RagLak – Broken Promises (Few Shots) Shot 1


Broken Promises:
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Shot 1:
He can’t be! He can’t be my Lakshya, no!

“I hate you!” He pronounced, I could see his eyes red in anger, is that how much he hates me that upon knowing my identity, he got angry.
His words zoomed into my ears, I couldn’t help but allow the water glimpse in my eyes, how can he say that?

“Lakshya. . .” I uttered softly, while controlling my tears.

“It’s Lucky! Say my name right and I’m not your Lakshya!” He harshly said and walked away, leaving me in tears.

MM is shown, a girl walks outside and smiles while the rain stops, a smile appears on her face.

“Finally, the barish stopped.” The girl happily exclaims.

The girl is shown in a red Salwar kameez with red leggings and a red stole pinned on her left shoulder.

“Ragini…” A boys voice is heard.

She turns around with a smile as the boy walks out. The girl is revealed to be an 11 year old young Ragini.

“Kya? I only came here to meet you… Now I have to go.” Ragini says.

“Wait for a bit.” The boy says.

“No Lakshya, you don’t know my Daadi Maa, she has anger issues and I’m her favourite, so she can’t stay away from me for more than 3 hours.” Ragini says.

The boy is revealed to be a 12 year old Lakshya.

“Swara! Swara!” Ragini shouts.

Just then a 12 year old Swara walks out with an annoyed face.

“Kya Ragini, khelne deti.” Swara pouts.

“DaadiMaa would shout and find reasons to taunt you and I don’t like it when she does that.” Ragini says.

“Hmm, okay… then come…” Swara says and runs out.

Lakshya walks up to Ragini.

“Thank you for coming Ragini… I’m glad you’re my friend… Promise me that you will never leave me or hate me like other people do.” Lakshya asks for a promise and tells while forwarding his palm out.

Ragini smiles and says “Promise Lakshya, I will never leave your side or hate you or go away from you.” Ragini says and keeps her hand on top of Laksh’s to indicate she promises.

Lakshya and Ragini smile, Ragini hears the horn and turns around.

“Bye Lakshya, I’ll come back tomorrow.. And I’ll meet you at school tomorrow.” Ragini says.

Lakshya nods okay and Ragini leaves.

Lakshya also goes inside.

“Lakshya, go freshen up, I’ll arrange food for you.” AP utters as she walks out.

Lakshya nods and runs up.

Lakshya runs to his room and stands in front of the mirror and stares at himself.

“People make fun of me because of my unibrow… Why? It’s just a unibrow.” Lakshya says to himself.

A boy rushes inside the room.

“Lucky, hurry up yaar, Badi Maa won’t give me food until you’re not down!” The boy pouts as he looks at Lakshya and plays with his ball.

“Sorry Bhai. . .” Lakshya utters but gets interrupted.

“Lucky, don’t apologise when it’s not your mistake, you’re so simple, just like Badi Maa, get some courage and I want you to beat that Vishal up tomorrow, haa?” His brother, Sanskaar utters as he eyes Lakshya.

Lakshya gives a weak smile in return.

“Leave this, let’s go.” Sanskaar diverts the topic.

Lakshya agrees and both rush out from the room.

Both reach the dining table and sit down.

“How was school today?” DP clears his throat and asks the two.

“Bade Papa. . .” Sanskaar utters but Lakshya presses his hand and interrupts.

“It was good Papa, the teachers are very good and all my classmates are too.” Lakshya lies with a faint smile.

Sanskaar looks at Lakshya.

“Hmmm. . . How’s the studies going?” DP asks.

“Great.” Both respond back.

Both finish eating and go to bed.

Sanskaar’s parents die in a car accident with Uttra and only DP and AP have been handling him. Adarsh is studying in London.

It was a bright and sunny morning, Lakshya had gotten dressed in his school uniform.

“Bye.” Lakshya says and waves bye at the AP and walks out with Sanskaar.

“Annapurna, you have to let Lakshya out from your Pallu, he can’t be like this, he needs to have the strength and courage, I want you to try your best to make him independent and worth something!” DP makes clear and leaves for office.

