Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (part 4)


Lets begin

In the concert

Fans are waiting for sanskar
Here sanskar:wr is dis lucky he didnt cm till nw
Raj:i called him..bt it busy
San:flirting mein busy hoga

Swapi reaches there with their frnds
Laksh comes there in a hurry and dashes with swara..before swara could look up he goes in urgent

San:let him come..i vl nt leave him today
Lak hears dis:mujhe bohoth zor se yaad kiya jaa raha he..dont worry mein aagaya
Raj:tom and jerry baad mein dekenge(loiking at sanlak)ab chalo
They leaves to the stage

Fans are screaming:sanskar sanskar sanskar..

Lak plays music

San:remember the girl(rag)
He was holding her ear ring in his fist and sings
Banjaara frm ek villain
Here raj remembers of piya
Then he sees piya & swara in crowd
He thinks that rag too hd cme..he shld ask for the forgiveness frm her

He goes near..they didnt see him..
Then piya and swara leaves to out
Piya:dadi ka cl aa raha hai..she picks the cl
Piya:dadi ap 3 dinon ke liye jarahe ho
Ok dadi v vl come home ryte nw
Sw:wat hpnd
Piya:they r going to some of their relatives house in shimla they vl come after 3 days
Di is alone we must leave

They turns and sees raj
Piya sees him angrily
Raj:i m sorry i didnt knw…
Piya:bt before shouting u shld think once
Sw:piya chodona di bhi bhool chuki hogi
Piya:no he hurt my bestie my sis
Raj feels bad
Piya:shona lets leave di is alone
Raj:i want to ask forgiveness frm ragini..plzz cn i also join u
Piya:no..already u hurt her..then if h cm nw..
Sw interrupts:ok come
Piya angrily sees swara and goes from there
Raj:v vl leave in my car
Piya:no tanxx
Sw:piya lets leave in now i cant see any taxi
Swapi sists in back
Raj drives to baadi

Rag ws arranging food in table..doorbell ring
Swarajpi has come
Rag gets shocked seeing raj
Raj:cn i come in
Rag smiles
Piya leaves in angrily
Raj:i m sorry ragini..i dudnt knew
Rag sees at swara
Swara:in sign laguage explains her wat he is saying
Rag:its ok..i shldnt had crossed d road alone..it ws my mistake
Swara explains it to raj
Raj:cn we be frnds no best frnds and forwards his hand to her
Rag smiles widely and shakes
Rag:dinner is ready u eat n go
Raj:no no my frns must be waiting
Rag:let them wait for 10 more mins u hv dinnrr and go
Sw is xplaining them their convo
Sw:nw u hv to bcz di never leaves anyone without hving food
Raj:ok and smiles

San:first u nw raj..wr is he
Lak:may with his lady love
Lak:den wr he must be
San:lets leave he will come
They leaves

Raj:food ws ver yummy..if dont cn u pack this food n give to me for my 2 frnds
Rag smiles packs the food and gives to him
Raj:i vl come daily to eat ur yummy food in sign lang
Rag smiles
He leaves

San mansion
Sanlak waiting for raj..raj comes there with a packet


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