Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 38)

Let’s begin…

Raj:see today i can spend a quality time with my sister…
Rag smiles
Raj:nahi tho… Everyone will be with us…
He makes a wiered face..
Rag:wat bhai u should spend time with piya neither me
Raj:hmm.. Bt this is our time… They first goes to lunch
They both goes to a pani puri stall and eats pani puri they then goes most of the places and even fights later they goes to some zoo… And goes to consumer fair types… They buys things there… They enjoys in ride wr raj was getting scared and ragini was laughing seeing his condition.. They takes pics… Selfies….
Raj:these photos needed to make shonu jealous..
Rag laughs…

Sw:wr is this bhaai and di
Pi:they went together wr i dont know…
Sw:they left me and went..
Lak:so… Who want to take chik chik with them..
Sw:wat… You called me chik chik..
Lak gulps in fear:no i didn’t said… Piya did i say anything
Piya controls her laughter..
Sw:laksh.. I vl kill u…
Lak:piya say na i didnt said anything about swara..
Sw looks at piya..
Piya:ha swara he didn’t said abt u..
Sw huffs and goes
Lak:thankyou bhabi…
Piya smiles:bhabi
Lak:tumne tho bhabi wala kiya hai apne devar ko jo bachaaya hai…
Piya:draamebaaz.. Wr is sanskar..
Sanskar:ya piya
She turns:all set.. Plan kya hai..
He smiles..
Lak:ab tho plan kuch interesting hoga.
He then tells something which is mute..
Lak:bhaai wat a plan…
Voice:konsa plan.
Its raj..
Raj comes and puts sweet in lak mouth
He makes sanskar too eat…
She comes:wat bhai wr were u
He puts mouth full of sweet in her..
He forwards to piya..
Rag tell him to make her eat…

San:yeh kis khushi mein
Lak:shaayad paagal ho gaya hai…
All elders comes..
Raj makes everyone eat sweets…
Rp:bataayega bhi ya nahi…
Raj then tells abt the contract and ragini’s presentation and abt mr. Jain..
All gets happy…
Raj:so i thought to make ragu as our company ceo
All claps…
Rag:no i dont want to…
Raj:so u r refusing ur bhai…
Rag:no i cant..
Raj;u can…
Raj;hmm.. Ok.. He makes an angry face and turns…
Rag holds his hands and nods…
Rag:bhai plzz i cant… I vl do my paintings rather joining in ur company… Plzz
Raj smiles:ok.. Bt u vl come whenever i need help..
Rag smilingly nods..

Raj:so iss contract ke success party announce kar raha hoon… Party vl be tommorrow.. So swalak u should help me…
All goes except ragsan…

San comes rag:congratulations…
Rag smiles
San:so you wanted to know my lady love rytee..
She smilingly nods like a kid..
San:come with me..
San:wait for few mins
They goes.. He turns wr swalakpi were present they shows thumps up.. To him… He smiles…

He takes her to the car..
Rag:arey wr r we going..?
San:dont u wanna meet her??
Rag nods childishly..
He smiles they sit in the car and drives..

Here raj comes searching for rag…
Swalak pi tells him everything…
Raj smiles.. :i hope everything goes well…
Trio:we toooo…
Raj:bt wat if…
Sw tensed:ha bhai..
Lak:dont u think….she…
All looks at him..

Ragsan reaches the location..
Rag:this is the place
He takes a cloth..
Rag:why cloth..
San:to close your eyes
Rag:bt why???
San:dont you wanna meet her..
Rag:ha but why this…
San ties cloth on her eyes… He comes out of the car and goes to her side..

He holds her hand and makes her stand.. She smiles.. They then walks
She was abt fall he holds her from waist… She holds his hands tightly in fear of falling.. They then takes steps forward..
And stops he takes her cloth… She was surprised to see the decoration.. She looks at him… He smiles he signals her to see down she sees and was shocked…. Wr it has written I LOVE YOU… he was nervous at the time… She then again looks at him and hugs him… At first he was shocked he didn’t expected… Then he gets happy and hugs her back….

San pov:ragini… This was most beautiful hug…. ☺

Precap:socho socho… Was it a dream…?? Or not???

Guys comment!! How was valentines day spcl episode do tell me…!!

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  1. Sindhura

    I am shocked she accepted or is it dream

    1. A12345

      Haha see i confused u… Thanks dea for reading

  2. Dharani

    awesome i hope it is not a dream

    1. A12345

      Confusions…. Thankyu yaar

  3. Inu

    Superb. I just hope it happened in real.

    1. A12345

      Thanks dear u vl get to know soon

  4. AahanaReddy

    its awesome. please dont make it a dream

    1. A12345

      Thanks dear… U vl get to know soon

  5. Haha… Precap is suprbbb….. Teally mind blowing…. Eagerly awaiting…..

    1. A12345

      Thanks dear..

  6. Lahari


  7. plz finally something good have happen….. don’t make it a dream……????

    1. A12345

      Thanks u vl get to know soon

  8. Asra

    awesome dear….no plz don’t tell thz s dream….eagerly waiting for nxt….tkcr dear….

    1. A12345

      I created confusion in ur mind too…. Thankyu dear

  9. Asw

    Yaar u scared me for ragsan amazing keep going

    1. A12345

      Thanks…. Yaar…. Sooooo soooorrrrrryyyy…. To make you scared..

  10. Awesome,i like the way how sanky proposed to ragini.i think it is a dream.update soon

    1. A12345

      Thankyu dear u vl get to know soon..

  11. Superb..

  12. A.xx

    Fab and cant wait to find out if it was reality or not xx

    1. A12345

      Thanks dear.. U vl get to know sooooon

  13. I guess it’s adream.plz update fast.

  14. Shrilatha

    Don’t make it a dream plz

    1. A12345

      Thanks…. dear.. U vl get to know soon

  15. Fairy

    Fabulous update….hope it”ll b in reality n not dream…waitng eagerly for nxt part…keeep rockng n stay blessed sweetypie??????

    1. A12345

      Thanks dear… U vl get to know soooooon

  16. Twinklingjasmine

    Woah..is it a dream??or reality..make it reality please..?

    1. A12345

      I think its your first comment… On my ff and thankyou…. U vl get to know soon as i filled confusion

      1. Twinklingjasmine

        Yes..it’s my first comment

  17. Jazzy

    omggg mujhe dream lag raha ha yaar yeh but waiting for ur next part

  18. Zelena81196

    amazing…..update soon…..cant wait to know the truth….

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