AP gets slightly sad as Lakshya is AP’s favourite son, Lakshya is weak in the matter of socialising, he has lack of confidence and always stays with AP which makes DP angry as he thinks she’s making him useless.

After a while, Lakshya enters the school and looks around, he sees Ragini and she waves at him, he walks up to her, Sanskaar walks away to his friends.

“Lakshya, I was thinking about your promises last night… I also want promises from you.” Ragini says.

“Haa, kaise promises?” Lakshya asks.

“Lakshya… Promise me that you will not go against me… And will always support me…” Ragini says and forwards her hand.

“Promise Ragini, I’ll never turn against you and will always support you.” Lakshya says with a smile.

Ragini also smiles, just then a boy reaches there and pushes Lakshya. Lakshya falls while Ragini is shocked, Swara walks there and stands besides Ragini.

“Vishal! Why did you do this?!” Ragini angrily asks.

“You stay out of this Ragini! It’s between me and this loser!” Vishal warns.

The boy that had pushed Lakshya is revealed to be a 12 year old Vishal.

Lakshya manages to stand up and glares at Vishal.

“Vishal, you’re so mean.” Swara complains.

“Shut up! No one asked for your opinion!” Vishal says.

“Vishal, you’re crossing your limits now.” Ragini says.

“Forget him Ragini, he’s not worth it. Come on Lakshya.” Swara says.

Lakshya picks his bag up walks away with Swara and Ragini while Vishal looks on angrily.

After a while, school was over. Lakshya and Sanskaar walk home.

“Did Vishal say anything to you today?” Sanskaar asks while playing with his ball.

“No.” Lakshya lies with a faint smile.

“Tell the truth.”

“Bhai, he didn’t.” Lakshya assures.

Sanskaar believes him and both reach home, Lakshya was waiting for Ragini. It had turned night but Ragini still hadn’t come.

Lakshya then goes to the AP’s room.

“Maa…” Lakshya says.

“Yes, What happened beta?” AP says concernedly.

“Maa, Ragini still didn’t come…” Lakshya says.

“Oh, Lakshya, she’s gone and she left a message for you.” AP sadly says.

Lakshya looks on.

“She left Kolkata and moved city… She forgot to tell you and said that she’s sorry.” AP says and sadly looks on.

Lakshya is shocked and runs out, he goes into his room and locks the door.

“Ragini left? How can she? She didn’t even tell me? She’s so mean! She broke her promise!” Lakshya sadly says and tears escapes his eyes.

Lakshya then gets angry and burns his every memory with Ragini and their pictures.

“I hate you Ragini! You broke your promises!” Lakshya angrily says and burns the picture of him and Ragini.

Sanskaar had been sent to London, Lakshya didn’t want to go and this made DP angry so therefore DP had to only send Sanskaar, he then later that day had a massive go at Lakshya.
Gadodia Mansion:

“Finally, it feels great to be back in our hometown.” Parvati Gadodia, a 58 years old woman happily sighs as she sits down peacefully in her house after 9 years.

“Daadimaa, where should I keep this?” A 20 years old, Ragini Gadodia asks as she brings a box inside the hall.

“In my room.” Parvati with a smile says.

Ragini smiles, revealing her face and nods, walking towards a room.

“Maa, the truck driver is asking for extra money.” Sharmishta, the mother of Swaragini and the wife of Shekhar says as she walks inside with a slight pout.

“Tell him to take what he’s been offered or else he won’t get anything!” Parvati utters with slight raised tone.

“Maaji! This is unfair, the fixed price was 2000 rupees and now I’m being offered 1500?” The driver enters the house as he yells, making his voice reach the nook of the mansion.

“If you’re getting 500 less then what will you lose? Will your house tore apart? Or will your truck slice into pieces?” Parvati sarcastically questions with raised tone.

“Na Maaji, nothing like that will happen but haa, my hard work would be insulted if you give me 500 less.” The driver justifies.

Parvati sighs.

“Give him 500, he’s dying for it, go but juice and snacks to fill your stomach.” Parvati says and stands up, cursing under her breath and walks away.

Sharmishta gives the money to the truck driver, he thanks her and leaves.

Parvati stands in front of her built in temple and starts praying.

Ragini walks out and smiles and Sharmishta.

