A couple was shown sleeping, when alarm goes off, beep, beep
Adi, adi plz turn off the alarm’ said tired layla , aditya switch the alarm off, by looking at him anyone can tell he didn’t sleep all night, he was still thinking deep when layla put her head on his bare chest, he stare at her face she was pretty even more pretty than her than y he always imagine her at his gf place, he sigh and massage his temples’ u alright
Adi nervously smile: yes, y wouldn’t I be, I have the most beautiful girl beside me ’she giggles, I was feeling really terrible, I thought being with her will make me forgot ragini but it’s not, layla is amazing gf, but my stupid perverted heart, I tried hard not to think of her but it isn’t easy as it seems, I sigh’ I will take shower
Layla nod; okay, I will make the breakfast ‘he nod’ just come soon don’t make me wait okay ‘she pecked his lips, she wanted to kiss him more but adi left to get fresh it hurt her a bit but she shrug her thoughts she turn the music on and start preparing the bf while dancing, she was busy in her work that she doesn’t even realize that she’s been watched by some man, the man started to walk towards her closing the distances he slips his hands in belly which startle her a bit but she smile

L: u came this soon ‘she pushed her back to the man feeling his warmness but felt different this time, she frown’ adi ‘she said, the man blew the air on her bare shoulder giving her ticklish feeling, she turned her face to see the man, to her horrified that wasn’t aditya’ AHHHHH ‘she screamed making the man deaf
ARRAY STOP, STOP SCREAMING, JUST SHUT UR MOUTH ‘yell the man, but layla continue to scream
WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE’ adi came running in towel as soon he heard layla screaming, layla rush towards adi
L crying: adi call the police, he tried to rape me
Adi-man wide their eyes: WHAT
Man: no bhai I did not
L shock: bhai, what is going on here ‘confuse
Adi: relax layla I think u got that wrong he’s my cousin, my younger brother suraj ‘suraj nod
L confuse; but how did he got inside and y he then touched me
Sur: relax lady I had the spare keys adi bhai gave to me and I saw u there in kitchen thought to scare u
L angry: is this the way to scare someone, I had many knifes in there with me what would u have done if I hurt u with knife thinking u be some intruder, would anyone justify that act
Adi angry: suraj when will u stop behaving like kid, y don’t u just grow up and what exactly ur doing here
Sur: hey chill, chill gosh u both wake on wrong side of bed, I was just here cus u weren’t picking our calls up, god knows y, and dad was worried for u, what were u actually thinking
A sigh: suraj I’m not some stupid kid, I’m full grown up man, u guys don’t have to worried about me
S confuse: what exactly ur talking. It’s been 3 days we didn’t heard from u, obviously we will get worried, from where this grown man thing come from, and I hope u didn’t forgot the party tonight ‘adi sigh
L confuse: party,

S: yah a family business party with gadodia’s
L: adi y u didn’t told anything about this
A angry: cus I clearly don’t want to go to this stupid party, and what work I will have there
S: it’s a family party and u r family bhai, what got into u
L confuse; is it cus of me ‘adi-sur frown’ is it u don’t want me to meet ur family, that’s the reason u don’t want to go, ur embarrassed of me, cus I’m divorcee
A nod no: no layla it’s not u ‘he sigh and hugged her, how does he tell her y he don’t want to go that party, he felt guilty to make his gf feel like this, but he got scared how would he face the gadodia’s, how would ragini react to his presence and if anyhow salil gadodia got to know about this he will finish off his whole family, he clearly can’t risk that but layla is not wrong in her place, poor girl was great support to me but all I did is to make her feel insecure’ layla, I just want to feel like some normal man that’s y I chose this career so I can take a break from this business world ‘layla nod still not satisfied, he sighed’ okay, so do u want to come with me to this party
L; just leave it, if ur not comfortable then forget about that
A; that was not my answer, I asked, will u come with me to party
L smile: r u sure ‘he nod’ okay than yes I will love to go with u ‘he got happy to see her satisfy he needed to make her secure but now he was worried about consequences,’
S passing flirting smile: so ur adi bhai gf,
A: stay away from her, I’m warning u
S; chill bro I was just …

