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The sun rays were disturbing two love birds sleep so they moved into each other more close.
Laksh POV:
It was then granny woked me. I was shocked to see myself sleeping so close to her that too hugging her by her waist and she cuddling against my rock body. Then granny broke my chain of thoughts and said see what I told it’s true. She deserves you. You both are just made for each other. Now since you have got someone who can care for you I m leaving to Ganges. I was thoughtful by her words when she said get ready and come to leave me. I tried to get up but she hold my hand and said ,”Where are you going leaving your beautiful wife ???”. I was wondering what she is blabbering that to in sleep. Then I got confirmed whether she is awake or asleep but too my surprise she was sleeping. Today only I got two shocks in my life about her such behavior. Then I got up finally and got ready and left the house.
I left granny to bus station and thought of visiting RAGINI’S parents. When I reached, her Mom welcomed me and offered me tea and snacks. I was thinking to ask her about RAGINI which I don’t know but then stopped myself. She herself told me that, beta you know RAGINI as a best friend but you should know about her fully. You go to her room, there you will get a pink diary. She never allowed me to read it but I think that you should read as now you are her husband. I went in her room and searched for the diary. I searched everywhere near dressing table, in cupboard but I didn’t found it. At last when I was about to leave , my eyes got stucked at the dustbin as something was sparkling in it. I emptied it and got her diary. She had decorated it with sparkles. I must say she is good at designing.
I took that diary, greeted her mom and left from there. I wanted to read it at home but she will catch me so I went to nearby park and started reading. It was not a diary but her heart which she had poured in those pages. It started from the very first day of our meet followed by our accidental meets. Then how she started feeling for me. And gradually how she fell for me till a day before marriage. I was broken by her confession which she has hidden deep inside her heart.
I thought of confronting her so I ranned towards home.
Ring….. Ring…… Ring……
Whoa… So early it ranged and when I saw the time I was shocked. It was 9 am. I was searching for laksh when maid told that he went to drop granny at bus station. I quickly got ready and went down bcoz I was feeling quite hungry. I must say I am feeling much hungry may be due to stress. I was preparing coffee when I heard car horn. He came and directly went to his room. I saw him keeping the jewelry in safe. I said to him I want to say something. He said to continue. I hesitatingly said that after six months we can have divorce and then we can enjoy our freedom. So for this six months you can date kavya . While saying this I only knew what I was going through. But he didn’t utter a word and was listening carefully. I asked him that I want to pursue a degree in designing so can I go for it.. He still didn’t budge a little.
Laksh POV:
I returned home in rage and was about to burst when I remembered doc saying that a little stress will lead to danger for her. So without uttering a word I left for the room. I wanted her to confess everything. I knew she will behind me so I went to her room got those jewelry boxes and went to keep it in locker. She was watching my each and every action when she finally broke the silence. She said that we can file for divorce after six months. I could feel her breaking with each word. Then her next sentence completely shattered me. I was wondering what to reply. That’s when kavya entered and hugged her. I was shocked at first when she hugged ragu but then she thanked her for the surprise. I asked which surprise to which kavya said , laksh ragu said that she wants to continue her studies and we can date till your divorce. U know laksh I am so happy said an excited kavya. While kavya was saying her story I was continuously looking at rago. She was on the verge of crying. I was thinking to myself how can anyone be so selfless in love and that too one sided. In my 4 years relationship with Kavya neither me nor she thought selflessly for each other.

Recap: Laksh falling for RAGINI????

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    really heart touching. actually ragini is so selfless.

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved Ragini’s selfless love towards Laksh
    Waiting for the next one eagerly………

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  10. Ruhani

    Amazing dr… Felt really very bad for ragini yr.. She is a very strong girl… I’m so happy laksh came to know about her feelings..

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