Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 15)

Lets begin..

At night..
Sanlakraj mansion..
Lak was in his room..
Lak:behenon ka bhai tho nahi aane wala..bt wr is dis sanky…

Outside the mansion..
Raj and rag r in one car..
Rag:why v cm here..
Raj:u jst see the horror + comedy movie..wch vl be presented in front of u…
Rag:wat masti u r doing..
Raj says to her something…wch is blurr
Rag widens her eyes..no bhai this is wrong
Raj:u believe us ryteee..
Rag nods
Raj smiles and side hugs her…
Rajrag gets out of the car..
Goes to another car..
Sanky was out of the car..
Raj:all set..
San:yes..he sees rag tensed..wat hpnd to rag..
Raj:vl say to u later..if v stand here..for long..wat if he sees us…
Swpi comes out of the car..
Trio shocked to see them..
Sanraj smirks..rag tensed..

Lak:sanky..i think u r gone mad in love..i m sleepy..i vl sleep..
Jst then he gets msg..
Lak:sheena ki msg..
Sh:wen v vl meet baby?..
L:soon..i vl txt u place and time..tmrw mrng..
Then he gets call frm her..
Lak:ha baby., I m too m missing u
Voice:ha baby i m too missing u
Lak: kaun bola.. Baby i vl call u back
Lak:kaun hai…
Voice: mere Laksh Raj aap tho hame booli gaye ho
La:i am asking u.. Who is it?
He then goes to stairs he sees in the middle of the hall à girl in white saree with open hair is sitting..
Lak gets scared
Lk: who.. Is..i..t?
Voice: mujhe nahi penchante?
Lak: kaun ho..i don’t knew u..
She gets up and comes for ward to lak
Lak: hey..st..ay..áwa..y
She comes neâr him..

He runs to his room
His room door suddenly closes
Voice:kal mjhe bhi le jao na…
Lak:mer phn.. bhai Raj bachao..
She comes close to him ek hug..plz àaj ke liy i m date for u
Lak: wat.. No he closes his eyes
If u talk abt girl agañ i vl come
Lak: i vl nt… He screams
Light comes
San Raj comes


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.