Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 9)


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Episode. 9
At rm.
Sid wakes up hearing the sound of ragini. She was singing. He wakes up and goes downstairs. Arjun jiya anjali all were there. Everyone was happy seeing sid. Ragini gives prasad to sid. Sid smiles at her. She smiles back.
After pooja. Arjun jiya ragini sid were talking. Arjun teases ragini. She beat him (funnily). Arjun run from there. She runs behind him. But she falls down. Sid gets shocked and run towards her.
Sid-ragini, ragini (tensed)
Jiya. Arjun- ragini
Ragini- don’t get tensed, nothing is there.
Sid(angrily) – don’t say a word, how many times I have said to be carefull. Do you ever listen.
What was the need for running. (his voice trembles) tears flowing from his eyes.
Anjali calls doctor. Doctor comes and examine her. Sid and arjun was waiting outside. Sid was tensed. He was walking here and there.
Doctor come outside.
Sid- doc, how is she, is she fine, does she have any fracture, is she ok…
Doc- she is absolutely fine. Nothing has happened.
All were relieved. Doctor goes. Sid goes inside. Jiya too goes but arjun stops her.
Ragini- now what happened, i said naa, nothing is there. I am fine.
Sid- hmm i was scared. I thought..
Ragini- that i am going to die. Your expression was like that. She smiles.
Sid- (angrily) don’t dare to speak llike that again. Smiling. Do you find all these as joke. I can’t explain what i feel.i feel like that i can’t breathe,i feel like there was a big stone on my heart.

Ragini looks at him.
Sid- i just can’t even think of something happens to you. How could i live if something happens to you..
Sid sees ragini looking at him. He stops and ask her to rest. And goes from there. Ragini looks on.
Sid goes to his room. He was walking here and there. He was talking to himself. He was thinking of Ragini.
Sid(to himself) what is happening to me. I can’t understand. I just don’t want to sit in office. I want to see ragini. I want to hear her voice. I want to talk to her. I just can’t see her in pain. The only thing in my mind is ragini. I just can’t concentrate on anything. I feel restless. When she is near me i can’t see anything just her. Oh my god. What is this.
He sits in bed.

Sid- am i in love with her. (there is a smile on his face)
Arjun-yaa you are in love.
Arjun comes to sid room. Sid feels embarrassed.
Sid- i was just just.
Arjun- i was standing here. I heard everything.
Sid didn’t say anything
Arjun- you call me your best friend but you can’t share anything with me. I am going.
Sid- arjun plss. I was going to talk to you but you come here and was full time behind Ragini. It makes me angry. I don’t know why.
Arjun (smiles) – because you are in love.
Sid(smile) yaa i am in love, i love ragini.
Arjun- no no you are not.
Sid- yes i amm
Arjun- no, how can you say that
Sid- i can say confidently because EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART SAY HER NAME. It is not sympathy.i realise it now. When she falls down i just feel that i am going to die. I know i love her.
His words show his love. Jiya come clapping. Arjun too claps. He sees them. They give hifi to each other. Sid was surprised.
Sid- oh so this was your plan.
Jiya arjun- yaa

Jiya- actually i call arjun to talk to you but seeing you getting jealous we change our plan.
Arjun- the best part was that he bake cake.
They start to laugh. Sid too laugh.
Arjun – i purposely say that you don’t love her. See Jiya he gave me reason for that.
Sid hit his head.arjun and jiya laugh seeing it.
Jiya- arjun, when I ask him not to meet ragni you have to see his face. Ha ha ha.
They keep on pulling his leg.
Arjun- i know that you might be afraid of falling in love again because of past
Sid- i wasn’t afraid of falling in love again but was afraid of falling in love with the wrong person. But now I don’t have any fear. I have found my only true love. My soulmate.
Jiya- so sweet, i am really really happy. I know you will keep my ragini happy alwayzz.
Sid hugs jiya arjun to hugs them.
Arjun- so when you are going to propose.
Jiya- ha propose in a very sweet manner. I can give you tips for proposing ragini
Sid – i know how to propose my ragini
Jiya- my ragini
Sid feels shy. Seeing this jiya and arjun
Arjun- jiya pls pinch me, i think i am dreaming.
Jiya- yaa i also think that someone is feeling shy
Sid- stop stop overacting. He twists arjun and jiya hear.
Arjun- leave me plss.
Jiya- plss
He leaves

Arjun- oh shit i want to go now. It’s an imp meeting. My flight is in evening.
Sid – are you going. You said that you will be here for a month.
Arjun- i came here for just two days i have an imp meeting in us. I have to go.
Sid – ok i will drop you.
Arjun takes blessing of anjali, said bye to ragini and jiya. He leaves.
Sid drops him in airport. Sid come backs home.
Anjali- sameera aunt call me she and meera are coming home tomorrow.
Sid – meera (in shocked and disgusted expression)
Jiya whispers to sid
Jiya- problems are coming.
Sid – whatever problem comes i won’t leave ragini.
That night sid couldn’t sleep well he was thinking of ragini he feels happy. But thinking of meera coming home. He feels tensed. He knows that new problems are coming.

Precap- smriti (ritika of matsh) as meera enters to rr

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