Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 26)


Thankyou dears for your support… Your comments means a lot to me…i am sorry as i m not regular.. If you want any improvement you can add in comments and ya… From next ep.. It’s ragsan ragsan ragsan and only ragsan..!!

Let’s begin…

All gets into bus.. Ragsan enters the bus holding hands… Swalak sees it… And smiles…

Ragsan then sits
Sanskar sees his hand with rag…

San pov:
I want hold it hand in my rest of my life..
Pov ends..

Asha goes and sits with lak
Asha: can i sit here if you don’t mind..
Lak: hey.. Why r u asking permission..
They both are talks randomly.. But someone is feeling jealous.. It’s swara
Veer was sitting next to her.. And sees her expressions… He signals to rajpi..
They smiles…
Pi: now we all vl play a game in which..
Raj; asking some questions with each other…
All: ok…

Dida:first i vl ask with marwaran
Dadi pouts: i know…
Dida: wat is thing..u hate and love the most..??
All looks at her curiously…
Dadi smiles; it’s u Bengalan
Dida: wat???m i a thing…
Dadi: u r my everything..
Dida: shock ke oopar ek aur shock…
All laughs..

Pi: my turn… My ques is with veer
Veer: ok…
Pi: wat u expect the qualities in your bride?? Think that u r not engaged to asha
Asha pouts
Veer: very tough question…!!!hmmm.. As im engaged asha na… If not i would definitely marry swara…
Swara slightly beats him and laughs..
Lak widens his eyes…
Raj: why?
Veer: bcs.. She is very beauty with brains.. Wch asha doesnt have
Asha: wat???
All laughs
Veer: i mean u have bt not as swara…
And she is…….
Lak was looking at him angrily…
Veer: everything wat a guy dreams in his lady love…
San: then..u can marry swara na instead of asha…
Veer: idea bura nahi hai
Asha: wat????

Raj: i vl ask with u asha!!!
Asha: ok… She makes faces to veer..
Raj: same question.. Wat u expect the qualities in your groom???
Asha: laksh…
Swalak both widens their eyes.. Bt lak smiles..
Janki: wat it mean???
Asha: it means… Wat i dream… Mean abt groom it perfectly matches to laksh
Veer: then wat abt me???
Asha: i don’t know how i love you!!
Veer: wat??
SW was glaring asha…

Rajpi: u can do one thing…
Ashveer: wat
Pi: veer you Marry swara
Raj: asha you Marry laksh
Swalak: waaaaatttt???
All looks at them…
SW: why vl laksh marry asha…
All controls their laughter…
Rag: wat’s the problem in that…
SW: bcs i… Mean laksh will not like her na
Pi: why?? Did laksh said to you…
SW stays silent…
Asha: laksh will you marry me..
SW slowly: say no laksh.. Plz plzz…
Lak: why this sudden ques…u love veer right
Asha: he is not my type.. Say na…

Veer: swara..u say will you marry me!!
Swalak r shocked
Ragsan rajpi are controlling their laughter
Dadadida jan are confused… And shocked too…

Lak: bt
Asha: bt wat laksh…??
Bus stops..
Lak: i vl come now
He leaves…
SW too excuses herself…
While 6 laughs…
Dida: wat’s happening here
Then they say abt swalak to them
Jan: why didn’t you joined me..i would too help you na..

Dadi pov
I thought laado loves laksh.. Bt Swara laksh loves eachother…
Pov ends…

They all goes out there was a farmhouse and a big garden…

SW follows laksh…
SW: laksh
Lak turns…
Lak: ha swara…
SW: don’t say..
Lak: wat don’t say..
SW: i mean don’t say..voh..
Lak: wat swara..i can’t understand wat you are saying..
SW: dont give reply to asha
Lak: wat!??
SW: plzz
Lak smiles: bt why??
SW stays looking down silent…
Lak goes from there.. She looks up and find no one…
After few minutes
She hears someone screaming her name
She goes to the direction all too goes..
It’s laksh

Raj San: laksh why are you screaming swara name…
Rag is seeing them in null expression..
Pi comes to her and e explain her
Lak goes to swara..
She looks at him with confused face
He sits on his knees..
While all smiles…

Rag goes to san.. San sees her and holds her hand she smiles…

Lak: before i was saying cheesy lines to every girls bt…
All smiles
SW: bt.
Lak: now i can’t say… Bt my heart is saying two sentence
SW: wat??
Lak smiles and forwards his hand
SW was shocked….
All are looking at her curiously…
SW too sits on her knees and says..YES
lak smiles
While all claps…
Lak :bt i m confused
SW’: wat
Lak: yes for wat… For marriage or love
She playfully beats him on chest
SW: both… They hugs

In the excitement ragini hugs sanskar..
Sanskar was shocked bt.. Reciprocates..
Nobody notices them as they all are watching swalak..
Rag then composes she felt awkward..
Rag asks sorry..
San: why sorry?? For friends no sorry no thankyou..
Rag smiles…

Swalak then gets up
Raj stares lak in fake anger…
San: lak… See possessive brthr…
Lak goes to raj
Lak: raj dada dadi dida…i love her so much..i will never make her tears fall..i will be with her in any situation… Will you give your shona’s hands to me…
Raj smiles
Raj: first i thought to make u scared with my fake anger bt… Ur lines made me happy.. As a brthr i m ready..bt before me there three ppl

Dadadida:we r ok with it…
Lak smiles
They all them talk randomly…

At night..
All are in the farm house…
Rag comes out to the garden… She sees a kitten there.. She follows it
San sees her going her somewhere he follow her.. He calls her name but then he gets that…
He then runs to her…
Now they are far from the farmhouse they are in the road between the forest..
San sees her holding a kitten it was dark… As there was start lights…
He goes to her he was breathing heavily..
Rag: wat r doing here
San: i should ask this question…
Rag innocently: i followed this kitten!!
San: wat??? It is night rag.. OK let’s leave..
San was in the left side rag in the right side.. She slips and both falls in the forest… Bt she was tightly holding the kitten…

Now rag is on San… He is holding her by her waist…
Now the kitten:miyav…
They both then composes… She lightly rubs kitten
San sees surrounding it was fully dark..

Rag to san: i m sorry..
San smiles: sorry again…
Rag: now wat v vl do…?
San thinks…

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