Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 4)


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Episode 4
Sid wakes up and after some time he see’s the girl becoming conscious. He calls the doctor, the doctor comes and check her. Sid was waiting outside. He gets a call from the office, saying that there is an important meeting and he should attend today itself. He says that he will come. Doctor comes after checking her.
Sid-how is she uncle.
Doctor-she is ok now. But..
Sid-what happy uncle
Doctor-she has lost her memory. She didn’t remember anything.
Sid was shocked.
Sid-omg, she lost her memory.
Doctor – her head had hitten somewhere. Because of that she lost memory.
Sid-has she lost memory for ever
Doctor-no, she might regain her memory today., may be the next day, or it may take time. There is a possibility that she may not regain memory.
But we cannot..
A nurse call doctor as there was an emergency.
Doctor-i will be back.
Sid was tensed, he feels guilty because of him she lost her memory.
Sid enters the room. Seeing him she become scared. As she don’t know anyone.
Seeing that she is scared. He goes near her and ask her to calm down.
Sid-pls, calm down. Don’t be scared.
Ragini-who are you
Sid-i am sid, sidharth. I am your friend.
He introduce him as her friend so that she might not be scared.
Ragini-fr.. Friend.

Ragini-but, but i don’t remember you. I can’t remember anything. I don’t know anything.
Who am i, it is a hospital naa how i come here. I can’t remember anything…
Tears were flowing from her tears. Sid hold ragini’s hand.
Sid-dont worry. You have an accident so you were brought here. Just think can’t you remember anything. Your name, place anything.
Ragini tries to remember her head was paining she feels that her head is gonaa break. She becomes unconscious. Sid get tensed and called doctor.
Doctor came and give her injection.
Doctor-what happened suddenly.
Sid-i ask her to remember her past. While she tries to remember she feels head ache and she faints
Doctor-this is what i was going to tell you. Don’t stress her. If she is stressed she might faint and many it happens it might affect her badly.
Sid-now what to do uncle.
Doctor-i know the police officer of this area. We will hand over her to the police. They will find her home and will send her to her house. They will handle without involving you.
Sid-no uncle, it is not good. It is because of me she is in this condition so it is my responsibility to take her to her house. I should ask forgiveness from her parents.
Doctor-are you sure.

Sid-yes. But i have an imp meeting. Papa is not here so i can’t skip it. After some time i will go to office and will come back after meeting. Till then she will rest here and after i came back i will search for her house and parents.
Doctor-as you say.
Sid-thank you uncle.
After some time ragini become conscious she was sitting in her bed sid comes to tell her that he is going.
Sid-i am going, i have an imp work.
Ragini-pls don’t go, i am scared. Pls don’t go i am alone.
Sid-hey don’t worry, i will be back after some time. Here doctor nurse everyone is there they will take care of you.
Ragini hugs him and cries.
Ragini-pls don’t go, i am alone. You say that i am your friend. Then how can you leave me alone.pls take me with you. Plss

Sid was stunned when she hug him. But he knows that she was scared so he hug her.(in bg music plays) after some time she break the hug
Ragini-will you leave me and go.
Sid don’t know why but he can’t see her crying. He says to her that he will take her.
His uncle doesn’t allow but he convinces to take her with him.
Sid comes to ragini and give her a dress as her was teared and was of blood.
Ragini changes and come it was a white churidar. She was looking beautiful in that dress. He was mesmerised to see her. He was looking her.
Ragini-shall we go.

He didn’t hear it. So she come near him and touch him on his shoulder. He comes out of his dream. And they leave. In hosp there were many people and ragini was scared so she holds his hand. Sid understood it and ask her not to worry. They leave. He stops near a hotel. Ragini holds sid’s hand and walk. Ragini doesn’t know anyone except sid. She holds his hand as she feel safe in his hands. After an hour they reach his house. Rathode mansion. Yaa jiya is sid’s sister. Jiya and her mother was sitting in hall. Sid enter the house with ragini. Jiya was shocked to see ragini she runs to her and hugs her.
Jiya-rags, why you didn’t come yesterday. I wait for you long time in station. I was scared.
Ragini breaks the hug and stand behind sid.
Jiya was surprised by her actions she do as she don’t know her
Jiya-what happened ragini.
Sid-ragini, do you know her.
Jiya-she is my best friend ragini. I said yesterday naa that she is coming to our house.
But from where you get her why she is behaving weird as she don’t know me.
Sid-oh, i will tell you. But 1 min. He takes ragini to room and ask her to rest. But ragini was holding his hand not allowing him to go.
Sid-dont worry, i am not going. I will be back after changing the dress. You rest here. I will be back.
Sid smiles

He wents to jiya and his mother. He tells them what all happens.
Jiya was in tears.
Jiya-why god is troubling her much.
Jiya’s mom-she doesn’t even recognise you. I am really worried for her.
Sid-it is good that you know her. After i came back from office we can go to her house.
Jiya-no, she can’t go there.
Jiya-i will tell you afterwards.
Sid-ok then, i am going to office. If she asks me. Say something and adjust.
Sid-and one more thing don’t stress her. Ok bye mom.
Mom-ok beta.
After sid went jiya and her mother to ragini. They see ragini sleeping. Jiya caresses her head. Put blanket on her and sit besides her.

Precap-ragsid friendship.

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