Ragini+Laksh=Raglak (Part-3).

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The episode start with:
Laksh woke up and saw ragini sleeping.
Laksh kiss her head and smile.
L: Ragini get up.
R: No i am tired. U now i made breakfast yesterday.
L: Yesss. But for god sake dont make that kind of breakfast or i will die eating it.
Ragini get up and look at laksh.
R: You now how much i worked to make breakfast.
L: Yes i now that why i am saying from now u will not make breakfast. Plzzzzzzzzz
R: Look even i am not dieing to make food. But i have thought that i will learn to cook.
L: Plzzz ragini show some mercy on this kid.
R: Really funny. Well i am going out for shopping.
L: I will come.
R: No need i am not kid.
L: Do u remember my condition.
R: No you cant force me. I am not your slave.
Laksh pull her toward himself.
L: But u are my wife.
R: This realiton is forced on me.
L: RAGINI????????????
R: Stop shouting i am not deaf.
L: Listen u are not going alone. Secondly this realiton is unwanted for u but for me its not so mind your tongue.
R: No i wont. U cant force me. I never liked and will never like u. I want DIVORCE.
Laksh slapped her hard. And hold her arm tightly which gived her pain.
L: Why are u so stubborn. Ok well be stubborn. I am going out and i am locking inside the room. You will not go alone. You had a chance but u let it go. So be stubborn.
He push her on bed and leave from there locking the door. Ragini start pushing,Kicking the door but all in vain.
R: Ragini why you always get stubborn. Stupid. But it was his mistake. He slapped me. Ragini Gadodia. Now wait and watch mister u will learn when i will not talk to u. But what if he dont pay attention then i will get bored beening silent. No my feeling is saying he will say sorry let him come. Till then i can watch a movie which one. Hmmmmm. One night stand but make sure no one watch u ragini. Or its will be enbarressed for me.
Ragini play the movie and sit down to watch. She was so lost in movie and was litterally crying seeing that boy ditching sunny. Suddenly laksh come there but ragini is lost in movie so didt notice laksh coming there. Laksh look at ragini and tv. And slowly slowly sit beside her. He put her hand shoulder ragini looked up and then again start watching movie.
L: Are u Angry.
No respons.
L: Ragini are u angry on me ha.
No respons.
L: Ragini what happened.
No respons.
L: Are u trying to ignore me.
No respons.
Laksh pulls her by her waist and make her look at him.
L: Only if u know u cant ignore your hubby baby girl.
No respons.
Laksh is now damn angry. He hold her waist tightly and kissed her cheek.
L: I am sorry ragini.
No respons.
L: Ok great have fun with this movie. I am going to sleep.
He lay down and closed his eyes.
Ragini(mind): How stupid. Cant he beg little more. Look he is sleeping peacefully. How rude he is. How can a husband do this to her wife…. Wait. What. Just i said husband and wife. No ragini stop thinking about him. Remember u dont love him. But cant he just say sorry. Self obessed b*t*h. Idioit,mad,stupid,dumbhead,Dophead. Stop thinking about him. Sleep.
She also lay down and then try to sleep. But cant sleep. She then try left and right but no use. Laksh get irritate.
L: Ragini stop moving sleep.
R: But i cant get sleep.
L: Then stop moving and let me sleep.
R: Butt i cant sleep then who can u sleep.
L: Its my sleep. You dont have any work so plz let me sleep.
Ragini get sad abd said: K.
Laksh look at her and understood that she become sad so he hugged her and make her rest on his chest. Both sleeped.

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  1. Stubborn ragini …loved it

  2. add some caring scenes of laksh like his care when she is ill, than she automatically understand his love

    1. My opinion also this dear

  3. It’s really awesome and different story. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  4. loved it dear

  5. Raglak scene were so cute

  6. Nice. Stubborn ragini nd angry nd loving laksh

  7. Superb dear

  8. Awesome 🙂

  9. Angel Martina

    make ragini fall for laksh . ur ff is awsum pls post nxt part soon bigger part

  10. Wow Ragu is so stubborn but cute. Loved this shade of Laksh. Continue great going.

  11. Hahaha ragini is so stubborn… Superb epi

  12. It is a cute love marriage

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