“Maa, has Swara called?” Ragini asks.

“Not yet.” Sharmishta says.

Swara has gone to London for her studies, Shekhar is also there due to business purpose.

“Maa, I’ll go to the college for admission.” Ragini says and grabs her handbag.

Sharmishta nods and Ragini leaves.

“I wonder how Lakshya must be, how he must look like, it’s been 9 years, I hope he’s not angry with me.” Ragini smiles as she says in her mind.

As she walks forward, she clashes into a boy and stumbles, she moves back irritatedly and looks at him.

“Please save me.” The boy begs and stands behind Ragini.

Ragini gets confused and looks forward, seeing a boy in black chinos, plain black t-shirt, plain black shirt on top and approaching them.

The boy behind Ragini timidly shivers seeing the boy in front of him.

“Move out of the way.” The boy says to Ragini.

“Listen, you can’t hurt him.” Ragini says while defending the boy behind him.

“What’s it to you?” The boy asks.

“As a civilian, it is my duty to prevent chaos that is bad for this environment and that will cause pain to us society people!” Ragini boldly retorts.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know that did I?” The boy acts to be surprised.

“He’s such a cheap man.” Ragini utters under her breath while giving the boy the disgusted looks.

“Mind your own business and where there’s nothing got to do with you then you should not to poke!” The boy rudely says and grabs the other boy, behind Ragini and pulls him forward.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me.” The boy begs as tears roll down his eyes.

Ragini helplessly watches and feels bad.

“What did you say to Vishal? Repeat it, even I wish to hear.” The boy asks.

Ragini looks at the boy as that name seems familiar and brings a lot of memories.

“L…lucky b…bhai. . . Y…you also w..ent th…rough th..is.. h..ow… c…can y…you s…support V…Vish…al… b…” The boy timidly utters but stops as he received a slap.

Ragini gets shocked and the boy that slapped the timid boy and in black is revealed to be Lakshya urf Lucky.

“What did I say?” Lakshya asks in a serious tone.

“L…Lakshya?” Ragini manages to say, fearing to hear a yes.

Lakshya looks at her, Ragini’s heart starts beating fast, the timid boy even looks at her.

“How do you know my name?” Lakshya asked, seeming a little confused.

Ragini slightly gasps upon hearing a positive answer and covers her mouth with her palm, moving back in shock and disbelief.

“Lakshya, w…what happened to you?” Ragini questions as she stops.

Lakshya looks at her confusingly.

“Who are you?”


The timid boy gasps as he looks at Ragini, who had revealed her identity. Lakshya leaves the boy and looks at Ragini in shock.

“Lakshya, you weren’t like this, what happened to you suddenly?” Ragini questions worriedly as she moves forward.

Lakshya looks away and takes a step back, Ragini stops and looks at him.

“I hate you!” Lakshya says with anger as he looks at her.

Ragini gets shocked and looks at him, his words hurt her due to which her eyes moist.

“Lakshya. . .” Ragini utters but gets interrupted.

“It’s Lucky! Say my name right and I’m not your Lakshya!” He harshly said and walked away, leaving Ragini in tears.

End of Flashback.
“Lakshya Maheshwari?” I asked while looking at the timid boy.

He nods and tears escape my eyes.

“So you’re the deceitful, betrayer, two faced, cunning, emotionless, fraud Ragini?” He asked me.

I looked up at him in surprise, is that what Lakshya thinks of me? Is that what he describes me as to everyone?

I started sobbing, I don’t get why, I sometimes hate myself for crying and not being able to control my emotions.

Lakshya changed, he… he’s a complete different person.

“Hi, I’m Vishal.” The timid boy says and forwards his hand.

I looked at him in shock, he simply nodded at me and took his glasses off.

“This is just mine and Lucky’s prank, set up to trouble people and see who’s real and who’s not.” He told me, I was a little confused.

But that doesn’t matter, all I want to know is what happened in these 9 years that had changed him and compelled him to hate me.

“He hates you, don’t even go near him by mistake or he’ll do something in anger.” Vishal warned and walked away.

How can Lakshya hate me? I was his best-friend, I closed my eyes, letting the tears escape, I ‘was’ not ‘am’.

