Ragini+Laksh=Raglak (Part-2)

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In the morning:
Laksh wokeup and saw ragini sleeping. He start waking her up.
L: Ragini get up.
R: Plzz let me have some peace.
L: Ragini get up or else u now.
Ragini stand up. And look at laksh with anger.
She went to bathroom and come out after sometime. She went to mirror. Laksh look at her and smile.
R: Why are u showing your teeth.
L: I want to do u have any problem. Go and make breakfast.
R: Noooooooooo. :-\
L: Ragini.

R: U now i cant make it. So dont ask me.
L: You have to make or else.
R: But i dont now.
L: Then learn.
R: No i am not going to waste my time.
Laksh stand up and went toward ragini.
R: What. Why are coming here.
Laksh hug her from back. And start removing her hairs from her shoulder.
And kiss her shoulder. Ragini shiver. And laksh smile. Ragini look at him.
Laksh make her turn amd slighty bite her neck and leave a love mark. He start kissing her neck and biting it. Ragini moaned. And laksh smirk. He cup her face and kiss her lips. He bite her lower lips. And ragini scream: Ouchhhhhhhhhh????.
L: Sorry but i cant control.

R: I know u man are just like that. Desperate.
L: Well instead of giving me lecture u should go and make breakfast.
Ragini give a death look and went from there.

In kitchen:
Oh man i dont now how to cook “Ragini”.
She took a pan and thought to make egg. But instead of putting oil she put water in it.
R: Let it be warm then i will put egg.
After sometime when water was cooking. Ragini took egg and broke it and throw it in the pan.
R: Ok it will be cooked but before that i have to make tea.
She start making tea. But instead of putting sugar she put salt. And instead of milk she put cream milk.

Ragini saw eggs looking like milkshake.
R: What is this. Maybe its new trend. Wow ragino you are so smart. Now wait laksh u have to praise me. Woow ragini you are best mauhhhhhh.
She put the eggs in plate. She look at egg its was finished. So she thought to serve this to laksh. She put tea in cup and took bread aswell.
Laksh came down and sit on the dinning table.
L: Ragini serve me.
Ragini with tray and put in front of laksh. Laksh look at tray and then ragini.
R: I know its good looking but you should taste before praising me.
L: Go and get water.
She went.

Laksh took his mobil out and put a ringtone.
Suddenly ragini come and laksh mobil ring.
L: Oh shit i forgot. Yea yea i am coming dont worry.
He end the call and run from there.
R: How mean. I have maked with so much love but instead of eat he run away.
She put a bite abd fastly throwed it out.
R: Yuckkkkkkk.
She took water and start drinking it.
R: Ohhh so that why he run away. Now what will i eat now.
Kaka come there: Madam saaba have said to give u food.
R: Ohh thanks kaka.

She start eating it.
And went to room for watching tv.

In the evening:
Ragini was crying. Laksh come there and get worried looking at her. He went to her.
L: Ragini what happened.
Ragini hugged him.
L: What happened.
R: Laksh look om shanti om. Shanti come back and om is looking at him. I am crying laksh beacuse shanti died and then come to save her love om. Laksh who can the movie director do this to shahrukh and deepika.
Laksh is shocked.
L: Ragini u were crying for this.
R: Yea what u thought.
L: Nothing. Have u had dinner.
Ragini noded.

L: Ok now sleep.
He switch of the tv.
And make her lay on the bed. And put blanket over them. He hugged ragini and both sleeped.

Precap: Nothing.

Thanks guyzzz for comment. I hope u all will also like this one. Do comment. And suggestions is always welcomed.

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