Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (part 5)




Raj was happy
Sanlak looks at him shocked
San:kuch der pehle tho sooke ped ke tarah tha..ab kya huaa..
Raj:becz of my best friend
Lak:bhai meine kaha tha na woh apne lady love ke sath hoga…then he sings dosth dosth na raha and acts as crying
Raj:chup kar pagal..aur tu sanky u r teasing me wat abt u
Raj:orng colr dress ki ladki ko deko kisne kaha tha..
Lak shocked:wat..shayad mere kaan bajrahe hai
Raj:tho soch meri kya haal hogaya hoga..tere tho
San interrupts:raj i think u r thinking too much..
Lak u knw he first time took numbr wid a girl
Lak:what??shock ke upar ek aur…ab tho mein devdas ban jaaunga
Sanraj:tu aur devdas..
Lak:raj kaun thi woh..in dramatic way
Raj:dramebaaz..she is not the girl one saying bt her friend
Lak:dosth ko maska and all ha..mere peet peeche ye sab kya ho raha hai
Raj:aisu baat nahi hai lak
Lak interrupts:wat is in ur hand
Sanky takes it from him and opens it
Sanky:wowww..kaha se hai parathe ka khushboo itni acchi hai tho khane mein kaisa hoga
Raj:woh meri best frnd ne banaya hai
Lak:sanky think that if she cn make this much delicious food she must gorgeous..jst to tease rag
Raj:heyy(angrily)dont think to flirt with her she is like my sis
Raj:haa..wat u thought..wo tho uski dosth..
Sanlak interrupts:kiski
Raj:leave it nw eat
They both eat
Lak:i want to meet her
San:me too
Raj:she is such a kind hearted girl
Sanlak:who teasinglr

Raj leaves from there fake angrily
They both hifies and laughs

Rag:raj is such a nice person
Sw:ya di
Piya comes there:hw cn u forget wat he said to u di
Rag:it hpns pia he was regretting ryte..forgive him
Sw:s piya he is nice..by the way u both luk gud together and winks at her
Piya blushes and leaves frm there
Swarag laughs

Next day night:
Raj was getting ready
Sanlak comes there:wr r u going
Raj:to my bff house
Raj:ya i promised her
Lak:i hv to go shweta and reeta must be waiting
Sanraj gives him unbelievable look
They shook yheir head in no
He leaves
Raj:vl u cm sanky?
San:vl cm definitely..bt next time bt nw i m tiered!!
Raj:ok..dream abt orange dress girl
He runs before sanky could get him
Sanky:all the best raj dosth ko tho pataliya ab use patao
He leaves to his room he sees girl’s(rag) earing in table he smiles

Rag hurriedly runs and opens the door and sees no one
She sadly turns
Swpi looks at her confused
Then rag agin turns and smiles widely
Swpi are still confused
They moves to door then they sees raj
Sw:raj tum..tho iske liye itne tayyari ho raha tha
Sw:di ws cooking frm morng..this is the 20th time she’s running to the door
Raj surprisingly:wat??he gets happy..i dont hv sis bt u r like my sis nw
Swara explains rag
Rag:like sis wat do u mean..i m already ur sis..get into ur head says in fake angry
Raj happily hugs her
Raj:u too lil sis..i never thought i vl get such a beautiful sisters
Sw:make piya too a si…winks at piya
Raj coughs badly and piya widens her eyes
Rag doesnt understand anything

She takes him to dining
Therr was many diff types of dishes

He eats it and he makes too eat swarag in his hands
They too feeds him he gets happy tears and hug them..piya luks this and gets happy
Sw:wch is nly audible to him..jaldi se patch up karlo..
Raj smiles
Raj:hi piya..
Piya helw
Raj:cant we forget the past and become frnd
Swrag smiles
He forwards his hand
She smiles and shakes hand with him
Sw:baiyya..tmrw we r going to exhibision.u too join wid us to support di..she bytes her toungue
Rag sees her angrily..as piya explained her wat she said..

Sw then explains abt exhib and abt rag

Rag:u cant keep ur mouth shut

Raj:i vl definitely cm..and i vl bring my friends too..dont wrry rags i m ur brthr rytee..u trust me rytee
Rag nods
Raaj:nobody vl knw anamika is my sis ok
All four smiles

Precap:may be ragsan meet

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