Hello friends. This is first time I am writing RAGLAK ff hope so you like it. There are in all nine shots. I am not good in writing but then too made an attempt.

Yesterday I was RAGINI GADODIA and today I’m going to be RAGINI MAHESHWARI. My happiness can be clearly seen on my face but his is lost somewhere. Till yesterday we were best friends and from today we are going to be life partners. It’s true that I love him from the day I met him but he always regarded me as a friend. I can see he is not happy with this marriage but he can’t do anything in front of her. Yes his granny, he loves her dearly and can do anything for her even sacrifice his own love. Luckily I m not his true love , his soulmate. He loves Kavya.

This thoughts were running in my mind when he said “Still you want to marry me after knowing that I can’t love you”. This statement of his nearly killed me. But I loved him dearly and for me only his presence around me is enough to live for rest. So I replied yes. He was happy that even in this situation I prefer his happiness over mine. After that what he said made my life.

From today you are my wife for the world but for me u will be my best friend forever and I am very lucky to have my best friend whole my life.

This was the reason that made me feel better and we continued with the rituals. We had exchanged Garlands and we were about to start the pheras when she arrived. I looked at him, he was happy. The happiness which I can’t give him her one smile did it. But unfortunately I was the one who was going to be tied with him forever. And when this thought striked him his smile vanished. His granny was continuously looking at his changing expression as if she knew what he was thinking. Soon we were done with pheras and were sitted down. He was about to dorn mangalsutra when he saw tears brimming in my eyes. His eyes silently conveyed the message that don’t worry I’m with you in every moment henceforth. And I just blinked my eyes conveying, ”

I TRUST U MORE THAN MYSELF”. He then wiped my tears and dorn the mangalsutra. I couldn’t control my emotions and burst out crying like a child who is getting his favorite toy but without batteries. He saw that and quickly pulled me into a bear hug. He consoled me and when I was calm he gestured me about vermilion. And I nodded to go ahead. Like this we completed our marriage and were declared as husband and wife but for namesake in real we are just friends. I heard our cousins whispering, “Yeh our jiju is great he started romancing in mandap itself and our diii she too responded him. Yaar they are made for each other couple.” Yes u r right, said his brother. “ I knew that my brother is bold but didn’t knew bhabhi is also not less”. But here we only knew what we were going through.

After that I bid my parents a final bye with heavy heart and left with him. After reaching his home we had some rituals and then we were set free. But I wanted to confront his granny. I went to her and asked her that she knows the reason behind his such behavior. To which she gave me a shocking response. She said, I know about Kavya and laksh but the fact is that she doesn’t belong to our caste and is a arrogant girl. And moreover I have seen that u both are just made for each other and u can keep him happy. I was numbed by her response. I was about to question her when she said enough for today and leave this matter over here. I was feeling so suffocated that I left the room in a min.

When I came in hall I saw him talking to his friends and went outside crying. I cursed my fate that I got my life but at the cost of his life. I’m not selfish. And I burst out crying.

Recap: Laksh’s POV……

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