Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (part 2)


Lets begin with new chapter

Sanky:laksh why r u shouting?

Guy is laksh

Laksh:after 2 days there vl be an art exhibision

Sanskar: wow its a amazing news..by the way y r u happy ant the exhibision u r not interested rytee

Laksh:suna hai many girls vl b present

Sanky shakes his head in disgust

Laksh:tum par tho bohoth saari ladkiyan marti hai par tum tho..chodo r u ready for ur concert

Sanky:y r u asking as it was first time for me

Laksh:ok then i vl be back at 6pm

Sanky:wr r u going nw it is 3

Laksh:3pm reeta 3:30riya 4priya 4:30sanjana
Sanky interrupts:wat’s dissss?(in shock)how cn i forget u r a big flirter

Laksh makes a puppy face

Sanky:ok nw go..

Laksh:tankyou..bai i m praying dat u also get a girl soon

Voice comes:sanky or ladki never

Laksh:raj tu phir se

Raj is played by arijit taneja he is best frnd of sanlak

Raj:its the fact

Laksh:dekhna koi artist aayegi

Raj:specially y artist ?
Laksh:becs sanky loves art more so for there must be an artist who vl same like him

Sanky:nw u r not getting late laksh

Laksh:ha..i m leaving and runs

Both smiles to his atics

Scene in baad

Sw:laado wr r u?

Piya:we shldnt hv done dis!!

Dadi:wr vl be

Dida:outside in near garden

Dadi:hw u knw?

Dida:i knw everything marwaran

Sw&pi runs to the garden and sees rag crying and goes near her

Sw:i m sorry lado

Rag ignores

Piy:sorry..i didnt do anything all this shona
Sw:hww..u nly gv me idea den putting all blame on me
Pi:its nt me its u
Sw:no u
Pi:u u u
Rag sees them and smiles and stops them

Sw:did u forgive us!!

Rag nodes in yes

Sw:u vl come to the concert ryte..???

Rag smiles

Sw & p:and exibisn

Rag nodes no

Both in puppu face pllllzz

Rags smiles

Sw&pi:hurray..di u vl be going to b famous soon

Rag:no i m nt going as artist u chng my name

Sw: bt y laado

Pi:its ok laado v vl chng it

Sw:ok..nw wat v vl keep her name we shld inform dis to manager soon


Sw&pi:lets go v vl chng it and come

Rag:plzz can we go to orphanage

Sw&pi:y please u give orders and lado v vl first go to exib office and come u be ready v vl go to orphanage after our return

Rag smiles
They both leaves

Sanky:raj lets go to orphanage v still hv time

Raj :ok lets go..

Precap:rag was crossing the road a tempo is was to hit..an someone saves her
Who it could be(someone)? Let me knw in ur comments

Plzz rate this ff..to knw hw it is?!!

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  1. Sindhura

    Ofcourse sansky
    Nice update soon and big one dear

    1. A12345

      Tankyou sis u vl get to knw soon..

  2. Obviously sanky, nice part

    1. A12345

      Tankyou..u vl get to knw soon

  3. AMkideewani

    Awesome, I think it’s Sanskar

    1. A12345

      Tankyou u vl get to knw soon

  4. Awesome and I think it is sanskar and plz write the whole episode in English bcoz I don’t know hindi

    1. A12345

      Tankyou i vl try..

  5. Silent_writer

    Ofcourse sanky n its awsme

    1. A12345

      Tankyou u vl get to knw soon

  6. Amazing

  7. Inu

    Awesome epi.
    Its our sanskar but if u planned something diff then i guess it will be laksh or raj.

  8. Fairy

    Heheheehe laksh is impossible 😛 such a flirt!!!!waitng eagerly for ragsan meetng!!!….m soo xcieted for dere love story 😉 😉 update ws sooooo amazng dr …loved it..keep rockng n stay blessed 😉 😉 😉

    1. A12345


  9. Nice epi..plz write in English.. Bcoz I don’t Hindi…I promise its sanskaar…waiting next part soon…

  10. Asw

    Nice yaar I think sanskar will save Ragini

  11. awesome 10/10

    1. A12345

      Tankyou nikky

  12. Aasthu

    Sanky………so this is ragsan huh????

    1. A12345

      Yes dear its a ragsan ff

  13. Moni_ragz

    Nice update.. wsiting 2 see ragsan 1st meet

    1. A12345


  14. Asra

    awesome dear…am also think it s Sanky….laksh u r too much dear….flirt guy….waiting for nxt one…plz update soon..tkcr dear…..

    1. A12345

      Tanxx..Asra..u vl get to knw soon…

  15. Sherin

    awesome…..think so its sanky

  16. Dharani


  17. A.xx

    Fab loved it and update soon xx

  18. Ragz_teju

    awesome dear… loved it so much

  19. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dr

  20. Jazzy

    ofcourse sanky and maybe he may scold her hehhehe

  21. Hemalattha

    if i correct obviously laksh.maybe sanskaar but i don’t know is our prince for our ragini.awesome allthat scenes.

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