Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (part 3)


Lets begin the chapter

Swaragya & sanraj leaves to the orphanage

Ragini:(in sign lang)lets buy some gifts for them

Swpiya:s di u wait here v vl buy it and come

Sw:piya u be here with di…i ll buy it and come

Piya gets a cl..sge ws talking in a phone

It was lightly raining..sme kids r playing in the rain
Rag sees that and goes near them and plays with them..there comes our hero in a car he was in passenger seat he wore cap and spectacles bcs nobody shld identify him..raj ws driving..

suddenly sanky’s eyes falls on kids he smiles seeing them playing with a girl(rag)
Her back was visible for him he tries to see her
Bt couldnt see her he was staring her and smiling raj sees this

Raj:bhai y r u smiling say to me i vl to smile
Sanky:see the girl in orange drs
Raj interruplts:u and girl..who is the lucky girl i want to see her
Sanky gets out of the car
Raj:arey bhai kaha…suna tha ki acche acche bhi pyaar mein badal jaate hai..sanky bhi(in shocked)

Sanky reaches there he couldnt find the girl(rag)

He saw her ear ring..and took it..and smiles
And searches her in near by shops

Here raj call sanky he couldnt find him

While going he dashes into a girl she fell in his arms he is mesmerised to see her..she too falls for him..they both then composes themselves

Girl:its ok!!
Raj:friends!!forwards his hand to her
Girl:shakes her hand with him says friends
Raj:by the way wats ur sweet name?
Girl blushes a little:piya
Girl is none other than piyaa

This scenary is see by swarag&san they smiles

They both takes the leave and turns
Piya turns:wats ur name?
Raj:raj agarwal
swarag smile
Piya sees them
San leaves frm there to buy some gifts to kids
Swarag comes to them
Piya introduces them to him
Raj:hi swara hi ragini
swara:hi raj..looks someone is busy..holds rags hand laado lets leave
Rajpi both feels embarrassed
Piya leaves with them
Swara turns to piya:number tho do
Raj smiles
Raj takes piya’s number trio leaves to the orphanage

In orphanage
Swaragya spreads gifts to the kids and plays with them
San raj comes there they also plays with some other kids…kids wanted to take photo with rockstar..their hero

Kids with swpi also goes to see sansakar maheshwari

Rag messages to swa that she vl go outside u both come out

She goes out and a tempo was coming in a full speed she was crossing the road..

Raj sees this and souts :ragini hato wahan se
he again shouts ragini
by swpi too come they too see this..

Raj runs to her and pulls her and saves her
He was damn angry
Raj:i was calling u like a mad cant u here bt u..u were in ur own world.such a irresponsible..if i would hv not come..u would hv died nw if u dont knw cross the road y r u coming rag gets scared to see his angry face..then he was again going to start to shout..he gets a slap on his cheeks..he was shocked he sees that piya had slapped him swpi r lukng at him angrily they too had tears in their eyes at the time sanky comes back he sees that his frn got slapped by the sm girl who was with hin few mins ago
He looks at them confused he was far away he couldnt see swa her back ws visible to him rag ws behind piya he couldnt see her

Piya:hw dare you..how dar you to scold my sis my bestie

Raj:she was..

Piya(interrupts):it vl hppn wid anyone..wid u too
Bt u r scolding like she did a sin

Raj gets angry:ya its a sin..i think she going to suicide

Piya:for ur kind information Mr..she cries she has lost her ability of hearing and speaking

Raj gets shockes and feels bad for her

Rag ws crying..she couldnt understand bt she knws that he was scolding her and they r nw figting for

Piya&sw:holds her hand and says chalo di hame yahan ek min bhi nahin rukna they leaves

Sanky too doesnt understands wat was hpning

He goes to raj
Sanky:wat hpnd raj?
Raj:mujse bohoth badi galti hogai hai sanky
Sanky looks confused
Sanky:galti ko sudara bhi jaa sakta hai..dont worry..we are getting late to the concert
Lets go
Raj:ok lets leave
(He was in sad mood)
They too leaves

At baadi
Piya:wo aise kaise keh sakta hai
Rag:its ok it happens
Sw:piya..i think its our mistake we shldnt hv left her alone
Rag has tears she somewhat feeling bad bcs of her condition
Rag:its ok leave it
rag:dadadida ko pata chalninahi chahiye
They nods
Sw:nw wat abt the concert
Rag:u both go i vl take rest i m tiered
Piya:where is ear ring
Rag too touches her ear
Piya:may some where fallen
Swa:lets go piya
They leaves to d concert

Rag remembers the incident and cries and sleeps

Precap:may be RAGSAN MEET

Heres the end of the chap


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