Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 7)


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Episode 7
Sid and ragini was lost in each others eyes. They hear jiya calling ragini. They come out of their own world. They compose themselves before jiya could see them.
Sid give medicine to ragini. He gives chocolate after she had the medicine. Jiya comes there and take ragini with her. Sid was thinking about ragini.
Sid-no, sid no, she is only your sisters friend. Nothing more. OK
Jiya comes there and sees him talking to himself.
Jiya- r u okay.
Sid don’t know what to say.
Sid- i am fine. Why are you here.
Jiya- i am going out with ragini.
Sid – with ragini. No. She is not well.
Jiya- she is fine.
Sid- no don’t go.
Jiya- pls sid.
Sid- i said no.
Ragini comes there.

Ragini – sid, can we go outside. I feel bored. So I ask jiya to take me outside. Can we go.
Ragini was asking so cutely and gently that sid can’t say no to her.
Sid- you can go.
Sid was looking at ragini. He was smiling at her. Jiya was shocked hearing his reply.
Sid- i will also come with you.
Jiya was shocked more.
Ragini is very happy
Ragini – really, thank you so much. I will change my dress and will come now. Jiya go and get ready.
Ragini goes from there. Sid was smiling. Jiya calls sid he didn’t hear. So she beat him
Sid- ahh, what are you doing. Are you mad.
Jiya- this is what I want to ask you. I was pleading but you don’t listen. When ragz asked you allow. Not only that when i call you for shopping. You would say that girls takes a lot of time for shopping and you won’t come but what happened now.
Sid don’t know what to say. He stammers

Sid- i ii bec becs
Jiya(in teasing tone) – understood. Go and get ready ragini will be waiting.
He goes. Jiya smile seeing him.
Jiya- something has happened to my brother.
Then they left to mall in car. Jiya and sid was in front and ragini in back seat. Sid was looking at ragini through mirror. Jiya see this and cough.
Sid- i i was looking that whether the mirror is good or not.
Jiya – i didn’t ask you anything.
Sid didn’t say anything.
Jiya- by the way is the mirror is good(indicating ragini)
Sid – ya
Sid was looking ragini.
Jiya – so you love
Sid- yess
Sid now comes out of his world.
Sid – what
Jiya- mirrorrrraggg
Sid – get down from the car. We reach the mall.

Jiya ragini get down from the car. Sid comes after parking. He forward his hand so ragini can hold it.
Ragini- i am fine Sid.
Sid- ok, if you get scared just hold my hand.
Jiya was seeing him and smiling.
She teases him by expression.
They go inside the mall.
They were in ladies section. Laksh and kavya was also there. But both doesn’t see each other.
They select dress and was going. Laksh see a glance of ragini. He was shocked. He was about to go to her. But he collide with someone.
Man- don’t you have eyes.
Laksh- i am sorry
Laksh goes to the place where he see ragini but she has gone from there. He search there but he couldn’t find her.
Sid Jiya ragini went to beach. Ragini was happy to go there. She plays in water. She was jumbing in water like a kid. Sid was seeing her lovingly. Jiya too go and play with her. They drag sid to water. They plays in beach. Later they goes to eat ice cream.
Ragini- for me chocolate flavour.
Jiya- me vanilla.
Sid- for me butterscotch
They eat ice cream. Jiya gets a call so she excuses herself and goes from there. . So now sid and ragini was alone there.
Sid- happy?
Ragini- very much. Thank you
Sid – i have to thank you. After a long time i am enjoying like this. Thank you for a wonderful day.
Ragini smiles at him he too smiles at her.
Sid- so
Ragini- so

Sid- from Jiya’s brother can we take a step forward.
Ragini- what are you saying.
Sid forward his hand.
Sid – friends
Ragini smiles and they shake their hand.
There was some ice cream and on ragini cheek he wipes it off.
Ragini- thank you.
Sid- there should not be thank you or sorry between friends. Ok.
Ragini smiles.
Sid- you look really beautiful when you smile.
Ragini- oh so when i am not smiling
Sid- then also
Ragini smile
Ragini- you also look cute when you smile.
Sid- don’t complement because i said.
Ragini- no, i am saying truth, you look very handsome and cute.
Sid smiles.
Sid – thank you.
Ragini- someone tell me that there is no need of thank you and sorry between friends.
Sid- oh.
Jiya comes there.
Jiya- hey my friend
Sid- she is not only your friend. Mine also
Jiya- oh what all had happened in 5min
Sid gets a call from his mother.
Sid- so lets go
Jiya- yaa

Precap entry of new characters
Karan as arjun
Smriti(ritika of matsh) as meera

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    1. Thank you for the comment. They will get married. But before that i want laksh to feel guilty and jealous.

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