Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 19)


Let’s begin

Raj comes to hospital.. He sees swalak there..
He goes to them…
Raj: how it hapnd wr is ragsan..
At the time rag comes with nurse.. She has bandage in hands and head
Raj goes to her and hugs her…
Raj: nthng hpnd to u right..
Rag smiles..
At the time doctor comes.. He says small fracture hpnd to sanskar..no worries he is perfectly all right..u can meet him… Ha but he needs 2 week rest..

He goes
They all enters..
Sanky hand is fractured.. So his hand has bandage..
They all sees him..
Rag goes to him: thank you
San smiles: u r saying tanx to ür frnd.. This is not fair.. Take back ür tanx…
Rag smiles…
Lak laughs loudly..
All Looks at him weirdly
Swara then stamps his foot
Lak screams
Raj: y r u laughing
Pi: ha y r u laughing
SW: like a chudail
Lak: sanky ko dek kar muje hasi aagai.. That’s all
Raj: that’s all
Lak: ha
All sees him angrily..
Lak pouts sorry..
Raj: on sanky let’s go..
Lak: one good thing is hpnd that his fans didn’t know..
Raj: yes i agree with u.. Lak u take swaragpi at baadi..i vl take San..
They all leaves frm there..

All comes.. Lak leaves frm there
Swpi were talking random… Rag was making tea for them
Voice: swara…
SW: pi this voice is similar right
Pi: yes
Voice: mudkar dekho bhi..
Both turns and sees..
Both: VEEEEER…(played by Rithvic dhanjani)
They both goes and hugs him
Dida: now nobody will be seen infront of them

Dadadi: yes
SW: arey dados
Jan: mein bhi hoon
Swpi runs to her and hugs her..
Veer silently goes to kitchen
He sees rag doing food in kitchen he closes rags eyes
Rag smiles widely..
She turns and hugs him..

She then beats him…
Veer: arey… Ah… She then takes a belan..
Veer shouts:arey bachao…
Swpi comes. And laughs.. He runs.. Trio runs..
He goes back of Janki..
Jan; today i m not going to save she goes…
He then runs to the door..someone holds him.. From behind
Veer:u too..
Trio comes
Voice: isse aaj mat chodna..
Swpi: asha…(asha is played by asha negi)
They goes and hugs her
Then veer silently goes
SW holds him
Veer: plzz..
Rag comes to him: wr were u ha?..
She then goes to asha
Rag: even u too..

They both then holds their ears…
Asha: he said that he will pick me in station bt he didn’t came…
Swaragpi glâres him…
Veer: sorry sorry..ab kuch kane ke liye milega..
Rag smilingly nods
Veer:aur ha piya..hume unse milwa kab rahi ho..
Veer:eji oji..se
Piya confused
Asha:arey tum kiske baat kar rahe ho..muje bhi tho batao..
At the time raj comes he gets confused seeing them
Raj:i cameto the right home or…
Sw:right home..
All turns..
Sw signals veer
Veer:ohhhh..tho yeh hai aji oji..
Piya blushes..
Asah:kaun..aap kaun ho
SW: tumse hone wake jeejaji..
Asha gets confusef..
Sw:par humare bhaiyya..
Rag comes with food..she sees raj and smiles..
Sw:arey asha…tubelight ki tarah tho mat ban..veer tune kisko chuna hai life partner ke liye..
Veer goesto raj and hugs him..raj gets confused
Raj:sorry i didn’t recognise u..
Veer:i am veer and this is asha my fiance we all are childhood buddies..cum siblings..
Sw:we were together..2 yrs before he left us and now came..
Veer:i asked sorry na..
Rag then asks abt sanky
Raj:he is all right..he also wanted to come..bt we refused he shld take rest right..
Rag smiles..
Veer:now who is sanky

SW: sanskar maheshwari
Asha:waaaat…sanskar maheshwari..the rochstar
Asha:i want to meet him..i m his great fan..
Sw:tu great kab se bani
Both laughs and hifies..
Then all haves food..

Veer:ur mil too came talj now..
Raj:wat..i m nervous
Veer:u shld be..as she is very strict..
Raj gets scared
Sw silently laughs
Then dadadida and jan comes..
Jan looks at raj confused..
Dadi then introduces jan to raj..
Here all knows abt rajpi except jan
Dadi:raj..u talk to janki
Sw:he is a well known buisinessman..
Jan:ha i know..

Swrag comes to janki..
Sw:janki ma..will u accept our brthr to be ur sil
Jan gets shocked..
Rag then holds jan hands..
Jan smiles..
Jan:send ur parents beta…
All smiles..
Sw:then suji ma fast as possible
Sw:and dida veer and asha is ur suprisr..

Dadi:we selected a boy for our ragini..
Rag doesnt understand wat they r talking
Sw veer:wat?
All looks him..
Dadi:wat hpnd..he is a good boy..after knowing about rag also he is ready to accept her..
Pi goes to rag
Rag asks her wat they r talking
Dadi tell pi:dont tell to her now
Raj:wat he is doing..
Dadi:he is a NRI
Raj:ohh..then when he is coming here
Dida:tommorw evening
All are happy..except sw veer..
Rag is confused


San: i want to meet rag
Lak:baar baar milna aapko shobha nahi deta..
San glares him..
Just then lak gets call frm sw
Lak:ha chameli..
san looks at him confused
San:wat hpnd lak..
Lak cuts the call
San:wat hpnd..vl u say or i shld ask sw
San:wat tmrw
Lak:a guy is coming to see rag
San:who is…he widens his eyes..
Lak:ha groom is coming..now wat vl u do..
San was shocked

Raj:by the way dida wat is his name..
Dida:angad sharma..
Raj:hmm..even i vl too come to see him..
Dadi:u should..u r her brthr..if u didnt like him means u can cancel…bt ha..he is good..i know u will like him

Veer:wat to do now
Sw:i too dont know..even di also dont know..
Veer:dont u think v shld meet sanskar..
Sw:yes..bt he is in rest now(then she describes him the incident) he cant do anything..ya bt lak can help
Veer:who is lak
Sw:lak is his brthr .

Precap:groom coming to baadi…

Wat will hpn next?will rag get married to angad?
Will sanskar say his feeling to rag?will tag accept sanskar?will she accept angad’s proposal?..

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