Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 22)


Let’s begin..

Angad’s house…
Angad: ok come…
Lak goes in..
Angad: i saw u somewhere
Lak: may be..i m a biggest merchant..
Ang: hmm… OK ivl call my parents..
Lak: ok..

He gets message frm sw
Sw: wat hpnd
Lak: wait for few mins.. Then only can get na
Sw: ok..
Lak then slowly hides a camera
Angad’s parents.. Comes there…
Lak stands: raj sir has sent me.. To select engagement ring…u select for angad sir.. and he also said that mam u shld too but gold ornaments He said that he vl not see the amount
Ang mother: ok.. Do you have diamonds..neclaces
Lak: ha
Lak then shows some ring
Ang mother: asks rate
Lak: shows this 1 lakh..
Angad: show something different..
Lak then shows costliest ring…
Lak: this is 7 lakhs..
Ang mothr: it’s nice we vl select this

Lak pov: arey nautanki…i showed her cheapest ring..i said the rate more.. She selected it..

Lak: angad sir do u like it.. Shall i final it..
Angad: if you have any other then show..
Lak; ok sir..i vl bring..u keep These rings
He leaves

He goes out..

They r in a car..
San was singing a song..
Rag seeing his lipping..
San sees her.. She smiles
Rag: are u singing..
San: yes..u know i had only dream to become singer.. Now i m a singer..
She smiles..

San pov:now i have dream..to make u mine

Rag: wat is music?.. How it is?..
San gets thinking..
Rag: sorry..i shouldn’t have asked u this ques..
He says something to driver…

They goes to his auditorium..where he practices his singing
Rag: wch place is this
San: this is my auditorium.
They both comes out of the car
It has garden.. It also has small pool..

Rag: this is beautiful…
San: thanks..
He forwards his hand.. She gives her hands smilingly..
They both go in.
There is no one except.. Ragsan..

San pov
I want to hold your hand all my life..i want you to share all ur happiness sorrow..i want to give all the happiness your each and every wish is order for me…
Pov ends
He sees her smiling face.. He too smiles
Here all gets to see wat angad’s mission..

All are present except dadadi..

Lak: his mother is greedy..i think even he too..
Raj: let’s see them live..
He ons the vedio..

Angad’s mother: if he..i mean raj is giving this much now itself..u have chosed a right person
Ang father: we have to ask some of the property.. See u r sacrificing by marrying that deaf and dumb

All are shocked..

Angad:sacrifice… Who is gonna sacrifice..? It’s just the name of marriage.. We can get a servant for a life time…

All laughs

Raj holds his fist angrily…
All looking at it shocked..

Angad’s mthr: now im thinking wat cost necklace shld i buy..
Angad: i saw that girl.. Wat’s her name RAGINI in the exhibition… How that raj took her side.. jaise rag ke jaan isolate basta ho… Jaisa bhi ho Accha hi hai..

Trio laughs…

Raj angrily throws the laptop..
Lak: raj control.. Abhi bhi kuch bigda nahi hai..
Sw: ha bhai..
Dida:meri laado…
Jan:masi ji..kuch nahi hua hai..
Lak: bhai now i shld go.. To them..
Veer: u go.. Lak
Lak leaves
Sw holds raj Hand
Raj: how can they??i vl make their life hell
Dida: no beta.. Then wat is the difference between them and us..
Jan: ha beta.. Masi is ryte..
Swpiash: bt still we shld teach them a lesson
Raj leaves from there angrily..
Veer: something is going to hpn now..

Auditorium is filled with music instruments..
San:u asked me na wat is music
Rag looks at him confused…

Precap: angad’s true face infront of dadadi..

This is lil boring bt i vl make next part interesting one

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