Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 25)


Part 24

Let’s begin..

It was fully decorated
A Pandit was seen..
Pandit: dulha dulhan ko varmala ke liye bulayiye
Groom comes his face is not revealed he goes and stands holding varmala in his hands..
Bride comes… he looks at her he gets mesmerised seeing her.. from is revealed to be laksh…
Bride is revealed to be swara..
She comes and smiles at him.. She comes and stands next to him.. They have a romantic Eyelock…
He was abt to put vermala.. By she stamps his foot he screams..
SW: aaya bada mujse shaadi karne wala saying this she takes a hockey stick and beats him..
Lak: ahhh.. SW muje chod do plzz…
Suddenly water splashes on his face..
Lak o opens his eyes he sees his surroundings then sanky who is standing with water jug..

San: abhi se sapne.. Now it’s dangerous to sleep with you.. If you think me as swara,.. No no..
Lak: bhai…
San: wat?
Lak: it was a bad dream..!!
San: wat!?
Lak: ya.. He then says abt his dream
San burst into laughter..
Lak: bhai.. Plz..
San: sorry.. He again laughs..
Lak: wat i should do now??
San: i don’t know..
Lak seriously: bhai plz..
San: in that case.. Propose her if she refuse… Be friend of her…. Live the relation of friendship..
Lak nods.. Then they both dozes off

All gets into bus…
Swaraj fights to sit with rag..
Rag then gets up and sits in one of the seat they were abt to come she pulls sanky and makes him sit.. Sanky was shocked by sudden pull.. They both pouts..
Then raj goes and sits with pi… SW goes to other seat…

Rag then messages lak
Rag: wat abt the confession… When vl u propose sw?
Rag: wat… Didn’t think anything..
Lak: u help me na
Rag: wat..??
Lak: plzz..
Rag: let me think!!!
Lak:no rag..i just said..i vl do by my self
Rag: ok??

Veer: let’s play something…
SW: let’s play dum sharaz..
All: ok
Rag: i won’t
Raj: why?
Rag: it vl be easy for me..
As: ok you judge us..
Rag: ok

Dida: bt i vl be one captain..
SW: then dadi should be other..
Dadi: ok..

Dida team: jan San swalak pi
Dadi: raj ashveer dada…

They all plays.. Rag was scoring them..
She suddenly gets an idea as it was lak turn…
Rag: i vl give him
Raj: ok..
She makes a chit..
He takes the chit and was shocked he widens his eyes..
Lak: this is not movie name
Raj: bt you should do
Dida: lak.. You should do if you do then we vl win…
SW: ha.. Lak plzz…
San looks suspiciously at rag..
Lak: ok
He acts.. Bt no one understands it..
Jan: wat r doing i can’t understand
SW: arey popu
All widens their eyes..
All: popu…
SW: arey lak do proper..
san smiles.. San comes to her
San: wat u given to him..
Rag: nthng..
He then sees the chit there he opens it and was shocked.. Bt smiles…

Lak does actñg.. Nobody couldn’t understand..
Op team: 10..9…
Lak again does
Op team: 4..3…
SW loudly: i love you…
All are shocked…
Ragsan smiles..
Lak smiles…
Dida: is it correct??
Lak nods
Dida: we won marwaran…
Dadi and raj suspiciously looking at rag,..

Bus then stops.. They all gets out to refresh…

Raj takes rag lil far San too follows them..
Raj: wat was that??
Rag nods nthng..
Raj: now u vl lie to ür bhai?
Rag makes a puppy face San smiles…
Rag then explains abt lak loving sw…
Raj: wat¿?
Rag: he really loves her…
San: yes raj
Raj: u too..
San nods
Rag: bhai plz
Raj: why didn’t you tell me..i would also help you na…
Rag hugs him…
Voice: waaaaatttt
They looks at the direction
It’s ashveer pi
Raj: now don’t scream… They shouldn’t got to to know that i know
All: ok..
Pi: wat if sw doesn’t had feeling for him
All were dad
Veer: guys guys bt i hv a piece of news..
All: wat news??
Veer: then listen…

Veer: sw.. Lak is a nice guysee he is helping us which is not related to him also
SW lost: yes he is a nice guy…
Veer looks at her and smiles
Veer gets an idea
Veer: he is handsme ryte
SW: yes and cute too…
Veer: oh.. Do you like him??
SW: yes like no no i love…
She comes out..
Veer: u love??
SW: wat?
Veer: nthng
He goes
Fb ends

All: oooohhhh
Rag: we should help him.. Otherwise…
All: they can’t confess in this li Fe
They all has a group hug….

Precap: swalak confession… Ragsan in jungle…(romance?)

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