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Today is her birthday. Now let’s see how she ignores me. At 12 I landed in her room and saw her sleeping peacefully. I went near her and shouted in her ears. She startled at first and then jumped on me giving me a tight hug. This was the first time I was feeling my heart skipped a beat. I too responded her with full passion as if we are never going to part. She then started to tickle me to free herself. But I didn’t leave her and whispered in her ears. “Happy birthday biwi?????”. She At first shivered at my words. Then parted away. She was looking away when I told her to get ready in saree and left the room.
I was sleeping peacefully when he came and shouted in my ears. I got up in fear and pounced on him. I was about to ask him the reason behind this when he started pulling me closer. His breaths were falling on my soft skin bcoz of which I felt butterflies in my stomach. He came up to my ears and whispered, “Happy birthday biwi”. I was shocked at his statement and parted away and was looking out. When he handed me a packet of red and white combo saree. He said me to get ready and left the room. I was thinking that what he is upto when he said don’t worry we are going out so get ready . Out… that too at this time. I followed his orders and got ready in that saree.

After sometime he came with all the jewelry boxes that I had given him during our first night. I was about to ask him when he ke pt his finger on my lips. Shhhhh!! Till now u did what you wanted now it’s my time. Saying this he made me face the mirror and dorned each jewelry as it was on that day. I was looking like a bride. But he didn’t dorn mangalsutra and ring and without saying anything left the room. I came down when I saw him wearing a white and red combo sherwani. He was looking stunning. He then grabbed me and we went off in his car. At secluded place he left me and went away. My heart was sinking. I was thinking that what he is upto. Then he came from behind and hold me by my waist. I had goose bumps in my stomach when his grip became tighter on my waist. As we moved forward lights started glowing the area with our each step. Finally we reached a big screen where our photos were displayed from our college days till our marriage and finally his confession. When I turned around he was not there. Then suddenly I looked down, OMG!!! He was on his knees proposing me.
He said,

You deserve the very best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Will you let me be the one?” Will you be my girl oh sorry women .??? Will you allow me to be with you forever?? Will you become Mrs. RAGINI LAKSH MAHESHWARI??
I was boggled by his sudden confession. He was asking me to become his wife with full rights. How can I say no?? I quickly forwarded my hand and he placed the engagement ring in my hand which was destined to be mine from beginning.

He then asked me for a dance and we danced with full of love and passion for each other. That’s when he pulled me over him and our lips met. At first it was a soft one but then turned to be a passionate one. We parted away to catch our breath. That’s when he picked me in bridal style and placed in passenger seat. By that time it was pretty morning. Then he stopped at a temple and said , “Let’s get married, again”. I nodded in a yes. When we reached up I saw both of our families there , happy for us. His granny too was there smiling and on top of that I saw kavya with her hubby. Now I was on cloud nine everything was in its right place. Then we started with the rituals and ended up being Mr. and Mrs. LAKSH MAHESHWARI.
Now I was completely and officially Mrs. LAKSH MAHESHWARI. Then we took all elders blessing, that’s when his granny spoke, see I told you guys are made for each other and ended up marrying each other once again. We were embarrassed by her statement and hugged her with all our love bcoz she is the one who made us , “TWO BODIES BUT WITH ONE SOUL”.

The End.

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