RagLak~ Ae dil hai Mushkil (episode 3)


Episode 3

Laksh moves to his cupboard and takes his towel and went to bathroom and takes a cold shower in the hot and sunny weather. Ragini brings a cup of coffee for Laksh and keeps it beside the drawer beside his bed.

~Ragini perspective~

What is happening? How can I live in this unwilling marriage. Am I a toy for everyone? Whenever anyone wants I will marry Laksh and whenever I don’t want they will make Laksh marry Swara. No after this much insult I can’t live with Laksh. Why I have to bear the pain every time? Don’t I have feelings inside me. All are selfish here everyone cares about themselves no one thought about me. No one loves me truly then what is the need to be maintain relationship with Laksh? But is this right?

When all thoughts were running in her mind Laksh came out of bathroom.

Laksh: Ragini my coffee.

Ragini: wait a second Laksh here take the coffee(she picks up a cup of coffee and gives it to Laksh who wore a black blazer white shirt and blue ragged jeans)

Laksh takes the coffee and after he finishes having one sip of coffee Laksh looks at Ragini.

Laksh: ummm this coffee is so good one.

Ragini: thank you.

He finished having coffee and hands over it to Ragini. He once again thanks to Ragini through his eyes. She smiled a bit and left to kitchen to keep the cup in sink.


Umm I have blamed Ragini and accused her every time but she never said a word against me. How can someone have so many shades? At once she does so much wrong with her sister and other time she marries me to save our family respect and now also she behaves properly with me. But somewhere it is my fault too I shouldn’t have rejected her again and again but she loves me to that extent she never said a word against me or raise her voice on me. Don’t know if she is good or bad? Anyway why I am thinking about her? I should leave for office as it is getting late. He goes downstairs Ragini prepares the breakfast and serves it to everyone. All praises her except me I didn’t said a word and left office in my car.


At office:

Laksh reaches to office and parks his car. He enters to the office everyone stood up in their places he ignores everyone and goes to his cabin and starts working seriously. When he is doing the work he receives a call from Ragini. He picks up the call and keeps it in his ear.

Laksh: hello Ragini. What happen?

Ragini: mom told that you have to drop me in my home for pagphera ritual and then pick me up tomorrow morning.

Laksh: fine anything else?

Ragini: no just come at 6 o’clock.

Laksh: fine.

He hangs up the call and continues doing his work.


When Laksh hang up the call I fell down in the floor and broke down into tears. Why God first you snatched my mother from me? Then you snatch my love from me and when he was going to marry my sister she ran away from her marriage and all forcefully make me marry with Laksh. What everyone thinks of me? Ha all just know to play with my feelings. No one cares if I exist in this world or not still I only bear the pain. Now only tears have place in my life. Why God why did you do this to me? Ae dil hai mushkil plays in background tune. When all thoughts were going in mind Laksh mom called me. I wipe my tears and rushed to downstairs.


Episode ends.

I want to ask a question that what Ragini should do further? Move on in life or something else. Do tell me your opinions?drop your precious comments. Love to all✌️

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  1. IQRA222

    awesome feeling bad for ragu

  2. Akshata

    awesome update, poor ragini, feeling bad for her. i want strong, independent , fighter yet understanding and caring ragini. Make laksh understand her pov also and let him try hard to gain her back. afterall she is right, that she is not a toy but human with feelings.

  3. Lovely7

    Something else, laksh have to realize ragu importance in his life

  4. Jazzy


  5. Kitkat

    first make laksh understand her importance in his life…… n ragini should move on but shouldn’t forgive laksh so easily…… he should cry for her like she cried for him………

  6. What Laksh & Swara did to her was wrong.No one can forgive a sister who steals her love, would be husband.She should treat Laksh also in the same way.He never tought once about her before rejecting her & romancing her sister infront of her.Ragini became bad later but she was really beautiful & pure before & none of cheaters swa—-Lak deserved that Ragini.I know Laksh’s rejection again&again has totally broken her self confidence but now she should stand up for herself.Ask questions to everyone who were somehow responsible for her villain self & move on in life.Laksh would have never gotten anyone in life who would have wanted him this much in life,who have treated him like hard earned success or a valuable treasure coz he was never worth it.

  7. Superb
    Heart touching
    the feelings of ragini is described nicely

  8. Superb
    Heart touching
    the feelings of ragini is described nicely

  9. Follybraverl

    Nice update she is also have her own space to live her own life my option is something else

  10. Mintu

    Amazing… Laksh should understand her feelings nd he will fulfill her dreams by pouring true love!!!!! He should show her how important her in his life..!!!

  11. amazing..i want ragini to be strong..laksh should understand her importance

  12. I really wish to see a strong ragini who wants to live her life. But i would really like to see a very caring and understanding laksh who helps her in all her dreams. I really would like to see him as a loving caring and supportive hubby who reciprocates her love. Also each and everyone esp gadodiya must plead for forgiveness

  13. Awesome episode and eagerly waiting for next. Plz post next part ASAP

  14. AMAZING ragini should be strong and independent. Update next part soon

  15. Asra

    awesome dear….feeling bad for my ragu….ya u r correct she is also human not a doll…
    plz make her bold independent girl….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…


  17. Gud yaar…. Awesome…….

  18. A.xx

    fab and i want a strong rags and want lakshya to be jealous so that he can realise he loves her xx

  19. Superb..

  20. LovelyAliya

    Hum I think she has to move on, because if swara didn’t run away, Laksh would marry Swara and not Ragini! Like she said they think she is here and madly in love with Laksh, and she can do anything! So really I think she should move one and prove everyone that NO Ragini is not a toy but a human being with feelings and a heart!
    Really really she should move on professionally and also find someone who will love her immensely! Thought I’m a fan of Raglak, here I think she should be away from Laksh!

  21. Awesome
    I think something else would be bettr Ragu also as feeling…

  22. Superb

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