RagLak~ Ae dil hai Mushkil (episode 2)


Episode 2

Laksh runs towards Ragini and snatches the letter from her hand and starts reading it aloud and gets teary eyed and shouts ‘Swara ran away with Sanskar why did you do this Swara why? Once also didn’t think of my happiness at least about your family’ everyone were sad and angry sad for Laksh and angry on Swara.

Dp and ap: now who will marry our Laksh sharmishta and shekhar ji we didn’t except this from you chi.

Everyone start badmouthing about Gadodia family.

Dadi: dp ji if you don’t have any problem my ladoo will marry Laksh

Raglak(together): what? How can you even think about our marriage after whatever happened.

Dadi: don’t talk in between elders.

Dp: I think Parvati ji is saying right make Ragini ready.

Ragini gets teary eyed and rushes to her room and closes the door.


Why no one thinks about my happiness? First they blame for Swara condition and now they want me to marry Laksh. How can even they think like that? I am a toy for everyone. Why God why are you doing this with me? I am also human and I have feelings but no one seems to bother about my feelings. Dadi enters inside the room and makes Ragini ready for the marriage and she comes downstairs in bridal attire. Laksh keeps looking at her with anger and pain. They both sit down in Mandap and pandit start chanting mantras they both take seven rounds around the fire she fills vermilion in his forehead and ties auspicious thread around her neck. All leave to maheshwari mansion and rituals get over Laksh enters the room and takes the veil of Ragini. She gets shocked seeing him as he is in drunken state. A lone tear escapes from her eyes. He fell down on the floor she helps him to get up with so much of difficulty and makes him sleep in the bed and pulls the comforter. She took the pillow and slept in the couch. Ae dil hai mushkil plays in background music.

~the next day~

Sun rises up Ragini draws the curtains and Laksh opens his eyes and yawns. He found himself in bed and stares at Ragini.

Laksh: how did I came her as much I remembered I am in drunken state.

Ragini: yesterday night you were lying on the floor I helped you in getting up and made you sleep in the bed.

Laksh: oh! I am going to have bath.

~Episode ends~

Heya everyone how is the episode? Love you all???

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  1. Jazzy

    superbnn amazinggg

  2. Lovely7

    Make it long please

  3. Superb….interesting dear…next Wat happen??? plss post the next part soon..!!!

  4. Interesting episode and eagerly waiting for next. Please post next part ASAP

  5. Asra

    amazing dear…..waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

  6. Kumal

    Very nice but make it long plzzzz

  7. Shreya Shetty

    Hey the episode was just awesome….. ??? Hope everything will be fine between raglak
    P.S.- my friend has also got her birthday on 16 Feb. ??

  8. Asw

    Nice keep too long & going

  9. I hated swara,Laksh&everyone of the family at this time.How could they be so selfish,insensitive,biased&heartless?No one thought what she must be going through they made ragini negative jst to justify swa—lak.When Ragini was the one who was the victim.The guy who she was engaged wid jst few days ago & the guy she was madly in love with was marrying her sister & the so called soul sister fell in love with her sister’s husband & was happily romancing him despite knowing how much Ragini loves him & the whole family was sooo happy with this marriage.How can they give one daughter’s happiness to other?When it was ragini’s to begin with?No one was there to tell everyone on behalf of her that THIS IS WRONG.No one fought for her,no one understand her pain.Everyone was busy with the happiness of that sister’s would be husband stealer swara.She was betrayed by everyone she loved & bura Ragini ko kehte hai log.Please please show this story from Ragini’s angle too!

    1. Kavya24

      I understand your PoV sure I will show this story from ragini’s angle

    2. Shrilatha

      U know riya the worst part inspite of supporting ragini they blame her and sanskar is all of a sudden a great man…and Swara starts her childish love wala drama …ugh…waise….kavya I like ur story…I was waiting for it

      1. Kavya24

        Thank you???

  10. A.xx

    fab xx

  11. Nice and interesting

  12. I feel so bad for Ragini yaar. As a matter of fact she had never lived her life but was only used a toy by everyone. Let Laksh and each and everyone of the family realise her value. I would love to see Laksh falling for her first. But whatever it is Ragini should be a strong soul. Love this ff dear.

  13. IQRA222

    Awesome feeling bad for ragu

  14. Awesome
    feeling bad for ragini she also as feeling….post next part soon

  15. Suppprrrb

  16. Fairy

    Superbbbb storyyy dr..omggg loved ittt!!!!!feeelng bad for ragini???let’s see wt happen nxt??? Waitng eagerly for raglak love story????????keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweeety??

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