Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (part 6)


Lets begin

Next day morng at baadi

Sw:kya hai..bhaiyya ke pyaar mein pagal ho gayi ho kya
Piya:yes..then she gets her point and bites her toungue
Sw laughs
Piya’s phn rings
Sw:ur phn is ringing
Piya:who is it??
Sw:unknwn numbr!
Sw picks the phn..and smiles widely
Rag comes there she was in orange and yellow combination dress
Rag asks whose pn
Swara kees in soeaker

Baiyya apko patahai yahan par humne aapko bohoth miss kiya
Piya explains rags
Rags smiles
Raj:oh..my cute sis..
Sw:u knw..more than us piya missed u
Piya widens her eyes
Nw swara explains rag

Scene changes to raj
Raj was laughing lak comes there
Raj has already kept his phn in speaker as he was doing exercise
Sw:bhai bhai aap kidar kho gaye
Lak hears the voice..wow wat a beautiful voice
Raj:get ready my sisters today ur bhai vl pick u and vl b a dayout wid ur bhai
Sw:happily ok bhai..and piya
Raj:smiles ofcourse piya is my frnd
Piya smiles be ready at 10 ok
He cuts tbe cal and luks at lak
Lak ws in his own world
Laksh;who is the girl..u wr to ?
Raj:she’s not ur type..she is my sis..
Laksh:wr r u going at 10

Laksh:simply..jst asked..cn i too join
Raj:no..my sisters vl get angry..if i take u
Raj:if sanky comes then ok..bcz he cn only handle u
Sanky comes der:laksh u cnt go any we r going to
Lak:ha yaad hai
Aaj raath ko jaayega
Raj:no as i m planning to return tmrw
Lak sadly:ok

At baadi:
Rag ws making them ready she wants her sis n frnd to look prettier
Rag:today all boys r going to stare u both
Sw:ya di..even u too
Rags face become pale
Sw:di u vl surely get smeonr..who accepts u as u are?
Rag:no..that vl never comr
Piya:i m sure he vl definetly come..that to very soon
Then they hear a car horn
Sw:baiyya kahun ya jeeju bolo na piya
Piya stares her angrily
Sw:for nw baiyya is enough

Shouts we r coming bhai 2 mins
Then they goes
Piya was going to sit back bt rag holds her and makes her sit at frnt..rag winks at him
Raj smiles

They leaves to exhibision


Swaragya and raj enters..rag was getting nervous seeing crowd there..raj sees her nervousness
Raj holds her hand..he said in sign lang..i always there with u..rag smiles

Sanlak toi enters the exhib
Lak:wow…beautiful and hot gurls are present here
San:lak please..koi tho tujhe mile tera screw tight kare
Lak makes a puppy face

Here raj:wr is my sisters painting…

Sans luks at a painting..in wch a boy and a girl they r trying to hold their hands bt cant hold their hands..he moves to it and smiles..lak comes there
Lak:wat hpnd
San:in this painting i feel a lot of pain!
Lak:wat u feel pain..wat nonsense is this..its jst artist has made to get money
san:not all d artist..
Lak:ok..let me check it who’s the artist..

Here sw:
Raj was holding rags hand in right..sw get a plan..swpi.r waling at ryte side of raj..sw slightly pushes he suddenly catches piya..rag who was in her world walks forward and move
Raj turns and sees rag was not there
He asks sw pi they nod negatively..he gets worried

Here rag was walking there somepeople cal her to move thatside this side..bt rag couldnt hear
So one comes and holds her hand and says cant u hear..nw wat hpnd y r u nt speaking..people gather there(they just want drama)she has tears..she gets scared seeing his anger..she luks for swarajpi…he says i knw these types of girls..they come here to woo rich boys..she shows him in sign lang i cant hear and talk
Guy:then y r u comng here..u shld better sit at home
Rag couldnt understand wat he is saying
Guy:bt stil hw i vl knw that u r a deaf and dumb
I think u r nt deaf and dumb u r jst pretending…

Here swarajpi r searching

They separated themselves to search her..actually its not only art exhib bt also crafts too..it was very big exhib

Sw sees lak:hlw
Lak gets mesmerised seeing her she shows rags pic..did u see her
He nods no
raj has tears in his eyes searching her

Rag was crying badly she felt an open insult as all people are gossiping
Guy :if u cant hear then y r u crying
He again starts bad mouthing abt her..then
He gets a strong punch on his face..guy luks up and sees raj who ws burning in anger
Guy:sir aap
(Raj is a famous buisinessman..the guy and raj had a deal)
Raj:hw dare u..to insult my sister

Sanlak sees the crowd there lak sees that raj was scolding someone he shows it to san
San gets shocked he never saw his buddy’s this much of anger
Raj:he scolds all other people gathered there..and he says..mr saxena..i dont want deal with such a low mentality people
Mr saxena:sorry sir..i didnt knew that she is ur sis
Sw pi too sees this and mives to rag they too cries seeing rags tears..
Raj:its over he shouts deal cancel..he holds rag by shoulder and he takes her

Sanlak were this shocked sanky tried to see the girl bt couldnt
San:lets go to him
Lak:noooooo..possessive brthr i m sure if he sees me he vl definitely beat me
San:y vl he beat u..
Lak.:bcz..i m a flirter..if he sees me

He imagines and shouts
San laughs:lak u r scared of raj..wow
Lak: lets go frm here..wat and screts are going to open abt frnds..i vl get mad
San:u are already a mad
They leaves
They sees raj was consoling a girl
Raj:ragu..see nthng hpnd..forget it
Rag cries:i m sorry
Sanky cn see that rag ws making a sign lang
An unknn smile appears on his face..
rag:bcs of me
Raj:wat all hpnd its not ur mistake ok
Sw:it was my mistake
Raj:hw ur mustake
Sw:if i didnt pushed piya u vl nt leave laado
Rag:its ok we shld go to home nw
Raj:no its a dayout wid a brthr so..
Sw:we r going to

Rag:eat icrcreams and smiles
Raj sees her smile..he feels that he got back his life
Then they leaves..sanlak too leaves
Lak was still in shock
He says:wat if i had flirted wid his sisters
Sanky laughs:nw u vl be in hospital bed
And laughs loudly lak:haso haso..meri halath par haso..ab tho mein raj ke sammne flirting ka naam bhi nahi loonga
Sanky laughs more

Then he droves to the mansion

End of this chapter

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