Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 8)


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Episode 8
Sid jiya rags reach rm. They all went for sleep.
Sid has some work so he was working on laptop. After some time he feels thirsty. So he goes to kitchen. On the way he finds ragini room open. He goes there but didn’t find ragini. He went to balcony she wasn’t there too. He gets tensed starts searching her. He find near swimming pool. She was looking at the pool.
Sid- ragini, what are you doing here.
Ragini turns she was crying.
Sid- what happened ragini why are you crying.
Ragini- i don’t know sid, i was sleeping but i had a dream.
I pushed some one to water. It was a blur vision. I don’t know who it is. In the morning too when i pushed you, there was something like this in my mind. But i rub that thought away. I can’t sleep.i think i have done a big sin.
Sid – no ragini nothing like that, it was just a dream.
Ragini – no, sid.
Sid makes ragini sit on chair he sit beside her.
Sid- ragini, nothing like that. You didn’t do any sin.
Ragini was crying. So sid hugs her. She feels safe and comfortable when sid hug her. She stops crying. She sleeps on his chest. He takes her to the room. Cover her with blanket. He looks at her and kisses on her forehead. He was staring at her. Jiya was seeing all these. Sid sees Jiya. Jiya goes from there she goes to balcony. Sid follows her.
Sid- there was nothing. She was crying so much. So I was just consoling her.
Jiya- what do you know about her. She has suffered a lot. From losing her mother in her younger age to losing her love. She suffer alot.
Jiya tells him about ragini. She tells everything. There were tears in sid’s eyes.
Sid- can someone love anybody somuch. Her method may be wrong but she only need her love. So poor girl.
Jiya – i want to ask you something. Do you love her. If yes, i will be the happiest person. And i am sure she be an asset for you.
Sid- nothing like that. I just have sympathy for her. Because of me she is in this state. She is your friend. Now my friend too. I like her as a friend. Nothing more.
Jiya- are you sure.
Sid- ya i am.
But his expression shows that he is not.
Sid- ok bye, i am getting sleepy.
Jiya- one min, then stay away from her. I don’t want her to suffer more.
Sid was shocked. He don’t know why but when she says it he feels some pain.
Sid- but why, why should i
Jiya- if you don’t love her. Do what i say.
Sid goes from there.
Jiya- you love her sid i can see in your eyes. May be you don’t realise it. But I will make you realise.
She smiles.

