RagLak- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Episode 1)

Hi everyone this is kavya back after long time. Ok! I know it is really a long long gap. Hope you all are doing fine? so let’s jump into the ff


Raglak- Ae dil hai mushkil ?

Ragini perspective:

I am accompanied with Swara to the temple. She is doing the puja when we both reached near the river that same moment I pushed her into the river. I know, I should not have supposed to do that but I couldn’t control my feelings for laksh and after what I did with my sister I couldn’t meet her eyes. So I decided to ran up all the way to marriage hall but realisation hit me how could I do this with my sister for a person who don’t care about my feelings no I can’t do injustice with my sister. Without wasting a single minute I jumped into the river as I go deeper and deeper I found Swara lying unconscious. I picked up her and came out of the river. I am waiting for an auto to come so that I can take her to marriage hall. Soon the auto was passing by I stopped the auto and told the address to badi where marriage will be held. We reached soon to badi and everyone rushes to see me and Swara. All were worried for Swara condition they started questioning me laksh calls the doctor. I took a glass of water and poured some water on Swara face. The moment she got conscious she gave me a tight slap and blood came out from my lips and tears start rolling through my eyes. Everyone were shocked for her reaction.

Laksh: what happened Swara why did you slap ragini?

Swara: laksh she is the one who pushed me into river

Laksh: did you do that ragini?

Ragini: yes I did everything I gave drugs to Swara with help of Sanskar I am responsible of Swara condition.

All: but why Ragini?

Ragini: because I love laksh

Laksh couldn’t believe his ears he is hell shocked. He gave a tight slap to her Ragini looks at him in shock.

Laksh: shame on you Ragini never thought you would fell down this much!

Ragini: so what Laksh have you ever thought me first you agree for engagement then reject me and get ready to marry my sister do I look like a puppet to you? Whenever you want you will use me and when you don’t need then you will throw me!

Laksh: Ragini I know that I did wrong with you but that doesn’t mean you will do bad with your sister!

Dp: disgusting Ragini anyway, swalak marriage will happen after few days as Swara condition is not good.

Swara: ji bade papa!


/*On the marriage day*/

Ragini perspective:

Everyone were ignoring me for the past few days! I am all alone and today is Swara and Laksh wedding.
Laksh sat in the Mandap pandit ji started chanting mantras. I went upstairs to Swara room to bring her. When I opened the door I saw something unexpected the room was all messy. I saw a letter lying on the table. I opened the letter my eyeballs popped out of my socket. The most biggest shock I ever got! I ran downstairs everyone asked where is Swara? I spoke she ran away.


How was it???? do let me know through your comments. It is my imagination the main story revolves around Ragini her pain her difficulties which she face to get her love! Love you all?

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