A: suraj I’m serious ‘he gave deathly glares to suraj, suraj was a bit shock as his adi never stopped him but shrug his thoughts, adi was already pissed off with the situation and he clearly don’t want to stay away from layla, he may not be in love with her, but she’s still the best partner he got and there is no way he will let his younger brother ruin his chances,’ so suraj u leave now and we will meet u in party ‘he nod and left, layla and me continue our work also preparing for party tonight, he just hope rags don’t freak out finding him one of Kapoor
Salil was Knocking the door ‘
S: can I come in sweety
R; yes dad, come in plz’
S: ‘thankx’
R: u want something
S; yes honey an apology, sorry if u felt like ignored, but ruhi believed me I love u all equally
R sigh: really ‘he nod’ okay I trust u and I’m fine now
S: r u sure ‘she nod’ well in that case I have something for u
Ru; me ‘he nod’
S: close ur eyes, and don’t open it until I say
Ru closed her eyes: dad what exactly u buy for me
S; okay now open ur eyes ‘ru open her eyes was shocked to see the dress’ how is it
R mesmerize: it’s beautiful, ‘she got happy and hugged him’ thanku daddy, I’m gonna wear it tonight
S: ur welcome honey, ok so I will go now see the party preparations ‘she nod, salil left, ru was happy to see the dress which she like from Paris fashion show,
Mom, dad ‘said ragini barging in her parents room
J: what happened
R pout: mom u gave ruhi a present but not me
J smile; rag u have closet full of designer cloths
R whine: ya but not the new collection from Paris
S smile; sorry we forgot u, I will also order for u but till then plz adjust
R: dad it’s fine I was kidding, I have many dresses, I will wear it from than, ahn actually I was here to ask if ru is fine ‘she ask hesitantly
S sigh: yes she fine ragini don’t worry u girls will again became friends soon
R smile: hope so, well see u now at party ‘ragini left to her room, her friends were already there
Shre: everything alright
R nod; yes, let’s just get ready
Shree: do u know what is yuvi problem, I invited him he again gave me excuse saying his dad is coming I said to bring him too but he said he want to spent time with his dad, 1 after 1 he was giving me stupid excuses at the last I have to threaten him if he didn’t came I will be one who will make his life miserable
Mahi rag ish shock: u did what
Ish: do u have to bully him,
R sigh: I guess I know y he is ignoring us, not us but me
All: y
R; don’t know, he’s been ignoring me after that breakup scene, he may think of me as bad character
M: guys ur thinking wrong, he don’t judge people like that he’s a sweet guy ‘all get shocked cus this was the 1st time mahi compliment some boy
S: what u said
R: so mahi finally realize her feelings ‘mahi eyes wide
M blush: guys stop it, I just think he’s not like other boys he’s very innocent
I: awe mahi is blushing
M: maybe ‘all awe at her,
R; I’m really happy for u, ‘all were teasing mahi, when rags get a message “black will look good on u tonight” she frown’ ahn shree
S: yes
R: what dress I’m gonna wear tonight
S: that black one ‘rags gets shock, she again saw the message it was from private no, is someone pulling a prank on me, who could sent this message’ what happened rags u alright ‘rag nod’
R: ya, we should get ready now, party will be started soon ‘all were getting ready but ragini was lost thinking about message, who can it be, ragini keeps her thoughts aside and decided to wear something different
S; y u changed the dress, didn’t u like the black one
R; no it’s lovely but I really want this dress to wear, it look good on me don’t u think
I: u always look good rags
R: thankx ish, so should we go now
Everyone was making their grant entry, media people were interviewing and capturing the all well-known faces, when gadodia make their entry, ragini thank god that no one ask her about her relation, and enjoying with her friends,
R; thank god no one ask me about my relation, I think we weren’t that hit enough
M sad: ya nobody ask u cus now they have targeted me this time, I don’t know y all these news channel want to know about my parents relation, they actually wanted to confirm that did I turned into alcoholic or drug addicted as I have parental issues
Sh nervous: don’t worry mahi, media will found something new eventually, u guys just chill, I’m getting panic
R: relax shree it’s not the first time u r going to meet his parents, y u always get panic
S: have u saw his parents, they r too hard to impress
R; u will be fine
Ravi and shakti: hey girls
All girl: hey
Ravi: yar his party is kind a boring
Shakti: exactly, they said they kept this party for us but all r busy in their business deals, even ur parents they r Kapoors right ‘we all turn to see them
Rag: so these r new business partner of dad
Rav; yes, they had a son, I think maybe few years older than us, that’s ajay Kapoor, head of Kapoor industries and his wife zarina Kapoor ‘I saw a stylish couple walk into hall directly straight to mum n dad, they shared friendly hugs’ dad is calling us, let’s go rags ‘I nod and went with him
Rav, rag; hello ‘we said
Aja-zar: hello
Sal: ajay, mrs.kapoor, these r my kids ravi who just got admission in ibasar and this ragini and that’s ruhi they in school
Zar; oh nice, so what u kids r interested in
Ravi: aunti we all had one interest that is business
Zar: good, my son also preparing for ibasar for MBA
Sal: BTW where is ur son
Zar: he is here, my son suraj Kapoor, one and only heir of Kapoors industries ‘she point out at door, we all turn to see a handsome man making his entry, and seriously, suddenly I had a urge to go to terrace and jump from there, of all people he had to be kapoor’s son, he came to us, I tried to run but it was hard as my lovely dad dhai kilo ka hath[2 and half kg hand] was resting on my shoulder,
R panic: dad I should go back to my friends, mahi need me ‘he accept but mom ahhh
J: mahi had ish and shree, u stay with us
Zar; hey this is my son, suraj,
Sur uninterested: hello everyone ‘he was busy on his phone
Ajay: suraj where is ur brother
Sur: I’m texting him only, he will here soon
Gadodia’s got confuse, salil: I thought u said there is only one heir and who is other one then
Ajay: actually …

