Here you go with 6th shot.

Then I left with Kavya for a dinner date. Rago was waving at his with a plastered smile. This was the first time I could see her acting so strong. Then we left. While the travelling I was thinking about hear and didn’t paid a bit attention to Kavya’s talks. Soon we reached the restaurant and were having dinner when kavya spoke something strange.
Laksh I want to say something. Plzz don’t react. Just listen. In morning she called me to xyz restaurant and confessed her live towards you. She said that she love from the day you guys met. And you know what she said , she said that your happiness lies in mine. So we should be together. I know laksh you love me but now you are married so we should breakup moreover my engagement is fixed. And one more thing she said about jewelry also . Laksh she loves you to the core , and wants u to be happy. She said that she is satisfied with the tag of your wife. It’s enough for me.
I was quietly listening to Kavya when my tears started flowing unknowingly. Somewhere my heart was beating for RAGINI saying she is your Soulmate. When I listened to Kavya in was completely broken. On one side was RAGINI and other Kavya. Both were right at their own paces. Then I thought for sometime and closed my eyes. All the moments spend with RAGINI flashed in front of my eyes. Then I said to Kavya that I don’t love her but I will try to keep her happy. But she gave a shocking answer.
I know you regard her as your friend but your tears are only for her. U don’t know laksh but u have started to fall for her.??????
Seriously I have started to fall for her. I’m myself confused.

Recap: Unwanted planning of destiny????

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  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Hope soon Laksh realises his feelings
    Waiting for the next one. …..

  4. more than awesome

  5. Varsha

    Its really supr dear, I am waitin fr d nxt one ma, pls update ASAP

  6. Wow, it was a really nice update. Ragini is such a sweet person and it’s nice that Laksh realised he’s falling for Ragini ?❤️?

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  8. Superb dear

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