Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 2)


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Chapter 2
Ragini didn’t want to enter mm. She recalls all her memories, her gravpravesh, her moments with laksh his betrayal.
Tears were coming from her eyes. She thinks of the reason behind her visit and compose herself. She walks towards the house. Everyone was present there. They were going to office seeing her they were surprised.seeing her annapurna runs towards her.
Annapurna-ragini, r u ok now. Why you stop here come inside.
Ragini bents and touches her feet.
Ragini-ma, pls forgive me. I am sorry for whatever I have done pls forgive me.
Annapurna was shocked to see her like this she makes ragini stand. She hugs ragini.
Everyone was shocked and feels sorry for her.
Annapurna – ragini, i am not angry with you. Children’s will do mistakes but parents can’t hate them. You were wrong but now you understand and regret for that, and i don’t have any problem with you. I have only love for you. How can a mother hate her daughter? We all love you.
Ragini comes to sujatha pari and uttara they too hug her and forgive her.
Dp-i know we all are equally responsible for your transformation. Laksh played with your feelings many times. And people ignite fire in you and you change.
Ragini-no papa, i am only responsible for this. I have insulted everyone make everyone cry. It is my only problem that I never had any opinion. I am always dependent on others. Even if someone says something i should have used my heart and mind. I should have been independent, i should have learnt to say no.
I was madly in love that i don’t see anyone getting hurted. I just want my love. Only my love. In my life everything was decided as per the interest of others i was given what they like.
First time in my life i was given what i really want- laksh. I really love him i love him by heart. But he makes fun of my feelings. Not once but many times. He break my heart many times. But whenever he comes to me i always tends to him as i really love him. But when he was going away from me. I couldn’t resist myself from getting my love any manner as i can’t lose him. I forget my family, i…
She breaks down everyone has tears by seeing her. Sanskar goes to her.
Sanskar-i am sorry ragini. I plants seeds of hatred and revenge in your mind. I am sorry pls don’t cry. Pls
Rp-we all have forgiven you.we all love you.
Adarsh- we are happy that we get our lovable ragini back pls don’t cry.
Annapurna and sujatha wipe her tears Annapurna kisses on her forhead. Now ragini smiles a little. Just then they hear sound of clapping. It was kavya she comes downstairs s by clapping. She goes near ragini.
Kavya- wah superb, superb acting. Don’t you have some shame. i can’t understand even after insulting this much still you come here. Shamless woman. why you are always behind my laksh can’t you leave him alone. He says that he don’t love you then also you are behind him. Making reasons to come here. I think even pr*stitutes are better than you *****.
Ragini was crying but hearing she was shocked and was losing her control and was about to slap kavya. But suddenly a tight slap was given to kavya. She falls down.
Annapurna-how dare you.. (she was angry, anger at the top level)
Sujatha-jiji, give one more slap. How she can say such words.
Dp and rp scold kavya
Kavya comes to annapurna and pushes her.
Everyone was shocked.
Kavya-how dare you touch me you illiterate donkey.
Seeing this ragini slaps kavya and makes annapurna stand.
Ragini-kavya.. (shouting) don’t even dare to touch ma. Do you understand. I listened to all your cheap words. As i know that i do wrong. But you don’t even have the quality to call her name. Do you get me. This is the last warning and if you..
Suddenly she heard laksh sound
Laksh – ragini (shouting) who are you to teach my wife.
Kavya runs to him and says that ragini slap her she also says that annapurna also slap her for no reason.
Sujatha-for no reason, laksh you don’t know what she did.she..
Laksh stops sujatha
Laksh-kavya do you do anything wrong.
Kavya-no baby, i just say her not to come here as it would hurt you. For this they,
She starts crying. Laksh consoles her. adarsh and uttara tries to talk but he stops them and says that he trust his wife more than anything. He turns to ragini.
Laksh-this is my house and if you touch my wife i won’t spare anyone even if they are my family.
Annapurna was shocked to see her son like this.
Laksh and kavya was going to his room just then ragini stops him
Ragini-excuse me mr laksh maheshwari. I didn’t understand the line that you said that this house belongs to you.
Kavya-what is there to understand more the paper you had signed not only contains divorce papers but also property paper.
Ragini-ya i have signed it and for the divorce it is ok as we were couple but you can’t do anything with my sign on property paper as i don’t any properties of mm.
Everyone was shocked especially laksh and kavya.
Dp-i have given you everything naa then how come..
Ragini-papa, you give me the properties.
My dadi asked me to do like that and i obeyed her but i wasn’t interested in these properties or money i just wanted laksh love
Saying this tears was coming from her eyes but she compose herself.
Ragini-so i return the properties to papa itself the next day. No one know about this even dadi., me and lawyer only know about this and i asked the lawyer to not to disclose the truth to anyone. So mr laksh these entire properties of mm belongs to durgaprasad maheshwari,do you get it. Your are living on his house.
So now you understand laksh.
Everyone was sad as they thought ill about ragini. They were also happy and pride of ragini, the way she stands for them make them happy.
Laksh feels guilty as he felt that she took there properties. Kavya was fuming in anger as everything went to dp.
Ragini – i think should leave now. Every one must be waiting for me in house. Bye
Kavya-oh miss great one min, how can you go like this i want to talk to you. Whatever you did was was great right.then what about swara and sanskar becs of u only they are living apart. You are apshagun becs of you me laksh, swara sanskar have to suffer. If you go away from our life we can live happily. Can’t you die why are you living as a problem to others.
Sanskar-stop it kavya. You are crossing the limit.
Kavya was about to say something but laksh stop her.
Laksh-just stop it. Don’t dare to speak.
Sanskar-pls don’t listen to her.
Ragini- i promise you sanskar swara will be back here. I will bring my sister to you.
Ragini was walking she thought of what kavya said
Ragini (to herself) why i should i live as a problem to others.
She was determined to do something.

Precap-a car hit ragini, she was taken to hosp by someone

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