Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 21)


Let’s begin…

Asha: now rag vl get married to that angad
Raj: no.. Not him..
Sw: exactly
Veer: ya..
Pi: bt wat u vl do..
Raj: even v don’t know wr he comes from who vl help..
Voice: i vl..
All luks at the direction
It’s janki

Jan: even i didn’t like him.. They even didn’t bother to ask our reply
Asha: yes aunty.. There something..
Veer: kale daal ka kya Kare..
They gets thinking
Sw smiles widely..
Sw: first we shld know his nature..
All: how
She says some plan

Raj: who vl execute it.. He saw everyone of us.
Sw: still.. Wait
She calls someone..
Sw: i want u both’s help.. Can u plzz come now..
Veer: whom did u call..
Sw: 5 mins…
They all go out in the garden and wait there
Pi: 15 min passed wr r they..
Voice: here v r..
All looks at the direction..
It’s sanlak
Asha runs to san

Asha:i ur biggest fan.. Plz give me autograph..
Sw: later.. First we discuss wat we shld do..
Raj: bt how can sanlak help… As they both r..
Sw: i know… Jst listen to my plan..
They all discuss it and smiles widely..

San: wr is rag?
Raj: she is upset.. So she locked herself
San gets tensed
Sw: San u r her frnd ryte.. So go and make her mood..
She winks at him..
Veer: ha sanskar..
San: who ru?i didn’t see u before..
Veer: i m veer.. This is asha.. Pointing asha.. We r childhood frnd.. Sanskar sw never hides anything with me..i know abt u too
San smiles
All looks at him confused..

Veer: wat??.. San u go..
Here lak feeling jealousy.. Seeing swaveer bonding
San goes and sees Room locked he didn’t understand wat to do.. So he goes out all looks at him.. He then sees window.. He goes there slowly peeps to the room and gets in
All smiles…

San gets in and sees none..
He then sees her sobbing at the corner of table..(same place wr raj too finded)
He then goes to her.. She looks at him.. His Heart pinched seeing her crying..
She suddenly hugged.. He was shocked he felt both happy and sad.. As she first time hugged him.. She cried her heart out.. Then she suddenly composed.. Herself..
San in sign lang: why ru crying..?
Rag in a baby face: they r making me married..!!
San smiles
Rag: i don’t want get married
San: why??
Rag: i vl be burden for them.. he will get married first bt after few days he will feel

San: no.. Who said u dis? No one vl feel u burden..u r a special for us..i never saw someone like u in my life..
Rag smiles through tears..
He rubs tears..
San pov: i vl never make it tears fall.
U r my life.. Now i can’t even imagine my life without u..
Rag: how u came in.. That too with platters in ur hands
He smiles..
San: for my frnd anything i can do
She smiles..
Rag: tankyou
San; tankyou for wat?
Rag: u made my mood light
San: for friends no thanks no sorry..
Rag smiles
San: will u plzz come with me
Rag: wr
San: for dayout..
Rag nods no

San: plzz
Rag then smiles and nods ..

Ragsan both comes out..
San: we both r going out…u do wat u want
All widens their eyes
Rag didn’t see raj
Raj feels bad
Raj then goes to rag
Raj: plzz..i m sorry he then holds his ears..
Rag then hugs him
Lak: bhai how will u go
San: u dont worry..
San then calls his driver
Lak: smart..
They both leaves..
Sw: get to the plan

Añgâd’s house…
Lak comes as a gold merchant
Angad opens the door..
Angad: yes..
Lak: raj sir has sent me here..

Precap: ragsan dayout.. Añgâd’s truth..

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