I walked away, back into the mansion, avoiding eye contact with Maa and Daadimaa and into my room, locking the door.
She’s back, why is she back, well what’s it to me, I don’t know her anymore and I won’t even bother knowing her, she’s not worth it.

“Lucky, why are you sitting here alone?” Payal, my half girlfriend asked as she sat down, besides me.

“Thinking about you.” I smiled sheepishly as I turned to her, she smiled and stood up.

She came closer and sat on my lap, allowing me to feel her. It’s better to move on and I want to erase Ragini out from my life, I don’t want to know her.

“Lucky, will you leave me?” Her voice softened as she turns her face towards me.

Will I leave her? No, I will never because to me, she’s more than a friend and less than a girlfriend, like Mohit Suri says. Thinking of that, has anyone watch the trailer of half-girlfriend.

“Will you leave me?” I asked and looked into her eyes.

Her eyes moistened and she hugged me. What was this? Is she kidding me? She’s leaving. . . Me.

“I’m sorry Lucky, the. . . The doctor said I won’t be able to survive.” She sobbed as she hugged me tight.

What? No. . . This can’t happen.

“You can’t! You promised me that you won’t leave me.” I uttered, hugging her tight and not wanting to let go.

“I’m sorry.” She softly sobbed which managed to reach my ears.

She can’t leave me, I won’t let her leave me.

“Lucky. . .” She trailed off and broke the hug.

I looked into her eyes, she’s for real leaving me, urghh! Did my eyes have to moisten too?!

“Please take care of her. . .” She pleaded, her voice cracked and she started crying.

I hugged her, looking away to control my tears.

Payal is 9 months pregnant with my daughter, it was unplanned and my fault, that day I was drunk and I didn’t realise what I had done, but I still love her because she’s my friend.

“Aahhh!” Payal winced in pain as she touched her stomach.

I broke the hug and looked at her, I guess it’s time to take her to the hospital, she started her labour pain. . . I can’t lose her, I just can’t.

“I. . . Love. . . You. . .” She whispered through pain.

I carried her in my arms and rushed, I can’t let anything happen to her! I told her to abort the child but Payal being Payal, she didn’t listen to me, she knew there were complications still she went with it! If something happens to her then I won’t forgive myself.

Thank god there was a hospital clinic near by, I rushed her inside.

“Doctor!!” I shouted and glanced around while walking with Payal, she was screaming in pain.

Soon the nurse walks there.

“Ward boy! Bring the wheelchair!” The nurse shouted.

Soon the ward boy came with the wheelchair, I made Payal sit on it, she held my hand and pulled me with her.

I had to leave her hand unwilling as she went inside with the nurse.

I don’t want to lose my daughter, but I don’t want to lose Payal either. I don’t believe in god but I couldn’t help but to pray.
Enough of my sobbing, why am I wasting my tears on him? I should talk to Aunty and find out what happened.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom to compose myself, he promised me that he will never go against me but he broke. . . The promises.

I fixed myself and changed my clothes.

“Laado! Are you in there?” Daadimaa asked after knocking on the door.

“Yes Daadimaa, I’m just coming out.” I responded and opened the door with a smile.

I saw her stand in front of me, raising her eyebrows and folding her hands across her chest.

“What happened Laado? Why all of a sudden did you lock yourself in the room?” Daadimaa questioned.

Her questioned seemed more like interrogation, I feel like I’ve done a crime.

“Daadimaa, I was tired so I thought to rest, I couldn’t go to sleep so I decided to have a bath.” I lied, she seemed to believe me.

“Did you apply for college?” Daadimaa asked.

“Oh no, I forgot.” I said and looked at Daadimaa.

“I’ll just go, I won’t be too long.” I said and walked away, before Daadimaa could stop me, this was a perfect chance to talk to Aunty and Uncle.

As I exited my house, I rushed across the road and there it was, Maheshwari Mansion, at first I hesitated to even touch the gates but later, I pushed the gates and slowly took my steps inside.

After 9 years, I’m back, I don’t know why but I’m feeling nervous and shy, as I walked past, I inhaled the smell of the flowers that are planted in the lawn, it smelt beautiful.