Sid was sleeping. He hears a sweet voice singing. He wakes up and get down to see who it is. It was ragini. She was singing bhajan
He feels happy to see her.
Anjali and Jiya was surprised to see him during pooja time.
Anjali- i am really happy that you came for pooja. Ragini give him prasad. Ragini gives him prasad. Sid tries to talk to ragini. But he see jiya so he stay back. After some time he gets ready and was about to go. But there comes a special guest. Arjun sid’s friend. Arjun and sid are good friends. Everyone was surprised to see him. Sid goes and hugs him.
Sid- arjun, what a surprise.
Arjun- thats Arjun, full of surprises.
He goes to anjali and hugs her.
Arjun goes to jiya
Arjun- hey jiya darling missed you so much
Jiya- missed you too
They hug each other.
He sees ragini
Arjun- who is this beauty.
Jiya- she is my best friend ragini and ragini he is
Arjun- let me introduce myself. I am arjun. Sid friend.
Ragini- hi i am ragini
Arjun forward his hand for shakehand. They shake hand. Arjun was about to hug ragini. But sid holds him back. He didn’t like that.
Arjun – you have office, go it is already late.
Sid- i will take leave today. You will be here only for today. I want to be with you.
Arjun – don’t worry yaar, i am here for a month.
Sid- a month (shocked face)
Arjun – you are happy naa.
Sid(with fake smile) – very much.
Sid goes to office hesitantly.
At office his assistant manojkumar comes to his cabin. He was sitting there by holding his chin by his hands( i don’t know how to write hope you understand)
Manoj- are you ok
Sid nod his head.
Manoj- oh you have toothache, i will call doctor.
Sid- no need.
Manoj – sir don’t take this as silly it may cause problems
Then he starts lecture.
Sid put his hand on his head.
Manoj- oh you have headache i will give medicine.
Sid – can you get something.
Manoj – what sir.
Sid- a knife.
Manoj- ok sir, but for what sir.
Sid- to kill you.
Manoj get scared and flew from there. Sid left the office. And goes to the house.
Anjali – why you come early.
Sid- nothing. I feel like I want to meet arjun. Where is he.
Anjali – he is in kitchen. Baking a cake.
He goes to kitchen.
Arjun – hey dude. Why you came so early.
Sid – nothing missing you.
Arjun- i was baking a cake for ragini
Sid- for ragini?
Arjun calls ragini and he gave her cake by his hands. Sid didn’t like this.
Arjun – how is it raguu
Ragini – it is superb. I love it.
Sid(in mind) – raguu even i am not calling her like that then how can he.
Jiya was noticing this. He goes to his room angrily.
Sid- what all are happening, he is feeding her. She is eating. He even make a pet name for her. Raguu. Hmm. She didn’t even notice me. She didn’t ask me if i want cake.
Wait wait why should i bother about her. She is just a friend.
He hears Arjun calling ragini. He gets angry.
During lunch time. Ragini, Anjali, jiya all were sitting. There was a chair near ragini. Sid see this and was about to sit there but arjun comes and sit there.
Arjun – i am sitting near raguu
Ragini smiles. Sid was angry seeing arjun. He was getting close to ragini. Which sid can’t tolerate. After lunch he tries to talk to ragini but arjun was always beside her. So he ask him to get some files from office so that he will be away from ragini. At first he didn’t obey. But after he goes. He went to his room and call his office and ask manoj to make arjun stay there till evening. After the call he goes to ragini room but she wasn’t there.
Sid- mom where is ragini
Anjali- she went with Arjun. Haa she ask me to tell you. You were on phone so she couldn’t tell you.
Sid was shocked. His plan backfires. He ask Arjun to come back.
They came back. After some time sid goes to ragini room to give her medicine.
Ragini- hi sid
Sid- oh you know me. Where is arjun your new friend. You don’t even mind me.
He was super jealous.
Ragini- nothing like that he is a nice guy. He knows many jokes and we will die by laughing. He is a super cook. The cake was just superb.
Sid gets angry.
Sid – will you stop praising him and have the medicine.
Ragini see him getting angry. She have the medicine. He gave her chocolate and was about to go. But ragini holds his hand.
Ragini- how can you think that i don’t mind you. You are my friend, who give me support, who makes me smile, who cares me. You jiya and aunt are my world. Daily i pray to god not for me but for you jiya and aunt. How can you think like this.
She gets tears in her eyes. Sid feels touched by her words.
Sid- sorry i didn’t meant to hurt you.
Ragini- if you don’t like me talking to arjun. Its ok for me. Pls don’t be angry on me.
He feels something in his heart he wipes her tears. They have an eye lock which was disturbed by jiya. She takes ragini with her.
At night sid is thinking about ragini. He has a smile when he thinks about her. He thinks of ragini words. He feels happy.
Sid- am i falling in love. I don’t know.
Sid think of ragini words about arjun.
Sid- i can also make good cake. I will bake it tmr but let me try now.
Sid goes to kitchen he bake it by looking on online classes. Ragini comes there to drink water.
Ragini – what are you doing
Sid(tensed) – nothing.
Actually the whole kitchen was messed up. Ragini was shocked to see this. But seeing his face she laugh.
Sid- what
Ragini- look at your face.
His face has flour. Ragini cleans his face. They have an eyelock. Sid look at her lovingly. Later they break the eye lock.
Ragini- actually what are you doing here.
Sid- i i ii didn’t get sleep. So i think of making cake.
Ragini- oh really.
Sid – haa
Ragini- tk tk, can i also join you.
Sid – yaa sure.
Later they make cake together. They have fun.
Later they went to sleep.
Sid was thinking about ragini. He feels that he is falling in love. He sleeps thinking of ragini

Precap- sid falls in love with ragini.

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