Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 17)


Let’s begin…

San: plzz muje chod do..
Lak: aise Kaise.. Ha aapne bhi tho bohoth maze liye the hai na..
San makes a pout..

Rag comes to him..
Rag: u could have stopped them.. Bt you.. Forget it…
He was smiling like a mad.. she came infronte of him.. He was lost in her actions
She sees him shocked..
SW looks at him confused..
Lak silently laughs seeing him smiling like a mad..
Rag angrily leaves..
He comes out..
SW was looking at him weirdly…
San: wat?
SW goes from there
San: wat Hpnd to her.?
Lak burst into laughter
San: now wat Hpnd to u
He goes laughingly

Raj: piy
Pia: hmm
Raj: do you love me
Pia: waaaaaatttt
Raj laughs
Pia: wat was that?
Raj: no..i want to hear from you..
Pia blushes..
Raj: plzz don’t blush..i can’t control..
Pia blushes more
Raj holds her hand
Raj: i love you bt
Pia: not more than rag ryte..
Raj gets shocked..
Raj: how u got to know..? Wat i wanted to say..
Pi smiles
Pi: till now we couldn’t give rag this much of happiness.. Bt u in few days.. She hugs him..i didn’t knew wat good thing i have done that i got these spcl people in my life..
Raj: this line shld be mine.. actually if i didn’t get u then i didn’t have met swarag..
They then continues their talk and leaves from there…..

SW pov
By seeing sanky i can say that it’s not frndship..
Now wat shld i do.. Di will never accept sanky.. Not only sanky Bt any boy on her life.. Before that i shld confirm abt sanky.. Whom vl i ask..
She gets thinking..
Someone calls SW
SW: who is calling now..
She picks: hello.. Who is it..?
Voice: didn’t u saved ür husband no.. Wat chameli..
She gets angry..
Then she remembers sanky s words..
SW: kya Kare popu i forgot..
Lak: wat!?
SW: kya hua popu..u only told na that i used to call u popu.. Popuuuuuuuuu…….
Lak: hey.. Stop it..
SW laughs..: no ways.. Popu..popu.. P popu.. Popu popu..
Lak: ah.. Leave it.. Do u want to say something
SW: how u got to know.. Popu
Lak: first tell me then i wll tell u
SW: ok… Voh.. It’s about sanky…
Lak laughs
SW: popu.. Why ru laughing
Lak: don’t call me that..
SW: popu
Lak: wat abt sanky ha?
SW: i don’t know wat to say how to say..
Lak: hey don’t be shy chameli
SW: shy my foot..

Lak laughs

SW: you..

Lak: i know u want ask that sanky loves..
SW: ragu di
Lak: exactly
SW: is it? I want to know..
Lak: frankly yes
SW: wat
Lak: yes..u heard ryte..
SW gets tensed
Lak: listen swara i know that way ur thinking bt my bhai loves her a lot now a days he only thinks abt rag.. Ya we want to know that wat rag feels
SW: no.. Laksh she vl never agree.. She has no feelings.. She never want to get into that..
Lak: we never wish to get in that knowingly swara.. It happens..
SW gets thinking
SW: so now wat?

San: oh.. Rag i can’t even stop thinking abt u.. Wat magic have u done to me….

Rag: sanskar.. Kehneko tho rockstar hai bt he is mad.. She smiles..


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