Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 5)


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Episode 5
At gadodia mansion.
Every one was missing ragini.
Dadi-has she called shekar.
Shekar-no, but she will call when she has is feeling better. I know she will come soon. As she can’t stay longer from her family. She will come.
Shekar sees swara and ask her to get ready.
Swara-but papa, now ragini is not here and when i also went you all will be alone.
Shekar-no, swara you have to go. I have commit a mistake by separating you from your love. Ragini will be happy only when you are living happily with sanskar. So get ready.
Swara gets ready she takes blessing from dadi and dada. Both have tears in their eyes. Sumi hugs and cries. She too blesses and send her.
They leave.
At mm.

Everyone is happy to see swara. Shekar feels little uncomfortable but swara holds his hand and ask him not to worry. Everyone welcomes them.
Shekar-pls forgive me, i shouldn’t be so rude to you all.
Dp-no, shekar. You were right. Your anger is justified. Even if i am on your place i would have done the same.
Rp, annapurna, sujatha also agrees to him. Sanskar was really happy that swara has came back. He takes shekar’s blessing.

Shekar- i am sorry for separating you two. Now i am giving her back. Take care of her.
Sanskar- i can understand uncle. I will take care of her as my life.
Dp-now everything is fine. We should move on.we should not keep hatred between us we are one family now.
Shekar sees laksh coming down.
Shekar-all are my family except him. I can’t forgive him.
All sees laksh.
Dp- we also don’t want such person in our family.
Shekar-i think i should leave now. It won’t be good if i stay here longer.
He leaves. Annapurna and sujatha did swara gruha pravesh rituals. Now finally she enters her home.
Annapurna ask swara about ragini. She got teary and says she left her house. Everyone was shocked especially laksh. She tells everything that happened. Laksh feels guilty. Swara goes to her room but laksh stops her.
Laksh-i want to talk you. I am sorry..
Swara-shut up. I don’t want to talk to you.
She goes to her room. Sanskar comes and hug her.

Sanskar- swara, ragini did the right thing. She have to move on. She will come back. If you cry do you think that she will be happy.
Sanskar wipes her tears.
Swara-thank you for being in my life. Thank you for supporting me always. Thank you for being a best friend who understand me my pain.
Sanskar- swara, don’t be so emotional. There is no need to say thank you to your husband.
Swara-ok mr sanskar maheshwari.
Sanskar – t k swara Sanskar maheshwari.
They smile. They share an eye lock. They were disturbed by adarsh calling.
Sanskar-ok bye, i have an imp work. I will be back but before going…
Sanskar kisses swara suddenly. Swara was shocked. Sanskar then leave. Swara blushes thinking of sanskar.

At sid’s office.
Sid was thinking about ragini. He attend meeting and went back to his house. He goes to ragini’s room. He was pleasantly surprised to see ragini talking to jiya. She was comfortable with jiya. Ragini sees sid and smiles. Sid too smiles back.
Sid-what is this. You became friend with her
Ragini- we are already friends.
Sid was surprised to hear that answer.
Ragini – jiya told me everything.
Sid-everything. Now you.
Jiya cuts off his words
Jiya- ya, i told her that she was studying in kolkata. While she was coming here for vacation she got an accident and she forgets everything.
Ragini-she shows me many picture of me with her. Thank you jiya’s brother.
Sid-jiya’s brother,
Ragini-haa, then what will i call. I

Jiya-(teasing) you can call him bhaiya
Sid-(shouting) NOOO.
He then composes himself and says
Sid- you can call me jiya’s brother that is better.
Jiya laugh seeing his reaction.
Sid-i will come after changing.
Jiya goes behind him
Jiya- jiya’s brother one min
Sid-(miffed) what it was sid’s sister.
Jiya – do you remember something.

Jiya- i asked you to come with me to pick ragini, but you says you have an imp meeting.
But what happened now. (in teasing tone) you yourselves bring her without going for your imp meeting. See the destiny. Now its an imp learning lesson to you don’t say no to your sister.
Sid-ok, madam shall i go now.
He leaves after changing dress he goes to see ragini he was thinking of jiya’s words.
He see’s ragini. He smiles and says

Sid – my destiny.
Then jiya calls him so he go. Jiya and her mom was also there.
Jiya-mom, sid i have to say an imp thing. I told Ragini that she is an orphan. She don’t have anyone except us. I told this big lie because she should not know her past. Let she be fine then we can say to her. I don’t want her to see in pain again.
Sid-ok, but when she became fine we should tell her. Other wise it will be wrong.
Jiya-i know. Let she be fine with her health. Till then pls don’t say anything to her.
They agree after lunch sid comes to ragini.
Sid-now you have this medicine.
Ragini-no, pls i don’t want this.