Zar cut him: u heard right, there is only 1 heir that is my son suraj, and the other one is ajay’s nephew, his big brother son ‘ajay n suraj nod their head at her disbelief
Sal nod: oh okay, so where is he
Zar; he’s always late, well forget about him, suraj meet gadodia’s family, that salil gadodia head of their industries and his wife jhanki gadodia
Suraj shock; what u got to be kidding me, she can’t be his wife I refused to believe that, I thought mom I found u a bahu ‘ravi n ruhi laugh while mom blush but that was not the case for dad, he make the sound of clearing his throat making everyone shut up
Ajay; suraj behave
Sur: sorry, hello Mrs. Gadodia, I must say ur the prettiest woman I met ‘he kissed my mom hand passing his charming smile, I must he’s no.1 flirt, I can see dad possessiveness when he left me and hold mom close to her giving me chance to run away, but damn
Ajay; and that’s their beautiful daughters ragini and ruhi and their son ravi
J: ragini where r u going, come back here ‘I turn back to see him, suraj eyes wide
Sur shock: ANGELA ‘all got confuse
Ravi confuse: sorry who is angela, she’s my sister ragini
Sur confuse: no she’s not, she’s angela ‘rags got nervous as she was now off guard,
J: ragini what is he saying ‘she pray to god, plz bappa ji plz save me [bappa will listen to u this time]
Ajay: suraj what joke ur playing
Sur: dad I’m serious, she’s angela I met her …
NOOO ‘someone yelled not loud but enough to startle both families even ragini too
Jh confuse; what happened shree, y did u yelled ‘shree came with mahi, ish n shakti
Shr: cus she’s not angela
Sur: acha than who is
Shree; very good question, ahhh ‘shree think, think’ han she’s angela ‘she point out at ish, all frown as they were confuse but ish was the shock one
Ish shock: WHAT
Jh anger: what is exactly happening here, what is this angela story ‘shree grab ish by her arms and drag her between us as we all form circle around her, I don’t exactly know what shree is planning but its better be good or else there will more revelations after this, I cry at my fate
Shre: talk, tell them ish
Ish confuse: tell them what
Shree: the story of angela, tell them
Ish angry: y don’t u tell them
Shr roll her eyes: I already tell them first half now u speak second half
Ish panic: ahnn hi everyone ‘all were confuse looking at her, ish was all shivering she even was sweating even it was air conditioning hall’ so the story of angela is ahnn ‘think, think ish think’
Jh: what is this ish, ragini what is going on ‘rag shrug her shoulder refuse to speak anything’ mahi u told me what is going on
Mahi: don’t ask me, ask them, and oh look maheswari’s came ‘rag turn to saw them got shock to see sanlak were not alone but trio b*t*hes[kavita, soumya, shivanya] were with them, she looked at laksh both share eye lock for few min
Jh angry; fine u won’t tell right, suraj beta u tell how u know my daughter ‘all get panic, he was about to speak when
I GOT ONE ‘yelled ish sigh
Jh: what u got
Ish: actually auntie u know this guys ‘pointing at suraj’ suraj ahn ya, I had a crush on him
Sur con: what u have a crush on me,
Ish: yes I have a crush on u and so I started to stalk u on social websites, I even sent u friend request but u didn’t accepted
Sur: that’s impossible
Ajay; yes that impossible, my son would never ignore the request of girl ‘zarine glare him while suraj stay proud
Ish angry; but he did uncle, he block me
Sur: no, I can’t do that
Ish: but u did
Sur: no I didn’t
Jh shout: STOP IT, ishita I want to know about angela
Ish: ya so angela right, so he block me, I felt hurt and rejected and then I happened to see ragini pic she was looking BOMB ‘again all frown, while suraj look at rags from top to bottom’ so I ahn create a fake id using ragini pic ‘ish look down as got scares’ and sent the request to suraj by angela name,
Shre: see I told u na ish don’t do this, now see what happened ‘ish were continuously giving shree death glares
Jh; I can’t believe this ish how could u do such an irresponsible thing, how can u use ur friend like this, I have to talk to ur mom tomorrow ‘we all 4 got shock, shit
Rag shock; mom, what is the need and she already delete that account she even apologized to me, y r u creating troubles, see it’s a party we are here to celebrate our family success, just forgot about the what happened and let us enjoy the party
Jh sigh: fine but next time don’t do irresponsible thing like this, it could be dangerous, u r schoolgirls just behave like one ‘We all nod
Sur shock; SCHOOLGIRLS ‘shree pushed ish towards suraj
Ish: yes schoolgirls, come I will tell u everything ‘ish dragged suraj to side away from every1 making all shocks
Zarine shock: what was that
Salil: just forgot about that Mrs. Kapoor, u know how kids these days r trouble
Zar: ur right, today’s generation r too far advance, not like us, how we used to be ‘okay once again the generation topic start, we all roll our eyes watching our parents comparing the generations while ishita was busy explaining suraj