I nervously took my steps up and clicked on the doorbell. I’m not sure what I should say, how should I greet Aunty and what should I say to her, I can’t directly asks her, I. . .

The door opened, oh gosh, I took a deep breath and turned to the side, facing the person.

“Hi, is Mr and Mrs Maheshwari home?” I asked.

“Yes, who’s this?” He inquired.

“Tell them Ragini is here.” I smiled faintly, his eyes widened, it seems as if he saw a ghost, do I look alright?

I looked at myself from toe to stomach, I pretty much look alright, so why is he behaving like he’s seen something horrifying.

“Ramlal, who is it?” A sweet and calm voice of aunty came.

“Malkin, it’s no one.” He responded.

I widened my eyes at his lie.

“Aunty, it’s me, your neighbour.” I shouted from outside, he again looked at me with widened eyes, what’s wrong with him, why is he behaving like that.

Then Aunty came forth, finally she’s here.

“Ragini?” Aunty questioned.

I shook my head positively and a small smile curved up her lips.

“Come inside.” Aunty welcomed me in with a warm smile.

I shook my head and took my steps forward, I find that servant awkward, even by the way he’s looking at me, it’s as if I stole his job and am planning to make him go homeless.

“How was Mumbai?” Aunty asked as we walked up.

“It was great aunty, how have you been?” I asked, I had to be nice, I can’t jump on to that topic yet.

“Did you come alone or. . .?”

“Daadimaa and Maa came along.” I answered.

She nodded with a faint smile, I could see that her smile isn’t genuine, I mean, she’s not that happy that I’m here.

“Take a seat.” She offered.

I shook my head with an uncomfortable smile and sat down.

“Aunty, how’s Lakshya? And Uncle?” I asked but as soon as I rose this question, her smile disappeared as if someone erased her smile with a rubber.

“They’re fine.” She uttered, seeming lost in her world.

“Aunty, is everything alright?” I asked as I slowly blinked at her.

Hopefully she will tell me what had happened in these 9 years.

“Ever since you left. . .” She trailed off, looking at me.

Ever since I left? That sentance was enough to make me think I’m responsible for it, did I really do something that bad, but what could’ve I done? I. . .

“My son changed, he was innocent but. . .” Aunty interrupted my thought and sat down, opposite me and gazing on to the shiny white tiles that are fit into the floor.

“Lakshya was upset at the fact that you left him as you were his only friend, then his father also started scolding him, Lakshya then became friends with Vishal, his bully and he completely changed, Ji was enjoying this new change of Lakshya as Lakshya was more confident and independent, but little did he know that his encouragement would lead to this, Lakshya did whatever he could as he would always think that his father was happy with it, as he grew older, he even started smoking, drinking and got involved with drugs, even now, he’s a completely changed man, he enjoys partying and hanging out with his friends and aaj, whenever Ji scolds him, he blames Ji for his condition.” Aunty told, I could see her tears escaping and felt bad.

“I want my son back, my Lakshya.” Aunty sniffed and started crying.

I couldn’t do anything much expect see her cry, Lakshya changed and now maybe I can help Aunty change him, this is what I could at least do.

“Aunty, don’t worry, I’m sure Lakshya will be back to normal Lakshya.” I assured in my soft tone of voice.

“I want this meeting the day after tomorrow, I don’t feel well enough to come in today.” I heard uncle’s voice, I looked up and saw him walking down in his white kurta and white kurta pajama.

He looks a little different from the last time I remember, I think he has shaved his head that’s what makes him stand out the most, even his moustache, that’s gone too.

Uncle put his phone away and looked at me with confusion, how could’ve he remembered me? I’m grown up now.

“Namaste Uncle.” I greeted as I folded my hands and stood up.

Aunty wiped her tears hurriedly and pulled out a fake smile, how does she do that? She’s indeed a great woman who can hide her feelings and not allow anyone to know.

“Ji, this is Ragini, Shekhar’s daughter.” Aunty introduced me.

I smiled at him, he was confused at first but as he remembered, he shook his head.

“How have you been beta? How’s your Papa?” Uncle asked while walking down.

“I’ve been fine uncle and Papa has also been fine, how have you been?” I responded with a faint smile and asked, I didn’t want to be much of a rude girl.

