Ragini+Laksh=Raglak (Part-1).

Hello guyz i am a raglak fan so thought to write a ff. I hope all will like it. Do comment.

Laksh: Husband of ragini. A rich bussiness man. Sweet,Handsome,Darshing,Charming. Love ragini and give her full freedoom.

Ragini: A stubborn girl. Wife of laksh. Dont like him but have to be with him for her parents sake.

Before starting ap,dp,shekar,sumi. Dont live with raglak.

In the morning:
Laksh got up and went to bath. He came out and saw ragini still sleeping. He goes down.
Laksh: Kaka give food to ragini.
Kaka: Ok saab.
He leave.

After some hours:
Ragini got up and goes from their to bath. She came. Suddenly her mobil rang she took then.
R: Hello anny.
A: Hi ragini. Are you free today.
R: Why are u even asking you now i an always free.
A: Ohhh yea i forgot. We all are going to disco.
R: Wow. I will join. When.
A: Come down hyper girl. Clock 08:00. But what about your husband.
R: Dont worry he will manage. He is not a baby.
A: Ok bye.
“Hang up”

Ragini got ready a knee lenght dress. With high and curly hairs. And went with her friends. When she left laksh come there.
He went inside the house.
L: Kaka did ragini eat something. Where ia she.
K: She have take food. And went out with her friends.
Laksh get angry.
L: Ok kaka you can leave.
Kaka leave from there.
Laksh went to his room and start doing work. He was waiting for ragini when he fall in sleep.

Ragini came home. She is drunk. And is trying to walk. She enter the room and saw laksh already has fall in sleeped. She thank s god and start going to bathroom. But due to no balance her hand went toward the table and the vase breakdown. Laksh woke up and saw ragini full drunk. He get angry on ragini.
L. What the hell ragini. Are u drunk.
R: Why are u asking. Cant u see.
Laksh slapped her.
Ragini got shocked and teary start rolling down.
R: Laksh.
L: What. I should’t have gived you this much freedom. From now on you will not do late night partys. Understood. Be at home.
R: Who are you to tell me all this. I am
ragini gadodia i will do what i want to.
Laksh pull her toward himself and hold her waist.
L: Baby you are not ragini gadodia anymore but you are ragini laksh maheswari. And secondly who i am, Baby i am your husband i have full right on you. If i said no its mean no.
R: What will you do if i dont listen to you. Will you beat me. Well then i am not scared.
L: Baby who said i will beat u. I have many other ways. ( he wink ).
R: Leave me.
L: Why are u getting scared. I am yiur husband.
Laksh put his both hand on her belly. Which make ragini nervous.
R: Lak…..s……h.
L: Why are you stamming. Say na what u want to.
R: L…aksh……l…eav…e….me.
L: Say it clear na.
Saying this he start kissing her neck. Ragini hold his shoulder tigthly.
R: Plz leave me. You cant kiss me without my permisson.
L: But i am your husband so i have right on u. But if you will accept my..
R: Ok i will now leave me.
L: That like a good girl.
He gives a peck on her lips and went to sleep.
Ragini look at him angrily and stamp her foot on floor and went to sleep.

Precap: Ragini cooking… Laksh romancing with her.

I hope you guyzz liked it. Do comment its needed

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