Sur SHOCK: WHAT, how exactly old is ragini
Ish roll her eyes: 16, she’s 16, as we told u she had a breakup we wanted to cheer her up so we brought her there but we didn’t knew we will fell in trap
Sur: 16, u girls r 16
Ish: oh no I’m 15
Sur: okay, wow
Ish; so now if u get the whole scene just promise u won’t tell our parents
Sur: okay I promised
Ish: good I should get going back to my friends
Sur; hey wait a min
Ish; ya
S smirk: u said u had a crush on me, so was it true ‘ish got shock,
I shock; no it wasn’t, I just said on a flow
S: god I’m losing my charm ‘she giggles, he smile’ how about I buy u a drink, and then we can go to somewhere nice place
Ish double shock and nervous: dude u know that I’m 15
Sur shrug: so, u like to drink right ‘she nod’ and it’s nothing wrong having a good time ‘she gulp,
Ish: can u wait here for a min, I will just see my friends and come back, just don’t move from here ‘she ran to find her friends

Yar this party is so boring, nobody is even looking at us’ said ravi, ‘not us body but u, sorry yar but I have to go, shree have to meet my parents so bye’ shakti said laughing at his friend, ‘idiot he also left me, now where should I go’ he said, he saw bar area, ‘han I will go there, atleast there is something for me in this bring party’ he went to bar and got his drink, he collided with some girl, who was no other than ‘kavita’ he said, ‘hey ravi, how r u’ she said, ‘I’m fine, just drinking, ‘oh nice, should I join u, I’m bored with my company and u r also alone’ she flirt, ‘ahn no I will be fine, thanks’ he was about to leave when she grabbed his hand ‘waise I forgot to tell u, ur looking really hot today’ she said biting her lips making them s*xy, which was working on him, ‘ahn thankx ur also looking really hot’ he said nervously, ‘awe really thankx, so I see u have been working out’ she intentionally touching ravi biceps, which was arousing him he gulp hard, ‘what exactly ur drinking’ she take the glass from him and took a sip from the drink, ‘vodka’ he nod, ‘nice’ she gave him back and made him drink by her hands not leaving eyes contact, ‘so I heard u got into ibasar’ he nod ‘congratulation’ she whisper making him shiver ‘ahm thankx, I should get going’, ‘where, I thought we could spent some quality together and u didn’t even gave me chance to congratulate u properly’ she pout, ‘ahn how exactly u want to congratulate me’, she smirk ‘u will know once u will come with me’ he smile and finished his drink feeling energetic ‘okay, where’ she smirk and took him with her, while going she wink at laksh without ravi knowledge and he nod at her taking signal.

