Here you go with 8th shot.

Destiny’s POV:
Even though I planned to separate them it was there love that got them together finally.
RAGINI was confirm about her love and could do anything to keep her love happy. She was ready to die. But on the other side laksh was still doubting his feelings towards her. So I forced his devil side to test RAGINI and gave him stupid idea of getting close to Kavya by allowing her to stay with him in their Mansion. Now RAGINI used to go college within stipulated time and notice Laksh’s doings. Laksh tried his best to test her but every time she used to be strong until one day when he realized RAGINI loves someone else.
Hehehehehe!!!! After all I am destiny I have my own plans of making people one or ……..
That day laksh thought of confronting RAGINI that how she she stop herself from expressing her love. As he was about to enter, he heard rago laughing while talking on phone. It was then when he realized she has moved on bcoz she was telling “I love you “.

Now laksh was completely broken. He thought everything is over now. Now his RAGINI is actually not his. He thought this to himself without confronting with rags.
Actually it was Amar Rago’ s new friend in college. Wohhh!!!! He was flirting with rago but our smart rago somehow tied rakhi to him. So now he is Rago’ s rakhi bro. He knows everything about RAGINI’S life tragedy. So he was cheering her tats when she told I love you……….. bro? after long pauses. So our extra smart laksh heard half the conversation and make his own , “Khayalipulav”.
Next day he confronted rags about her extra marital affair. And started taunting her. Rags now unbearable to hear his thoughts slapped him and went away. Laksh was putting the pieces to its right place when it striked him , oye ragu writes her heart out in her diary. If something such is there then it should be written somewhere. Now he was frantically searching for her diary when he got one beautifully designed with their pics. He read that and was ashamed of his act. Stupid fellow……..
At night when rago came he literally fell on her knees and asked for forgiveness. Idiot RAGINI, she blindly loves him so forgave also easily. Due to Laksh’s such behavior she suffered another stress stroke and fall in his arms. Laksh was feeling as if something, somewhere is missing. This was the moment when he realized, that RAGINI : WE WERE, WE ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE.
Now u rest . There will be a surprise waiting for u.

Recap: Surprise???

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    What surprise u have kept whether Laksh is going to propose her
    Excited and eagerly waiting for the next one………….

  2. Superb ,….mindblownggg yaar…loved it…???

  3. Varsha

    Realy supr dear, lucky’s feelings r jus awsm. Jealousy is gud nt lik tis, he got enough frm ragu. waiting fr nxt shot dear

  4. Superb superb superb dear and waiting for surprise

  5. Megha123

    Awww…..too cute.? chappy just loved it

  6. Dharani


  7. haha…first time I am seeing destiny’s POV……..Very nice……waiting for surprise……..

  8. Akshata

    i loved destiny’s pov. awesome

  9. Wow, the update was great. The POV of destiny was interesting to read. And Awww, Ragini truly does love Laksh more than anything. Can’t wait for the surprise in the next part xx

  10. Rafeee


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