Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 23)

Let’s begin….

Lak comes to angad’s house
Lak: angad sir… Raj sir has called u to his home he is giving u a party.. And also he has something to give.. And i vl come there directly
Angad smiles widely…
Lak leaves..
Angad: mom dad.. Raj has invited us at his place so we shld leave.. He is giving us something..
They gets ready and goes to sanlàkraj mansion…

Rag: don’t take it seriously i just asked.. That’s it..
San: u r my nearest bestest frnd..u asked me something for the first time how can i refuse
Rag: by i can’t listen..
San: ya music is listen.. Bt i vl make u feel…
Rag smiles..
He forwards his hands…
She gives her hand..
He then takes his bandage
Rag worried: hey wat r u doing..
San: don’t worry i vl put it back.. After waters.. Now i have no pain..
Rag: no no…
San takes her near speaker..

Sanlàkraj mansion
All are present there except raj and lak.. Angad and his parents reach there..
Jan goes to them..
Jan:aap tho badi jaldi aagaye,.
Dida: asha.. Pia.. Swara.. Kuch khane Keliye Lekar aao..
They all coms in dadadi welcomes them

Angad: wr is raj..??
Dadi: beta he vl come..
Raj: i came..
Angad: hello..
Raj: hi…
Angad mother:wr is the gold merchant?
Swapi ash brings drink
Raj: laksh….
Lak: yes raj…
They sees him..(lak was in his actual style..)
Angad looks at him confused..
Angad: he is…
Raj: sahi Pehchna..he is laksh maheshwari…
Angad looks confused..
Angad: hum pehle bhi kabhi mile hai?
Lak: tum muje Kaise bhool sakte ho..

He keeps her both hands in speaker..
She smiles..
San comes infront of her.. Now just watch my hands ok.. Don’t take ur hands from speaker
Rag nods..
He then puts a loud music.. He makes action in hands..
Rag was deeply feeling.. The music..
He then sees her shaking her index finger like the music.. She was lost in it..
His hands gets paining he stops his actions in middle.. Bt to his shock.. Rag was deeply in the music.. She note lightly shaking her heads.. He smiles..
To check he off’s the music..
She suddenly comes out..
In excitement he hugs her..
She smiles..
San: did u feel the music?
Rag nods happily..
Rag: bt i can’t listen…
San: music it’s not Abt listening.. It’s abt feeling
San doesn’t do any actions now he wides his hands and screams happily: I LOVE YOU RAGINI
Rag smiles confused she doesn’t know wat he said
Rag: wat u said..?

San pov:
Shld i confess now to her… No not now? Bt soon..
Pov ends

He smiles and nods nthng
Rag: more than me u r excited..
He smiles..
Rag: tankyou.. For making me feel music…
San: again thankyou…
He then holds his hands and screams in pain
Rag worries..
She takes the bandage and ties
He was starting her lovingly…
Rag: wat?
San nods no
Rag: i said na don’t remove
San: if i didn’t remove how could i feel this much happiness..
Rag smiles
Rag: u r Crazy
San smiles

San pov
Ya ragini i m crazy for you..
Pov ends..

Sanlakraj mansion..
Lak: don’t u remember me that’s ok… Bt atleast remember that 3 people
Angad and his parents looks at him confused..
He then on’s the TV and shows their vedio
They r shocked..

Raj: do you know these people..
Lak: gold merchant may know.. He smiles evilly
Angad: wat’s all this?
Dadi comes forward and slaps him..
She holds his collar: how dare u?
Asha and janki makes her calm..

Raj punches him hard

Angad mthr: u r insulting us
Lak: aunty wat u also want punch.. Dida go do your work
Dida goes and punches her

Angad fthr: wat is this??

Veer: lak..i think uncle too needed
Angad fthr: wat u mean.. He gulps in fear
SW: dadu…
Dadu goes to him and slaps him..

Angad: raj.. Don’t be smart..u messed with wrong person.. And abt so called deaf and dumb sister
Raj holds his collar he beats him
Angad laughs: who vl marry her.. None vl marry her..
He beats him more
Lak and veer holds him
Raj: leave me i vl kill him..i said leave me

Lak: angad if you love ur life.. Then dont show ur face to us ever in your life..

Angad laughs more..
SW comes and slaps him: after these all still u r laughing…

Veer pushes him out
His parents too go out..
Angad loudly: raj…u vl pay for it..
SW angrily closes the door

San: wr v vl go next?
Rag: to doctor
San: why??
Rag: ur hands is paining na?
San: no
Rag: first doctor.. Next wherever u want v vl go..
San smiles: ok…
She smiles…

Precap: Ragsan and Ragraj

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