Okay so that girl over there with long hair plz give her this drink and han don’t tell the name, u know secret admirer ‘said laksh to waiter, waiter nod and serve mahi drink, laksh smirk looking at her, ‘so u girls know what u have to do right’ said laksh, ‘don’t worry we got this’ said shivanya, ‘but I didn’t get it, y mahi, y not ragini or shrenu or ishita’ said soumya ‘r u serious’ lak said annoyed, she nod, he scream ‘AHHH, for the last time I’m telling, ragini is ravi sister and we can’t messed with shrenu she’s too smart and ish is my friend so only option I have left is mahi’, ‘okay so ish is ur friend but what about him, isn’t he ur friend’ soumya confused asked, laksh got numb, she was right he is also his friend and so how could he can do this to him, ‘uh-ho guys just stick to the plan guys, laksh u see what ruhi is doing we will handle here’ shivanya said, laksh nod guilty and leave

Hey mahi ’said yuvi, ‘hey u came’, ‘have too or else’ she laugh ‘don’t get scared she didn’t mean too’, ‘ya right’, ’hey BTW what is ur problem with rags y r u ignoring him is it cus of that breakup scene’, yuvi got nervous he remember how laksh threat him, ‘ah no it’s not like that I’m just keeping distances but she take it on a wrong way’ she nod ‘ah mahi will u dance with me’ he ask hesitantly, mahi smiles, ‘MAHI, MAHI, MAHI’ yelled ish coming running towards her, ‘hey, hey, hey relax, what happened, y r u running like this’ ish was breathing heavily she grabbed mahi drink and chuck it all in 1 gulp ‘feeling better now’ ish nod ‘so spill the beans’, ‘u won’t believe it, suraj want to have fun time with me’ mahi shock, ‘who is suraj, and y r u shock they just want to have fun’ said yuvi, mah-ish weren’t shock as they know yuvi is way too innocent so they ignored him, ‘did u tell him ur age’, ‘yes he still want to go out with me, he even offer me to buy drink’, ‘oh my, I don’t know what to say, do u want to go out with him’, ‘yes mahi who wouldn’t look at him he’s hot’, ‘but ish he just want to have fun time, 1 or 2 night maybe, r u still sure about him’ ish get numb, ‘I don’t know, where is rag and shree, I need to tell them’, ‘they r in hall with shakti family’, ‘okay I will go talk with them, r u guys coming’ mahi look at yuvi hopeful face, ‘ah no u go to them we will here’ ish smile teasing them ‘ohh enjoy enjoy u also enjoy’ ish left, and mahi blush ‘so will u dance with me’ yuvi said, mahi hit her head ‘yuvi I would have love to dance with u but as u can see there is no couple dancing and it would awkward to dance alone’, ‘array but someone need to lead na, come on plzzzzz’ he said with puppy eyes, she finally agree and yuvi drag her in dance floor everyone was glaring them but she was actually experiencing new feelings, it was awkward for mahi at 1st but after some she didn’t know when she got lost in yuvi eyes.

Ish was running to meet rag-shree when she start to get dizziness ‘what’s happening’ she hold her head, in no time she was dragged by shivanya and soumya
Kavita, kavita, poem, haha, where r u poem ‘said ravi completely drunk, ‘ahhh gosh where r these girls, they can’t do a simple work without doing mistakes, ‘kavita we r here’ said shivanya and soumya with ish who seems drunk, ‘what is she doing here, where is mahi’ said shock kavita, ‘sorry wo ish drank the juice instead of mahi’, ‘kavita where r u ‘ yell ravi, she got frustrated ‘well we can’t take her back now, it’s too late, just throw her in the room’, ‘but laksh said ish is his friend’ sou said, ‘screw him n his friends, just throw her in room’, ‘but’, ‘do u really think soumya I care about laksh and these people, I just want him and I will get him even by hook or by crook, and if any1 come in my way consequences won’t be good for him or her’ kavita threaten them they nod and throw ishita in room with ravi, as both were drunk both started to talk n walk like child
Ra drunk: Heye what r u doing here’
Is drunk: u tell me what r u doing here
Ra: I’m waiting for kavita she need congratulate me in a very good way, u know what I mean’ he wink at her
I scrunch her nose: kavita, u got a very bad taste ravi , YUCK ‘she made face
R: come on she hot
I: no she’s not, suraj is hot
R: suraj u mean sun, ya that’s definitely hot
I cry like child: no not sun, suraj kapoor
R: suraj, yuck now u got the bad taste
I confuse: when did u taste me that u think I taste bad
R smile; aray so now I will prove u taste bad ‘he comes towards her dangerously closed to her she was breathing deeply he look deep in her eyes when he suddenly lick her forehead, she moan’ yup, ur right u don’t taste bad, ‘he smash his lip against her both start to take eo cloths, ravi pushed her in bed wildly and jump on her and start doing the things in their drunken state.

