Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 18)


Let’s begin

SW pov

Will sanky able to keep my di happy,.. Or he just.. No he is not that type.. Should i help him?
First i should ask with di.. If i directly ask she may get doubt.. No..
She smiled
Pov ends

SW phn rings.. It’s dida..
SW: ha dida..
Ok dida..
Ok ok..u have a surprise too.. Wat surprise u have dida….

Rag sighns her SW tells they vl come by evng.. And they have surprise for us..
Rag: wat it would be
SW nods no..
Pi: it’s ok leave it.. They vl come at evng na v vl definitely know..
SW: hmm
Rag: wr did u reach..
SW pi gets confused
Rag: wat Hpnd to ür boutique..
SW pi makes a sad face..
Rag: wat Hpnd..
SW: no di it vl cost more.. We cannot afford it..
Pi: ya di..i spoke with mom abt this.. She said that anyways she vl come today and vl talk abt dis..
Rag: done worry everything vl be alright..
Door bell rings..
Pi goes..
It’s sanskar..
Pi: sanskar you ..
SW hears his name.. And gets thinkiñg
San: y i can’t come..
Pi: no.. Not like that.. Come in…
He gets in.. He smiles rag.. Rag too smiles
San: SW
SW was lost
San: SW

Rag then shakes her..i can’t hear bt i can understand the action it’s clear that he is calling u
Pi: yes
San smiles as he is getting know wat she actioned..
SW: ha San..
San nods no..
SW: i hv work i vl come..
Pi: ya..i hv to go to market i vl come soon..
Rag: ok..
They both leaves..

Rag: u wait i vl bring sm thing to eat
San in sign lang no
Rag smiles u studied sign lang
San himself: yes i have to study na.. Bcs i want to be with u..i want to feel ür actions..
Rag shakes him..
San: ha ur my friend ryte..
Rag smiles..
Rag: then u shld hv food and go.. San smilingly nods..
Rag then serves him some food he eats..
SW see this and smiles..

SW pov
After veer and Raj bhai.. And lak.. Too.. Sanky is the guy who she is treating like this.. Now i shld clear my confusion..
She smiles.. bt veer now we need u..
She calls someone and speaks.. She smiles widely…

Raj comes there
Raj: sanky u..
Sanky smiles..
Rag goes to him and hugs..
Swasan smiles.. Seeing their bonding..
Raj: wat ques im asking with u.. Like me..u r also broth…
Sanky coughs.. SW widens her eyes..
Rag brings water to him.. He drinks.. SW smiles seeing his atics…
Raj: ok..i vl leave i hv imp meeting..
He takes leave..
He leaves.. Pi enters..
Pi: hey SW i got a msg frm a private no.

Sanky: private no.. May be some fend
Pi: no..i don’t think so..
SW: leave it lets go out..
Pi: yes u r ryte..
SW: would u join with us.. San
San: sure.. Why not..¿??!!!

Then they all leaves to a park…

At park
Lak too comes there.. As rag said to call him..

They all sit there for some time
San sees rag smiling seeing surrounding.. He too smiles…
Then.. She sees some kids.. She buys some balloons and gives to them..
Then she was crosng the road to buy Icecreams
Swapi sees the truck approching.. They gets shocked.. Here lak too sees this.. He runs to her..
Truck hits… BOOM

Here Raj gets call from lak.. He picks the call he is shocked.. He runs from there…

There vl be 2 make characters to join i want ur suggestion.. One is positive.. And the other is greedy negative person…

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  1. Sindhura

    No negatives yar
    And i think san saved her

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  4. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr

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  6. Moni_ragz

    Super epi.. arjun bijlani for positive.. nd negative as u wish

  7. Awesome …bt no negative character yrrr plzzz
    It’s fun to read such a positive ff

  8. Jigaysa

    Awesome but pls don’t add any nedgative characters

  9. AMkideewani

    Awesome I love RagSan

  10. Silent_writer

    Superbbbb add nikhil as pos n aditya from edkv neg

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    amazing dear….

  14. Fairy

    Its damnnnnn amaznggg dr….update ws jst fabulous…..m already in love wid ur story……ragsan r sooooo cute….keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr …;) post nxt part sooon 😉 😉

    1. Fairy

      Positive-arjun bijlani or karan tacker
      Negative-pratap hada(nikhil from swaragini serial)

  15. A.xx

    Fab loved it and hope she is fine and I think pratap hada for positive or paras Babbar( and Vatsal Seth for negative ) loved it so post soon xx

  16. Hemalattha


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