Ragini+Omkara FF – U are the one for me CH–2

Chapter 1

Scene starts with Om going to his room. He realises what he said.
Om- God, What did i do, if anyone will want to meet my GF. Then which girlfriend i will show… I have none… Anyways… He start making paintings.
Scene Shifts to a small but decent house. It was a 3 room cottage.
A old lady was praying to god. Just then a beautiful, cute looking girl comes out of a room. She was having a white coat in her hand. She is non-other then Ragini.
Ragini- KK Dadi, i am leaving for hospital.
Dadi- Arrey Raggu beta…. Have something…
Ragini- Dadi, it is already late.. And i will eat something in canteen… U know na Sanjeevani is India’s biggest hospital & being a doctor there means a lot. And if i go late what will ppl say.. So I am leaving.
Dadi- God… She thinks abt everyone except herself. God please send someone who wld fill my Raggu’s life with lots of happiness.
Here In Oberoi Mansion Janvhi & Pinky were walking non stop. From this side to that & vice versa.
Pinky – Jethani ji what u think, who will be Om’s girl friend…
Jhanvi- I don’t know … pinky… I just hope he is not lying. And he have a girl friend.
Pinky- Haa , Jethani ji… U are right, he may have thought that we will stop pressurizing him for marriage.
Jhanvi- Yaa.. But i am also his mother. She tell something in pinky’s ear.

In Sanjeevani Hospital—
Ragini was checking her patients. Just then a girl comes & closes her eyes from back.
Girl- Tell Who am I.
Ragini smiles & says- Sanaya…
She removes her hands.
Sanaya- Hii…
Ragini- hii… Come lets go to my cabin & talk.
They go to Ragini’s cabin…

Screen freezes…..

Precap- Jhanvi asks Om to make them meet his girlfriend. Food pops out of Om’s mouth…


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