Hey laksh’ said ruhi, ‘hey ruhi, how r u’ he said, ‘I’m fine, did u see my new dress, u remember this dress’ he look at her dress and got confuse, ‘no sorry ruhi I don’t remember it’, she got hurt a bit, ‘this is from Paris fashion week, u said u also like this dress’ laksh sigh, ‘look ruhi, u know I’m not interested in these kind of things’, ‘hey ruhi looking nice’ said kavita coming back she signal laksh that work done, he nod without ruhi knowledge, ‘hello kd ur looking nice too’, ‘awe but not like u ru, wow ur dress it’s from parish fashion show right’ she happily nod ‘look laksh isn’t she looking hot’ laksh was getting irritated with kavita he ask her help to get back with ragini but here she’s trying to set him up with a 14 year old kid, he nod ‘yes ur looking nice’ he said uninteresting, ‘ahn ruhi we have to leave I have a curfew and laksh had to drop me so we will meet in school, okay’ she nod, laksh kavita were about to leave when, ‘laksh’ he stopped, ruhi hesitantly came to him and kissed his cheeks shocking him, ‘we will meet soon’ she ran away from them leaving kavita smirking at laksh, ‘come let’s leave b4 someone get suspicious on us’ kavita take laksh with him and left from there

So nice to see u girls don’t drink this alcohol’ said shakti parents [sp], ‘otherwise now’s generation and if they belong to elite circle, gosh how much they go wild’
Yes auntie u right, I don’t even imagine how these girls waste their life on drinks and party, when they have bright future ahead them ‘said shree, shree grandparents were shock at their granddaughter but they have to tag along with her so they nod nervously , rags and shakti were trying hard not to laugh
Sp: shakti we r so proud of u beta, u have selected very good girl for urself and ragini beta u to plz be like shrenu, see she’s modern but still do puja in morning help their grandma in kitchen she’s a perfect example anyone like to give their children
Rag sarcastically: ji auntie uncle ur right, I can’t assure u but I will tried to be perfect like her ‘she stresses the word perfect
Sp; that’s good ‘rags was giving shree death glares when her cell beeped, she got shock as again she got text from private no. ‘I thought black will suit u best but I was wrong, green suit u more’ she saw everywhere she was a bit panic it was not normal to get texts like this that too from private no.
Shree: rags u alright, what happened y r u panic ‘she was about to tell him when she
Shakti; hey it’s that our new teacher aditya sir ‘I stop on my tracks and turn to see him, again got shock he was also not alone but with that nurse, black yes I remember the first time we meet I was wearing black could he be one sending me private messages, but no he’s with layla, then who? what is exactly happening, GOD what new trouble is this
Sh: rags look aditya sir with that nurse ‘I saw them he had put his arm around her waist, don’t know y I didn’t like that, we all were looking at them when they went directly straight to kapoors, wait a minute he’s also kapoor, is he OMG way to rags u have score in ur messy life so high I smirk at my fate 2 brothers in 1 day, gosh was laksh right is it really I’m desperate for older people, I shrug no off course not I just wanted a normal fairytale that’s it, but my life will describe u something horror with each page turning it will get more horrified so now I’m just waiting to this to end, I straightly went towards kapoor as I now know running away will is not the solution anymore, I took a deep breath
Rag: hello I didn’t expected to see u here ‘all kapoors were looking at me even layla and aditya sir was just ignoring my eye contact
Ajay; ragini beta u met aditya
R nod; yes, he’s my teacher and layla is nurse in our school
Zarine: nurse, ur dating a nurse, nice ‘sarcastically, all my friends joined me except ish’
Sur flirt: wow bhai ur too damn lucky, now I’m also want to be teacher, ‘wink at rags, aditya saw that and tight his knuckles
Adi angry; suraj behave she is my student
Shree: ur kapoor OMG but how come we never saw u b4 in any business party,
Lay; exactly u also didn’t tell me b4 that u belong to kapoor industries
Zar: excuse me layla let me correct u, he doesn’t belong to kapoor industries he just carry the name which is common ‘we all nod but I wasn’t satisfied I remember ‘HE IS THE ACE OF HIS UNCLE COMPANY’
R: I heard he’s the ace of kapoor industries ‘all got shock, even me y I have to blurt that now all attention is on me, even aditya sir doesn’t seems comfortable now
Ajay: how do u know that much about him, as he had kept himself low profile, how did u find out
R laugh nervous: karan sir told me, karan sir and aditya sir r school friends, when I ask him how is our new teacher, he told me he work for his uncle and he’s the ace n all ‘all nod
shree: so y u left business
