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I saw him staring me as if he is gonna eat me. I tried to get up. And on seeing me struggling he forwarded his hand and made me sit comfortably. I was about to say when all of sudden he bursted out saying, “ Have u sold ur brain somewhere. What was the need to fast. U idiot. As soon as you fell I thought I am going to lose you. U dumb women. After granny and kavya u r only there for me.” First of all I was surprised but when he mentioned my name after kavya I felt like dying there itself. Then he went away. I thought he won’t come back but to my surprise he bought two full plates of food. I was giving him a What look . When he blurted , since u are on fast from two days I thought of compensating it with these two. U know…… Whoa.. how can he joke even in this condition. Stupid boy I muttered under my breaths. So I thought now I am not going to eat and pushed the plates at a side. But he grabbed my hand and said if you are stubborn than I am double. And gave the lucky smile and started feeding me. Now I was just following his orders like a good girl and had that food. After all I was hungry from last two days. Then he gave me medicines and left.
Laksh’s POV:
I guess she caught me staring at her bcoz of which she was avoiding me and trying to sit. It was then I gave her angry look and she allowed me to help her. As soon as she sat I bursted out. I thought she will retort but to my surprise she was carefully listening. I was unable to read her for the first time. Till now everything she thought or she would do was clear in her eyes as if her eyes are a way to her heart. But today there was something else which I couldn’t read so I left the room.
When I returned with two full plates she was giving me a What look. So I smiled and said something to which she smiled. But was angry then I said her that I am more stubborn than her and she agreed to me. I made her eat all the food I bought and gave her a wicked smile. To which she said, “ I was hungry since past two days so”. I thought that I am not going to win so I left .

As soon as he left I closed the door and started removed my jewelry and placed them on bed. Then I went to change as I was his name sake wife I wored a summer frock bcoz there was no meaning in wearing traditional clothes. When I came out I saw him arranging my jewelry. He was wearing white shirt and blue denim. He was looking breathtaking. But when he gazed at me he was giving me death glares. And when I asked him he said just now your fever lowered and u are wearing this knee length gown. I mean you are impossible. And I chuckled at his sense. Then he too joined me in laughing. While arranging the jewelry he asked me , Why you removed mangalsutra and engagement ring???? To which she replied, “I don’t like using other’s stuff. It belongs to Kavya and she has the sole right on this jewelry. At first he was angry but then smiled. I too smiled and asked him whether he is leaving to his room or I should leave. To which he smiled sheepishly and said, “Darling???, I am your husband so I will stay with you and started approaching me. “ I was first shocked but when I saw him approaching towards me I closed my eyes in fear. He started laughing loudly at my antics. But then what followed , he might never have thought in his wildest dreams. I ran after him all over the bed and balcony hitting him with pillow. And he was laughing like a demon. But suddenly I froze to the ground and came to the bed . I made a partition and slept. Today toh I am gone I muttered to myself and like a Tom and Jerry we started running me being Tom and she Jerry. But I should tell she hits so strong even with pillows. When I ranned towards balcony she stopped midway and went towards bed, arranged the pillows and slept. I mean what is this , she should at least tell me that I want to sleep. But this drama queen will always do whatever comes in her mind.Then I also slept sideway.

Precap: OMG!!! RAGINI loves me?????

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