Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 24)


Let’s begin..

Rag: u are very careless abt u..
San pouts..
Rag: see way doctor said..u shldnt take ur bandages for atleast 2 weeks.. Bt u
San baby face: i m sorry..
Rag smiles.. Now u shldnt take bandage for 2 weeks.. Did u get that..
San nods like a kid..
San: bt now we can go na
Rag: wr
San: beach!!
Rag: no.
San: why
Rag: u need rest..
San: plzzz
Rag strictly: no means no..
San nods..
San: any other day we can go na
Rag: u r mad
San smiles
Rag: now we shld go home..
San: ok..
San gets a mesg..
San to rag: all are at my home.. So we shld go there..
Rag nods smilingly

Sanlakraj mansion
Dadi to raj: tankyou beta
Raj: arey dadi..i m not your grand son.. Rag is my sis my world.. Never ever i vl leave her
Dadi hugs him
Raj: if you want tank then tank to him pointing Towards lak
Dadi: who is he beta..
Raj: my cousin Brthr..
Dadi folks her hand infront of laksh..
He holds her
Lak: if he is your grandson then i m..
Dadi hugs him..
Dida too hugs him..
Dada: see.. We had no sons after shekar.. Now we have 2 sons..
Lak suddenly: not 2.. It’s 3..
Dida: how..
Lak: one more is there.. He vl come.. He is with your laado..
They gets confused.. SW then says abt the accident in which San get injured saving rag
Lak: i mean to keep rag away from this.. He took her for a dayout.. He vl come..
Dida: laksh beta.. Tum ek music..
Lak:koi tho muje penchana
Dida:do you play music..i like music
While all laughs..
Dida:jst a prank..i know u..u r a music dirctor..and u always plays with my fav singer sanskar..i wish i could meet him..
Lak:ur wish vl be completed soon..
All laughs..

There ragsan enters
Lak:dekho dida..ur fav..

Raj goes and hugs rag.. dida Dadi dad sw jan pi hugs her one by one
Rag gets confused
Rag actions to lak: wat?
He smiles..
Dida then goes to san:i m ur fan
San smiles
Dida:i didnt miss any if your songs..
San:wow..then u r my biggest fan..
Dadi comes:ae bangalan..phir se shuru ho gayi..
Dida:jalne ki bhoo aa rahi hai..
Dadi:tho..this is our 3rd grandson.. She thanks him for saving rag..
San: she is my fend.. And no need of tanks as u considered me as ur grand son..
San takes blessings from them..

Rag to raj: wat hpnd why all are hugging me..
Raj: bcs u didnt want to marry him na
Sw:bhai made him run..
Rag was shocked
San felt happy..
Lak audible to san:line clear hai bhai..
San stamps his foot..
Dida:wat hpnd beta..
Lak: nthng..

Raj: now we all r here.. Why not u stay here and tmrw we all go for a picnic..
Dadi: bt v vl go home v have work.. For tmrw v shld do packing..
Dida:if you want..pi can stay i mean sw rag asveer can stay she winks at rajpi
Pi blushes..
Dadi: ok..
Dadadida jan leaves frm there..

Rag to san: u go and take rest..
San: wat rest.. No..u all r here.. We can talk na..
Raj: ragu is right..u go.. And take rest..
San: u too
All:i think ragraj is right..u go and take rest
San: wat..??
Raj: didn’t you heard go now..
San pouts: ok..
He goes..
Raj: rag come i vl show u our house..
Rag nods smilingly..
Ragrajpiash goes to see house

Veersw was talking smilingly..
Lak felt jealousy..
Lak:sw dont u want to see our house
SW: no..i vl see later..

Lak: veer
Veer:i too vl see later..
They both sits.. And talks..

Lak goes angrily.. To San room..
San sees him angry
San: wat hpnd lak?
San:no smthng is hpnd
Lak:woh veer..swara ko ek pal ke liye bhi akela chodta nahi hai..
San laughs
Lak: now why u r laughing??
San: pyaar mein jalan.. Suna tha ab dek bhi Liya.. He laughs
Lak: accha.. Bohoth hai aa rahi hai..
Yesterday wat was ur condition..yaad dilaaun..
San pouts..

Here raj takes them to music room.. There she sees her painting..
She goes to her painting..
Pi: di ur painting

Raj: this is ur painting ragu.. San bought it frm exhibition..
Pi: this means.. Sanskar buyed ur painting giving extra money..

Rag smiles..

They then goes to san room
Lak was also present there..
Pi: San u buyed di’s painting..
San smiles
San: ha
Ash;how did u know it’s her’s
Raj: ha San
Lak: Iskeliye..kitne jugaad karwaaya hai isne..
Raj: wat
San: he is mad
Lak: accha..i m mad
San: see he is confessing.. And by seeing her painting only i got to know..
Raj: ohh..
Rag: why u gave paid extra
San: i liked it.. Tho i thought it should be paid more..

Then they all goes outside
Lak was jealous seeing swaveer
Rag sees this
Rag pov:
Lak.. Does he love sw?
Pov ends..

She then goes to him
Rag: wat hpnd?
He nods no and leaves
To confirm rag make an idea..
She searches for lak ..he was in San room..
She goes San room
San sees her
Rag goes to lak..
Rag: don’t u think lak.. SW and veer look good together
Lak: wat

San is also shocked
Rag: vl u help me to make them together
Lak: wat? No..
Rag laughs
Lak: wat hpnd?
Rag: i vl ask u a ques tell me truth..
Lak: ok..ask
Rag: do you love swara?
Rag: yes or no
San smiles
Lak: yes..
She smiles..
Rag: i saw u were jealous seeing swaveer
San laughs: u too noticed..
Ragsan hifies

Rag: i vl say a good news to you lak.. Bt u have to confess ur love to swara
Lak: wat.. No..if she doesn’t love me.. She love’s veer right..
She laughs..
San was mesmerised
Rag: first u promise me..i vl say a good news she forwards her hand
Lak hesitates: ok.. He keeps his hand on her hand
San looks at them smilingly
Lak: now say
Rag: veer is
Lak: veer kya
Rag: veer is engaged with asha
Lak: wat..
He felt happy..
He hugs her.
Rag: now u should fulfill your promise
Lak: wat

Rag:u promised
San: ha..i agree..
Rag: u have 2 days time to propse.. Otherwise..
Lak: otherwise??
San: wat
Rag: i vl make her married..
Lak: wat
San laughs..
San: wow.. Ragini..
Raining smiles and goes
Lak: bhai now wat should i do
San:u hv only one option.. And the choice is your.. Remember only 2 days..
He goes..
Lak: bhai ho ki dushman.. Now wat should i do.. Kuch soch lucky..
He gets thinking

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