Adi angry: cus I want to be a teacher, it’s nothing wrong with that, I love my job, now will u kids leave me alone and give me my family time ‘we all were leaving, I can’t believe this he actually left the business to be a teacher, he’s that much serious about his career I remember him saying he can’t risk his career, but don’t know y there something else which I think he don’t want us to know but what it could be,
Suraj put his hands on her shoulder: angela ‘adi was getting jealous by looking at them
Rag shock; plz don’t call me that, ish had probably told u everything ‘she whisper
Adi: yes she did, don’t worry I was crazy like u when I was ur age,
Adi: BTW where is ishita
R frown: wasn’t she was with u
Adi shrug: no, I ask her out, she said she will inform u guys and will come back, but she didn’t
R shock; u ask her out
Adi shrug: ya shouldn’t I, r u jealous ‘smirking at her
R roll her eyes : u wish, let me call her see where she is ‘I dial her no, but she reject the call, I got confuse what happened exactly after a min I got text from her ‘Hey rags party was good but need to go back, family emergency u know’ ya off course how could I forgot her family, but y would she go alone this late night I told her I will drop her, I texted her back ‘fine but call me asap as u got free and plz stay safe’ ‘she went back home, family time u see
Adi roll his eyes: really she just ditched me, gosh I’m really losing my charm ‘rags giggles, suraj saw her smile’ waise how about u and me go out
R: u and me go out for what
Adi: u know long drives and drinks and parties having fun
R: ya I know ur fun, sorry I’m not interested
Adi: okay but ur interested in dance right ‘I saw few couples there shree-shakti, mahi-yuvi and few others’
R not sure; don’t know, I mean our parents r here and u know media and I recently got heartbreak and I’m just
Adi: 16, and I don’t care, we r just having fun ‘I roll my eyes’ I mean healthy wala fun completely harmless, come on plz angela ‘I shoot him death glares
R warn: don’t call me that here,
Sur; come on forgot all those people and have a good time ‘I was about to say when
Is there any problem ‘said adi in serious mode
Sur: yes bhai see ur student don’t know how to have fun, I was just teaching her ‘he wink at rags, but it wasn’t going well for adi, rag could sense the discomfort in aditya sir
Adi closed his eyes, massaging his temples: suraj I think if she doesn’t want to go, so u shouldn’t force her
Sur irritate: come on bhai it’s just a dance and y r u getting annoyed all ur other students r dancing ur not bother about them, then y do u care about her, I think she’s old enough to take decision, come let’s go ragini‘ he grabbed her hand and started to drag her to dance floor but stop, he looked back at her, she was panic as her other was grabbed by adi, all were hell confuse now seeing adi doing that he never stop his brother from having girls so what make him stop today’ what is going on bhai
Adi; suraj she’s not comfortable, leave her hand now ‘he said strictly giving death glare to his brother
Lay: adi what is going on
Ajay; both of u leave the girl, media is watching ‘they finally realize their position and leave rags hand
WHAT WAS EXACTLY GOING ON HERE ‘said salil making his entry in scene, adi got alert, he saw the salil already getting suspicious on him
Adi; hello my name is aditya kapoor, I’m ragini teacher ‘salil look at her daughter she nod
Sal: hello I’m salil, we met b4 didn’t we
Adi nod: ya, mk road changing the tire
Sal; yes but we don’t remember giving invitation to teachers, did u gave him 1, sweety ‘he ask rags, she scarily nod no

Ajay: salil, this is my nephew aditya
Sal: oh so u r that kapoor ‘he nod’ sorry I didn’t want to be rude but can u explain what just happened here
Sur: I will tell, I just wanted to dance with ragini but bhai didn’t want me to flirt with his students
Sal nod; r u alright sweety ‘she nod yes’ do u want to dance with him, ‘she was confuse how to answer her father
Sur: it’s okay uncle I understand she’s not comfortable, I will not disturb her now ‘suraj gave look to both adi-rag and left from there
Zar spit her venom; u didn’t do good aditya, suraj is upset cus of u, I won’t forgive u for that, ajay plz let’s go waise be party is almost over ‘zarine-ajay also left after greeting gadodia’s, 1 by 1 all guest leave, it was just gadodia ,
Sal nod: well but now the party is over we should be get going rags ‘he cover ragini with his large hands’, have some1 seen ravi
Jhanki: he texted me, he went with shakti he’s going to stay with him, where is ru
Ru came running: I’m here mum, let’s go
Rag: dad can I go to shree house, we had a group assignment, she’s waiting for me outside, plzzz ‘she make puppy dog eyes
Jh; rag ur always with them
Rag; plz, mom plz ‘they finally agreed, left her, rags left outside and saw adi-lay who were still present there, she hided herself behind the pillar

