names, there’s no sin in naming them these, your names shouldn’t define who you are, right?” I annoyedly questioned without looking at him.

“Aleah and Leo!” I made my final decision.

The pandit shook his head and done, the naamkaran was done and now I can leave.

As I stood up, I felt Papa’s evil and dark eyes on my face.

“Don’t stare at me, I know I’m handsome.” I smirked and looked at him.

“Handsome? I’ve seen better people than you who have the rights to call theirselves handsome.” Papa insulted.

I chuckled, “Definitely not you.”

“Never said I was.” He said and left from there.

I shook my head and was about to go up when Maa stopped me.

“Lakshya, wait, leave them down, I need to feed them.” Maa said.

I turned with a sigh and nodded, the push-pram was brought out, I placed Aleah in there.

“Lakshya, you should’ve. . .” Maa spoke but I interrupted.

“Maa please.” I shook my head in a disagreement as I looked at her.

I walked off.

I know Maa will always support Papa no matter what, even if he’s wrong. I don’t get his problem, only if everything was in my hands.
The name choices were good but he should’ve kept respect of Uncles words. But what can we accept from him.

“Ragini beta, can you go get their nappies?” Aunty asked.

I smiled and nodded, I turned around and walked up the stairs.

Leo and Aleah, they may not be traditional names but they’re amazing, I don’t know why but I feel a peaceful feeling from the names.

As I walked up, I stopped outside his room, before entering, I knocked and then entered, I didn’t wait for his response. He turned around and looked at me, I saw a bag on the bed, behind him, it looks like a baby bag so the nappies must be contained in there.

“What are you doing here?” He questioned roughly.

I didn’t find it necessary to answer him so I walked forward and grabbed onto the bag but he held my arms and pushed me towards him, my chest hit his and we looked at one another, I was shocked and he was a little angry.
DP was shown walking out of his room until he gets dragged into a corner.

“What are you doing?!” DP shouts but gets kneed in the stomach.

“Ahh!” DP winces in pain.

The person holds DP by the collar and forcefully drags him.

“Leave me!” DP shouts.

The person stops and turns to him, in no time, he hits DP’s bald scalp with the end of his gun with full force which causes pain to DP. DP’s vision slightly gets blurred, he touched his head and soon receives a punch across the face due to which his glasses fall onto the floor and a tooth drops down from his mouth. DP painfully looks up and straight away collapses due to lack of energy.
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Umm, who is that person that attacked DP and why had that person done that?

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Young RagLak:

Ragini – Harshita Ojha

Lakshya – Shivansh Kotia
Present Characters:

* Vishal – Karan Tacker
Former Characters:

* Payal – Soumya Seth

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