“Waaa!! Waaa!!” A child cries, why will a child cry in this house? I think I’m the only one who’s in this delusional but wait, Uncle and Aunty are also giving the same expressions, so this means there is a child.
I entered my house with my daughter and. . . Son! Payal lied to me, she legit lied to me, she was expecting twins, not a single child.

How can she lie to me? Because of this lie I lost her, she knew her womb was weak and she would have complications that could risk her life but no! She went ahead with it and died! I couldn’t save her and I feel like a failed half-boyfriend. This is all my fault! If I wasn’t drunk that day then Payal wouldn’t have to suffer and great! She left me with two twins.

Her last words are still running through my ears.

“I’m sorry. . . Take care of them. . .” I would never get those words out of my mind.

Payal had only loved me, she wanted a relationship but I didn’t, I only wanted friendship, so I was her half-boyfriend but I broke that relationship by getting intimate with her but whatever, I will always love her as the worlds best and amazing half-girlfriend.

As I entered with my new born children, my eyes fell on that girl, who merely deceives.

“Lakshya! What is this?!” Papa sternly questioned as he looked at me.

Maa also turned and she stood up.

“You became a grandfather.” I sarcastically said with a fake smile.

Papa widened his eyes in shock and so did Maa as the two looked at me, she was just standing there in confusion but she doesn’t matter.

“What? Why are you surprised? I told you two that my girlfriends pregnant, see, she left us with two of the most beautiful children that I could possibly ever have.” I said and looked at the two in the push chair, upon seeing them, I became more calmer.

“Lakshya!” Papa raised his tone.

“Shhhh! You’ll scare the children!” I hushed him while placing my index finger on my lip after completing my words.

I looked at Ramlal who was standing besides me, he helped me walk up with the two by holding the other side of the pushchair.

“And for your kind of information and Durga Prasad Maheshwari, I’m not leaving, I’m staying here with my children and if you have a problem then you can simply leave!” I made clear and signalled Ramlal, he shook his head and bent down, picking the other end of the pushchair whereas I picked it up from the other end.

Then both of us carefully started walking up, as we reached the top, we placed it down and I walked away into my room with my children. He doesn’t have to accept my children but I’m not disowning them for his fake respect and pride.
“What is wrong with your son?!” Uncle asked Aunty, seeming disappointed.

His disappointment was justifiable.

“He brought Najayaaz children in the house! I’m glad the girl died or else she would’ve merely just suffered!” Uncle huffs.

I know uncle is angry but no child should get labelled as Najayaaz, I agree Lakshya and his girlfriend weren’t married but I’m happy to know that Lakshya accepted his children, but this is unbelievable, he. . . He’s a father now and he’s still like this.

I think I should leave, this is their personal matter, I shouldn’t get involved.

“Uncle, Aunty, I’ll take your leave.” I interrupted.

Both look at me and shake their head, I moved forward and approached the exit.

“Feel free to come around.” Aunty uttered, I stopped and turned.

I nodded positively and walked out, leaving them alone.

I still can’t believe that I once used to know this Lakshya, he’s right, he’s not my Lakshya but merely Lucky! He doesn’t deserve to be called my Lakshya and I won’t either.

As I crossed the road, I entered my mansion but was stopped by Daadimaa.

“Got admitted?” Daadimaa questioned.

“By the time I reached there, the office was closed so I thought to come back and while coming back, I decided to meet our neighbours.” I said, I agree the first part was a lie but the last line wasn’t because I did go to meet our neighbours.

Daadimaa sighed in disbelief and turned.

“Daadimaa, I’ll take rest now.” I said and rushed to my room.
Lakshya was new to this responsibility, he didn’t know how he could carry it out, he needed help but wouldn’t ask for it from anyone but his mother.

An hurt, upset and tired Lakshya decided to lie besides his children and falls asleep in no time, hoping for the best.

On the other hand, stuck between reality and dream, how would she manage to change Lakshya, should she help or not, all these questions were running through her mind, his fatherhood was the biggest shock for her.

Tired of all the questions, Ragini decides to fall asleep as she lies down and closes her eyes.
Shot 1 Ends right here. . .

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