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Now I was searching her madly in entire Mansion when I realized her going out. When I went out she was standing in lawn with her back towards me. When I reached her she sensed me and said what granny told her. And turned towards me. I could see that she cried a lot and now her tears also dried up. She was moving towards me when I saw her posture shaking. She came towards me and asked whether he already told granny about kavya and when I nodded yes she started hitting me like a kid. And I was just opposing her when she started feeling dizzy. I asked her is she fine and before saying something she collapsed on the grass with a thud. The girl who was talking right now was unconscious before my eyes. When I bent down to hold her I felt that she was burning in fever. This striked me something. Whenever she gets fever without getting wet then she must be in depression. I was now guilty of my doings.

After few hours of our marriage I couldn’t keep my promise given to her parents. I quickly picked her and entered the mansion and placed her on bed. Then called the doctor. Now me and granny were there all others had left. The doctor informed us that due to lot of stress and starvation she succumbed to high fever. Stress I understood but what about starvation. My thoughts were disturbed when doc said she wants to tell something serious about her. I frightened as to what now is forward. She then said , Mr. MAHESHWARI ur wife is in stress and depression bcoz of which she has become very sensitive. So please don’t let her to take stress otherwise her situation may deteriorate. And one more thing she is starving from yesterday, it seems, so when she regains consciousness feed her something. She said this and went away. But I froze over there . Now I was more guilty for what I had done to her.

Just then her mom called and asked her whether laado ate something or not. Beta one thing you don’t know, till now we used to feed her but yesterday she said that she will eat on her own and I believe that she will leave half the food untouched. So beta u have a look on her.

Now this was enough for me . She told such to them so that they don’t see her pain. And this idiot didn’t ate food bcoz of that. Now let her wake up I will take a class of her. Saying this he went to check on her. And he saw that she was murmuring something. Words read, I know I’m bad mom and dad. I’m bad laksh even for you. Sorry for coming in your lives. Sorry…. Sorry…… And she was in deep sleep. OMG!!!! Even in this state she is thinking of others. And tears start falling from my eyes. I checked her . Her fever wasn’t lowering so I placed wet cloth on her forehead and tried to lower her temperature. After several attempts her fever was in control. Now I was waiting for her to get up. She started rolling her eyes under her eyelids. And then finally she was seeing me. My rago was seeing me. I felt relieved.

Recap: Tom and Jerry chase???

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