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Laksh POV:
I saw her lost in thoughts when when she was brought to sit beside me. Sometimes there was a winning smile on her face and sometimes losing grief. I couldn’t read her changing expressions. This is when I caught her staring at me, I asked her “Still you want to marry me after knowing that I can’t love you”. She thought for a while and then replied yes with a plastered smile. I m also dumb which girl will be happy after listening her hubby’s affair and icing on the cake when he says he can’t love her. This is enough for a girl to break down completely. But she is rago , she is indeed a strong girl. I said to myself.

After that I said some cheesy lines but from heart and then I saw her million dollar smile which can make any guy fall for her. Then we proceeded with the rituals. All was going on smoothly and I was checking her repeatedly when I saw her eyes they were about to start raining and she was holding them tightly. Now it was time to dorn mangalsutra when she broke down. I guessed that now it had become difficult for her. I conveyed her through my eyes that don’t worry I’m with u. And she blinked as if saying to continue. While applying vermilion she completely broke down and now her crying was audible to everyone present there. I couldn’t see her like that. Whatever may be the reason she is my best friend first and I pulled her into a bear hug. After sometime she calmed down and I asked her whether I should continue and she nodded yes.

After a while we left the place and were traveling back in car. Whole time she kept looking outside. Being a friend and particularly a best friend I knew whenever she is stressed she looks at nature to find some peace and was doing the same. When we reached back we had to perform some rituals and then we were set free. I went to my friends and she went after granny. After a while she came out and looked at me and went outside. When I saw her , her eyes conveyed that she had a heated argument with granny. And thought to leave her alone for sometime. After sometime all relatives started leaving but she didn’t returned. When everyone left granny told me to handle her. I was shocked at her statement. Then I realized that I didn’t told her that granny knew about Kavya. She might have went to ask her my happiness and in return granny have scolded her. Shit!!!!! I’m an idiot.

Recap: Laksh caring for his bestie cum wifey??

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