Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 6)


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Episode 6
At mm
Swara was in kitchen. Kavya come and taunts her.
Kavya-i heard that your drama queen sister has gone. Really? So sad.
Swara was getting angry.
Swara- be sad, not for my sister but for yourself. I am back.
Kavya- don’t be so happy. Soon you have to. Leave from here.
Swara – let’s see
Kavya goes from there.
At dining table everyone was seated for breakfast. Everyone was talking but seeing laksh they stop. No one talks to laksh.
Laksh- ma, i…
Annapurna doesn’t listen to him. No one was talking to him. After his marriage with kavya no one talks to him. Even if he tries to speak they don’t pay any attention to him. Laksh feels sad, so he gets up and goes to his room. Kavya was doing her makeup.
Kavya-hey, don’t you eat your breakfast.
Laksh – no, i can’t take this anymore. No one is talking to me. I can’t stay here.
Kavya-(tensed) no baby. What what are you saying.
Laksh- let us go from here. Let us go to some rented house. I will work somewhere. You are an established model and we will get enough for our living. We don’t want there money or properties.
Kavya comes and hugs him.
Kavya- it is your family we can’t go from here. It will take time for them to accept us. Now you go to office. She sends him to office.
She was really tensed she calls someone.
Kavya- i am really tensed. This idiot laksh want to shift somewhere.
Call – what?

Kavya – if we shift from here. Then how can we get the properties of dp.
Call- ya, for which only you married that loser
Kavya-exactly, he thinks that i really love him. I am not an idiot like ragini to love this loser. I thought that everything is in his name so i marry him. I thought that i could transfer everything to my name. But that ragini spoil my plan.
Call – do something to convince him.
Kavya- Now i said about family sentiments. He believes that and has gone to office. We have to do something so that everything is in our hands.ok bye then.
Swara was hearing everything. She goes from there before kavya could see her. She goes to sanskar and tell him everything.
Sanskar-so kavya marry laksh for money.
Swara-ya, but we can’t tell him now. He won’t believe us.
Sanakar-ya, first we need proof.
Swara-ya, now i will see how she is gonna win.

At rathode mansion
Every one do pooja. They start there their day with pooja. Jiya anjali and ragini was there. Anjali give prasad to jiya and ragini. After that jiya along with sid goes for jogging. And ragini and anjali went to kitchen.
Ragini was helping anjali in kitchen.
Ragini- aunty, only you three live here.
Anjali-no, ramesh is on a tour. And jiyas grandma is in ramesh sisters house. She will come back after some days.
Ragini – aunty, why sid doesn’t come for pooja, he didn’t eat the prasad too.
Anjali- he doesn’t like that. Only during special occasions and that too by forcing he comes for pooja. He very rarely goes to temple.
After some time they come back from jogging. They have the breakfast.
Jiya and ragini was sitting and talking near the pool. Sid also come there.
Sid-ragini,how can you tolerate her. Omg. I don’t know how ram is tolerating her.
Jiya- ram will tolerate me you don’t have to worry.
Sid- ya he can. He is mad and you are also mad. Both are mad for each other.
Jiya- you call me mad. I will show you.
By saying this jiya pushes him to the pool
Ragini and jiya starts laughing. Anjali comes there and see sid coming out of pool
Anjali – what happened.
Ragini control laughing and say i will expalin.
She comes near sid.
Ragini – jiya pushes sid into pool. Like this.
By saying this ragini pushes sid to pool. Seeing this everyone starts laughing. Ragini was laughing uncontrollably. Sid too laugh. Then he drag ragini and jiya to the pool. All enjoy in the pool. They comes out of the pool. Ragini couldn’t control her laugh seeing sid.
Sid-oh you can’t control your laugh. I will bring something Sid-oh you can’t control your laugh. I will bring something. He goes and bring medicine. Seeing this ragini stops laughing.
Sid- have it.
Ragini- no plss
Ragini runs from there. Sid runs behind her..
Sid-stop ragini
Ragini – no,
She was about to fall but sid holds her by her waist. They have an eye lock (music plays in bg). They lost in each others eyes

Precap-laksh and ragini in same mall.

Will laksh and ragini meet.can ragini remember laksh. For that pls wait for my next episode.

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