Ragini’s Laksh-Laksh’s Ragini (OS)

The story starts after, kavya track. Ragini gets stabbed by her for saving Laksh. She was alright after getting discharged from hospital. But, suffering with fever.

*we all know this scene where Laksh took care of her. guys, don’t you think, the director just hurried for their marriage and all just in one episode. Till they reach house, everything was arranged.. and it’s miracle..! So now, I’m changing the story.. imagine.. Ragini hasn’t accepted Laksh that easily.*

Shekar drags away Laksh from house. Ap and whole family comes, but.. Shekar is not ready to accept Laksh back. They take Laksh to home and he is heart broke.

“Ragini, I know I have done so much wrong with you. Never understood your love. Betrayed you. I agree, but.. it was all happened because of fate. I cheated you, but the truth is I love you deep in my heart Ragini. I suppressed all my feelings to show hate on you. I was angry on you that you behaved with my family like that.. but I didn’t understand you did that having love on me. Our story was like that Ragini… love-hate-revenge-realization. Now, I have realized. Give me one chance Ragini.. one chance..!!”

Laksh cries in his room and he remembers all the moments with Ragini. He may have acted as if he has love on her, but.. if he don’t have love, how can he even behave like that? his love was just covered with hate. But, truth is he always loved Ragini. And, no one can understand it. because, he never expressed it. he didn’t get a chance to express. Only he knows how guilty he is feeling now, only he can understand how badly he needs Ragini now. he wanted to hug her and say..

“I promise..!! I promise you Ragini. I will never leave your hand..!!”

Laksh stands near the dressing table and remembers a long back incident how he was protecting Ragini with his jacket. He may have attracted to swara because of her modern wear.. but, Ragini was the one who occupied his heart and he being closed by curtain of attraction, he didn’t find her love.

There are many instances where Laksh liked Ragini.. but always he has ignored them just for other reasons. Now, everything was clear. His heart shouted on him, scolded him,
“You idiot..! you are loving Ragini. Realize at least now..!!”

Laksh looks at the balcony and remembers the scene when he and Ragini are hiding. Till few days ago, Ragini was with him.. but she is not there in his room now. her smiles, her naughty laughs, her anklet sounds, the music of her bangles…

Laksh is becoming impatient remembering all them. Ragini has become his drug now.
He may have betrayed Ragini by marrying kavya..!

“Ragini, mein thumse pyar nahi kartha..!!” he says and pushes her. the reddish eyes which he looked at her doesn’t show any hatred, but a pain..! a pain in deep heart.
‘he is going to cheat his own heart?’
He said those words with tongue, but not with heart.
Ragini fell at his feet.. Laksh wanted to lift her up and hug. But, as he thought.. only ‘hate’ has come as curtain. It fell as bed sheet on his love. He wanted only his ‘revenge’ than love. He made her hurt. She tried to commit suicide. He knows very well how he felt guilty then itself. He wanted to run to Ragini, “why do you want to leave? I’m here..!!”
But, that blo*dy kavya drug has stopped him.

But still Ragini has helped his family. Being betrayed also she has saved Laksh. “Ragini your love is pure than anything which don’t have any impurities.” Laksh says.

“But, do I deserve you?” Laksh says. He looks at himself in mirror.

“Yes, I will prove it..! Ragini, I will be perfect beside you. None other than me can occupy place beside you. Ragini you are mine. And, I’m yours. I’m Ragini’s Laksh. And you are Laksh’s Ragini. We are RagLak. No name other than mine can be attached to yours. And, none other name can be attached to mine except you.”

Laksh smiles.

There in gadodiya swasan tires their level best to make shekar agree. But, he was very strong on his decision. Their trails fails.

Laksh will wake up in the morning. He feels a soft hand was caressing his head. He opens his eyes and amazes to see, his head was in Ragini’s lap and she was smoothing his head.
‘Laksh, you are looking so tired. Didn’t you sleep all night?” she asks.

“How..? I was thinking about you..!!” Laksh says.

“Awww, mera bacha..!!” Ragini says and kisses his forehead. Laksh smiles and opens his eyes only to realize it was his hallucination.

Laksh sighs.

In her house,

Ragini was doing puja at tulasi. she was remembering only Laksh’s proposal to her.. she gets a little smile on her face.
‘I love you Ragini.”

Ragini feels a little whisper at her ear. She pops open her eyes and shocked to see Laksh is too close to her and he has just whispered it in her ear. Ragini in shock about to leave the plate in her hand, but Laksh balances her hand with his hand. Ragini was just looking at him. Laksh was looking at her in smile, but his eyes are showing a lot of pain. Ragini just wanted to hug him and sooth his pain, but… she remembers his betrayal again and again…

Ragini turns her eyes away to go… she moves little a head and her chunni gets stuck to Laksh’s wrist watch.
{common scene right..!}

Laksh was just looking at her, she turns back.. and both have eye lock. Shekar who just comes outside gets annoyed to see this, and he pushes Laksh back. Then raglak comes into world.