A; layla plz listen to me
L; listen to what adi, what were u actually thinking inside, did u had to create a scene there, thank god not many people watch that
A angry: then what was I supposed to do, she was not comfortable they r my students I have to protect them
L confuse; adi this was not school, this was a party and she had her family n friends there to protect her, and all u did make her more uncomfortable, and y only her, there were many more students of urs who were not comfortable with something u didn’t care about them, then y her ‘adi-rag get nervous, adi gulp’ I have been continuously watching u looking at her, observing every move of her ‘layla sigh as her eyes got wet
A trying to comfort her: layla trust me I was looking out for my students ‘she nod and sobbed tried to control her tears
L: adi, … is she the one ‘adi eyes got wide with shock, he nod no’ she’s angela, isn’t right ‘rags got shock, she doesn’t understand how come layla knows about this, layla finally bust at tears’ she was the one u were imagining while having s*x with me ‘, adi was embarrassed he tried hard fighting his feelings back but it coming never leaving him alone so finally he said it’
Adi took deep breath: I’m sorry layla, I tried loving u, trust me I tried hard to love u back but she is not getting of my head, ‘layla wipe her tears, she find honesty in his words’ layla just give one more chance I promised I will make it better ‘adi took some box from his pocket and said on his knees lay-rag both got shock’ layla, will u …
Lay cut him: NO, adi I love u but right now marriage is the last thing I want, I just got from this hard relation I cannot marry again, especially u, not when I know u have someone else in ur mind ‘adi sigh, he seems really tired he throw the box aside’ get up,
Adi gulp; u must be thinking what a pervert I’m ‘she nod no’ having wild fantasies about young girl
Lay; adi I don’t think anything bad of u
Adi nod no: no u must, I’m just stupid pedo
Lay angry: adi ur not pedo, u have true genuine feelings for a young girl that just it ‘he frown’ u love her not lust her, so never used that term to describe urself
Adi blink his eyes: u don’t have any problem that I’m having feeling for a kid
Lay: all I know is she’s good kid and ur amazing partner, she would be lucky to have u, any1 will ‘she sigh
Adi; do u listen to urself, she’s 16 for god sake
Lay: do u remember our 1st date ‘adi frown’ age is just a number adi, if u truly feel for her so go for her or atleast try not to have any other girl for rebound
Adi smile: layla I really wish I had met u b4, ur amazing lady
Lay with attitude: sorry ur loss, ‘she started to leave
Adi; wait let me drop u
Lay: no

Adi plead: plz
Lay nod no: bye adi, I will meet u on Monday ‘saying this she left, he was amazed by her reaction she was herself giving his bf to go for a other girl, that’s y he got friend with her in 1st place, she was selfless kind lady not like other woman who only hang with him for money or looks, he sigh and went to his car, rag was sitting behind pillar with teary eyes, she was dumbstruck, she couldn’t believe her ears, was it true, her teacher imagine her while making love to his gf she gulp and when she got message from shree ‘where r u, I’m waiting for u’ ‘mom didn’t permit u leave without me’ rags replied her, wiping her tears off she ran infront of car, the car stopped suddenly making scrunched noise almost hitting her, rags look at the man inside the car who was no other but aditya, adi was also shock to see her alone, he got confuse, he get off his car and went to her
Adi shock: what r u doing?
Rag hugged him tightly: take me with u, plz ‘he wide his eyes at his disbelief, he was shock to extend that he got froze to his place, rag broke the hug and cup his left cheek look at his eyes deeply and slowly peck his lips, she saw he was still not moving she pecked him again and slowly kissed him, after few min adi got sense and he pushed rags against his car kissing her deeply, he slips his hand to her belly , he bit her lips making her moan he got the chance to enter his tongue to her mouth, both were fighting for dominance when
WHAT IS HELL IS HAPPENING HERE ‘some1 yelled both stop shockingly, turn to see the person and got scare to see him there


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