Sid – you should not say anything just have it.
Ragini-pls, when I have it, i feel like i want to vomit. Pls jiya’s brother.
Sid-ok then, i won’t talk to you.
He sits near her with angry face(fake). Ragini tries to talk to him but he didn’t listen.
Ragini-okk, i will have it.
Sid(happily) – good girl.

Ragini take the medicine sid give her chocolate so that she doesn’t feel better taste.
Jiya come there and see ragini having medicines.
Jiya – OMG Ragini is having the medicine. She hates medicines. Superb sid.
Sid(with pride) – what do you think of your brother. I am very smart.
Jiya-oh really, a very smart courageous guy, i didn’t know that.
Ragini was smiling seeing their conversation. Then the three has a good talk. Jiya and sid goes to buy some dress for ragini in the evening. After dinner sid was working on his laptop. After some time he goes to balcony and sees ragini there. Sid sees her she was looking too cute in night dress. He was looking at her. Ragini sees him and smiles at him. He comes to her.
Sid-what are you doing here.
Ragini-i didn’t feel sleepy so i came here. And you.

Sid-i also didn’t feel sleepy.
Ragini-jiya’s brother, do you come herve when you don’t feel sleepy.
Sid-yaa, nice cold wind, beautiful stars, moon. I like to sit here.
Ragini-jiya’s brother do you.
Sid stops her. He didn’t like when ragini calls him like that.
Sid-can i say you something.

Ragini-dont call me jiya’s brother, that’s it right.
Sid was surprised he was thinking how she comes to know that.
Sid- how did you understand that.
Ragini- you feel irritated when i call you that. I can see that in your eyes.
Sid was surprised to know that she understand him by looking at his eyes. They share an small eyelock.(in bg music plays)
Then they breaks the eye lock.
Ragini- what should I call you.
Sid- calls me sid, people close to me call me sid,
Ragini looks at him. He to avoid that ask her about jiya.
Sid- where is your besty jiya.
Ragini-she was here, but she gets a call so she goes
Sid-oh, it will be ram.
Ragini-sid, who is ram.
Sid-her boyfriend.
Ragini-does she have a bf.

Sid-ha, it has been 3yrs.
Ragini-oh.., hmm. Do you have a girl friend?
Sid-No, i am very much single.
Ragini- why don’t you have a girlfriend
Sid-i had one but we broke up a few years back.
Ragini-oh, don’t you find a new girl.
Sid – no
Ragini- don’t worry, god has decided someone for you. She will come to you at the right time.
Sid- really?
Ragini-yaa, what type of girl do you want.
Sid- some one who should look more beautiful from heart than outside. Someone who should love me and my family unconditionally, who should not look at my wealth. She should be someone that when i see her her i should be lost in her beauty. She should be someone for whom i will do anything, should be someone who tears break my heart, should be someone i would do any sacrifices, should be someone i would feel jealous when she is with other men.

Should be someone who understand me my pain. Who would give a shoulder to cry. Should be someone who feels i am her life and i too should feel like that. Should be some one who makes me smile. Should be someone that without her i could not live. And….
Ragini- OMG, so romantic, the girl might be the luckiest girl in the world.
Sid-no, i should feel like that i am the luckiest because of her.
Ragini- oh my sid, how romantic you are.
Jiya comes there.
Jiya- what is going here.
Ragini- we were talking about his dream gf.
Jiya laughs
Jiya-his big list, omg. Did you hear it.
Ragini-yaa, but what about your ram.
Jiya was stunned she don’t know what to say, she feels shy hearing his name.
Ragini and sid laugh seeing her they give hi fi to each other.
Jiya(in fake anger) – oh now you become one and i am out. Haa what to do my ragini don’t want me now.
Hearing it ragini comes and hug her.
Ragini- i always want you.
They get emotional and hug each other. Sid sees it and he too feels happy.
Sid-now what about me
Ragini- you also.
They three hug. They break the hug and they talk for a long time. They feel sleepy and they goes to sleep.

Precap-some fun moments.

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