‘what the hell you are doing here? Get out..!” Shekar shouts. But, Laksh was looking at Ragini still.. Shekar keeps pulling Laksh out.. but, his eyes are fixed on Ragini.

Ragini was looking at Laksh in tears. Shekar finally pushes Laksh out, ‘again, if I see you here…’ shekar is warning.. Sanskar who just comes in search of Laksh stops shekar and takes Laksh away.

Next day…

All the family members are worried about Laksh. He was not eating anything from two days. He was either going to Ragini’s house or he is not coming out of his room. While all are worried like that, suddenly they hear a shout from Laksh’s room. All rush there.

They shocked to see Laksh was dancing holding his phone.

“what’s happening Laksh?” Dp shouts.

“Ragini has messaged me to meet her..!! Hurray..!!” Laksh shouts and leaves the house hurried.

Laksh reaches a park like place in his car, he sees Ragini was standing looking at kids who are playing. Laksh smiles sets his hair and starts going near her.

Ragini feels his presence and turns to his side. Laksh was just looking at her silently in a smile. He was very eager that Ragini is going to accept him. Ragini feels emotional looking into his eyes, and she without making eye contact with Laksh starts saying,

“Laksh, I have cheated all once. But.. I have never cheated you. But, you have cheated me.”

Laksh smile fades away as Ragini was talking like this.

“Laksh, this is still the truth. I love you. You are the first and last person I love..!”

Laksh gets smile again.

“But, I can’t face this more Laksh. I’m fed up. So, I will do what my dad says.”

Laksh looks at her confused.

“My marriage is fixed..!”

Laksh heart breaks into pieces.

“I’m going to marry a guy on my parent’s choice. Hope, you will also move on in your life Laksh. Don’t follow me ever..!” Ragini says with determined eyes.

“But, Ragini… you love me naa..”

“Yes. You have killed my heart already Laksh. And, it is not there. Ragini is standing before you is just Ragini. She is heartless and soulless now.”

Ragini says and starts leaving Laksh holds her hand.

“Every separation is not the end Ragini. There is chance still for a relation to make up. And, I asked you one chance.. ‘ek mouka’.”

Ragini’s eyes start getting teary. “NO” she answers bluntly. Laksh shocks and leaves her hand. Ragini now keeps walking away…. Laksh looks on…

{Imagine what the 1st sad song you are getting in mind.. I’m imagining.. Oosupodu: telugu song}

Oosupodu.. orukodu.. undaneedu.. vellaneedu..
Vintha kaidu, nakila emito..!!

The rain starts, Laksh was just wetting in the rain looking in the direction where Ragini went.

Soyi leedu, solaneedu.. veedi podu, cheri raadu..
Chintha podu, nakila yemito…!!

Ragini who has run to her house falls on her bed and cries bitterly. She said ‘no’. but.. it was not from her heart.

Naanundi naa praname
Ilaa jaruthundhe…
Thappena ee yathana..!

Laksh falls on his knees in that rain alone thinking about Ragini.

Nee vaipu ravalanne
Alla oorukuthondhe
Aagedhena arre ee alochana..

Ragini was still crying.

Nee thalapule vadhalave
Nannu nidhuralonu
Aa marupuna theliyaka
Nanne vethikinannu

Ragini was made ready as a bride next day.. and all the house was decorated. She is not sure who is the groom. She don’t wanted to see his face or listen his name.

“Laksh” is the only name occupied her mind.

If she sits beside the groom and marry him, still she feels it’s Laksh who was putting mangal sutr on her.

Finally, she was brought to the marriage stage. She wanted to run away and hug Laksh and shout that she loves him. She comes on stage, she clutches her lehenga. She was suppressing her feelings.

“No..!! only Laksh has right on me..!!” Ragini thinks and takes off her ghunghat to talk with groom face to face.

Now.. she is shocked to see groom.

{it’s not a big surprise, I know all of you have expected it as Laksh}

“Laa..” her words stop in shock.

“make the rituals fast.. the time is getting over..!!” pandit says. Ragini was still looking at Laksh in shock. Laksh smiles and makes her wear sindoor.. and one by one…

Finally.. the marriage is over..!

Now, in RagLak room…

Ragini was placing her head in Laksh’s lap. He was rubbing her head. It has happened after all their emotional talks and discussions.

‘Finally, I’m Ragini’s Laksh.” Says Laksh.

“I’m Laksh’s Ragini.” She says..

“aww.. mela bachaaa..!!” Laksh says and kisses her forehead. Ragini hugs him in a smile….

The end.

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