Ragini……an untold love story (OS)


This is a small simple love story. And I don’t know how many of you will like it as it only focuses on ragini. It is the first time I am trying something on this page. Plzz bear with me.
Happy reading~~
She was just 1 Year when her parents died in car crash. It was a miracle that she was alive being present in that car. Everyone considered her the luckiest person who have survived the severe accident, it was only she knew how lucky is to lose both her mom and dad just live her rest of the life all alone.
No…she wasn’t alone. Her dadi maa brought her up but being orthodox and traditional Marwari, Her dadi maa was always distant from her. She always carved for friendly figure whom she could share her thoughts, whom she could trust and rely on.
Her wish was granted soon as she met swara bose in 9th standard, the newcomer in her school, she was Fascinated by swara’s character of how easily she blended with everyone. Unlike ragini beside bieng years in this school she had only few friends but all of them bookworms.…but swara How genuine was her smile!!!. How beautiful she looks!!. Soon swara became the popular girl not only in her class but in the whole school. No…no ragini wasn’t jealous of her. To ragini swara was “sakshat menka” descended from heaven. she whished if she could be like her. She wished to be friends with her.

One fine day, when getting back from school ragini saw a bit of crowed On the road. She reached on the spot to find one of the girl from her school injured as she fell down from her cycle And guess what the girl was non other than swara. She helped her took swara to her house where her dadi maa did swara’s first aid. Ragini’s dadi maa though she hates Bengali but some how liked swara.
Next day swara saved the seat beside her for ragini. She jumped out of her seat when ragini entered.
“hi.…ragini ”she said out of breath. “will you plzz sit with me today??” She requested.
Ragini Wasn’t expecting such a friendly encounter. As swara bieng the popular girl was always busy with the other cool guys of her class. She agreed happily. Soon their friendly encounter turned into deep friendship. They use to spent their free time together having fun. Hanging out in the evening having ice-cream. Watching late night horror movies together either at swara’s house or Ragini’s. Swara would take ragini to shopping while ragini help swara in her studies. This is how their friendship grew stronger. They became like sisters.
Her dadi maa liked swara and her family as she could clearly make out changes in Ragini. Swara family liked ragini too. To them she was an ideal daughter. Even the families mingled well. Ragini started enjoying her life which swara has filled with the bright colors of her friendship.

Everything was just more than perfect. Until the day they joined college. Initial days of her cllg were going well. Then they met with sanskar one of the good looking boys of her class. Both swara and ragini became friends with him but ragini was bit attracted towards him. His nonsense jokes and his crazy what we say it in hindi “kaand” Yes his crazy kaand. His kind, loving and caring nature, his good looks and charm these all attracted ragini towards him. Months passed ragini was now somewhat clear about her feelings towards sanskar. May be she started loving him. Although She wanted to share This new feeling with swara but she wasn’t sure that it was really love or just an infatuation.
One evening in the park.…it was usual evening hang out place. Both sanskar and swara were indulged in their usual banter. Both of them fight so much with each other that she hardly get any time to talk properly with him “swara can you plzz bring me some snacks I am bit hungry” she asked intentionally feeling a bit embarrassed at her behavior. “off course dear” swara flashed her dazzling smile at her. And throwing a winning look at sanskar as she won the banter with him.

After she left ragini thought of where to start a conversation with him. Much to her surprise sanskar spoke “ragini you are the sweetest girl I’ve ever met, I don’t know about you But I consider you my best friend” sanskar smiled at her. Ragini blushed a million crimson at that, “thanks sanskar you are my frnd too” her heart fluttered in excitement, sanskar felt the same way about her, she thought.
“but where is swara. Its taking quite long” sanskar looked towards canteen desperately where swara was indulged in her useless chatter with the shopkeeper.
“why doesn’t he want to spend time with me” Ragini’s trance was broken when he spoke the second time. “ragini because I trust you more. I wanna tell this to you first” He took a deep breath before continuing “I…am…crazy…about…her” He pointed towards the canteen. Ragini heart fell at that. She felt like someone has pushed her from the ninth cloud directly on earth.

“what…crazy…I didn’t got you?” she prayed what she was guessing was not true.
“I mean I love swara” he sighed. “I knew you would react like that”
“no.…no…it ok. Its normal” she felt like someone was chocking her.
Was there any worse left to happen with her!! In her own dilemma of love and infatuation ragini totally forgot that sanskar wasn’t her friend he was swara’s friend first, it was swara whom sanskar asked for frndship. It was swara who was bieng asked for the prom night. It was swara who was bieng asked for the first dance on their fresher’s party. It was swara whom sanskar was in love with all the time. For the next few hours she behaved like a robot with a fake smile plastered on her Face. Sanskar asked her help in whatever he was going to do to woo swara. and guess what she readily agreed. Was she really a goddess. Doesn’t she has any feelings.
For the next few days she acted according to sanskar. And he finally proposed her. Swara agreed. It wasn’t a shock to her as she saw from the last few days how much swara was in deep love with sanskar. Ragini was happy for her best friend. As swara has always put ragini as her first choice in every thing and she was damn sure swara would have backend if she knew about her feelings. So it was her turn to put swara as her first choice. And She did it well.

After 4 years……
“what happened laddo?” Dadi maa siad stroking back the hairs from her forehead as she kept her head on dadi’s lap. “are you tired? Then I’ll ask them to come later” She asked ragini who just Came back from her business trip from Tokyo. Ragini turned her face to look at the invitation lying on the bed with Two “S” alphabets intertwined printed in it.
Yes…… it was swara and sanskar wedding card. It been a long time they were bieng In a relation ship. And it was a time to give it a sacred name. Ragini is very happy. Her shopping was almost complete her designer dress was almost ready for the wedding. Her parlor and spa was almost done. After two day her best friend was going to be daughter in laws of maheswaris. Ragini was very happy but something was amiss in her. There was large void in her that dadi maa couldn’t miss.
“nothing dadi maa” “ I am just scared.…after two days swara will get a new house, new people, new duties. I hope everything goes well”
Dadi maa gave a little laugh at her concern.
“everything will be fine. Sanskar is there with her. He look after her. Swara will live like queen there. So no need to worry about” “so.…when are you going to marry?”
Dadi looked at her hopefully. “I have lot of work to do Dadi maa” “I Don’t have time for this” “besides that I don’t wanna leave you” ragini sighed at the Unconvinced expression of her dadi maa. She had to make new excuses now.
Dadi was about to say something when there was knock on the door. Ragini went to open the door.
“you!!” she shouted on the top of her voice. At the guy standing on the door. “you” he shouted back with shock.
“what are you doing here?” “are you following me?” ragini encountered him. While dadi came running seeing the cause
“oh, hello madam why would I follow you” “I am…”
“look, dadi maa I was telling you about a arrogant stupid idiot who was continuously irritating me on the flight” “he is the one…and look he followed me back home” She told dadi maa while throwing disgusting looks at him.
“whoa.…whoa…wait chipkali” “I am not following you. This is my bhabi’s friend Ragini’s house and I came to pick her up” he reasoned.
At that her dadi spoke up “are you laksh?. Swara told me about your arrival.”
Ragini’s jaw touched floor in shock.
“thank god aunty. You recognized me!! Otherwise Ms. Chipkali would have send me jail” “and by the way what are you doing in Ragini’s house.…now I guess you are following me.…you Are……”
“laksh beta” dadi interrupted
“she is ragini!!”
“you” They both said at the same time and looked at each other shocked with the climax.

So this Os finishes here. Though there is heart breaking ending of a first love. First love doesn’t always work out. life doesn’t finishes here. some person whom we love doesn’t stay with us forever, but Just remember that god removed them for a better reason. There is a new life awaiting for us in future.
Thankyou. Comments and criticism welcomed

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    Thankyou everyone…thanks for reading And appreciating my work. I will Try to write the second part…but i can’t promise.

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