Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 11)

Episode 11

At mm

Swara was lost in thoughts Sanskar comes there and hugs from back
Swara comes to senses

Sanskar: hmm my wife is lost in thoughts nd don’t have time for her cute husband
Swara smiles hearing this break hug nd turns back
Swara :actually I was thinking about my bf who is romantic unlike my husband
Sanskar makes a puppy face
Swara; offo my cutie pie gets sad she hugs him
Swara ;my bf is my husband
Sanskar breaks the hug
Sanskar: was you thinking of Ragini
Swara :yes I am really scared about her it has been days she left us she didn’t even call me hope she is fine where ever she is
She gets sad saying this Sanskar see this
Sanskar :don’t worry she will be safe ,wait wait what did you say I am unromantic
He move close to her
She move back
Swara: I was just joking you the most romantic person ever ,the way you proposed nd our sweet moments…
Swara hits the wall Sanskar comes closer
He kisses her suddenly on the cheek she was shocked she blushes
Sanskar nd swara has a sweet eyelock which was disturbed by sujatha’s call from downstairs.
They goes to downstairs .

At rm

Sameera (Meera ‘s mom ) nd Anjali was talking
Sameera : why are we delaying Sid nd Meera marraige I have said it when I come last time but you are not showing any interest in it
Anjali : I talked with Sid but he says that he can’t see Meera like that
Sameera : then what about the promise you give me .Have you forgot everything shall I remember​ you
Anjali get shocked hearing this tears were falling from her eyes
Anjali : pls pls I beg you I will talk to him nd make him Agree.

Jiya comes there Anjali wipes her tears before Jiya could see it
Jiya : mom aunty come for dinner

At dining table everyone comes there nd sit. sid was coming from upstairs seeing him Meera smiles at him but he didn’t see it he was looking at Ragini smilingly who was serving everyone Meera notice this .

Jiya : Ragini come nd sit

She sits. there was chair Meera nd Ragini Meera ask him to sit near her but sid sit near Ragini which irks Meera.

Seeing Anjali face he could understand that she cried but he thinks to not to ask anything as Meera nd her mom was there
After dinner he goes to Anjali’s room
Anjali was lost in thoughts

Sid : mom
She come back to her senses
Sid sits near her
Sid : mom what happened why did you cry
Anjali : I didn’t cry
Sid : I know my mother very well I can understand your feelings just by looking at your eyes you are really scared nd sad

Anjali knows that she can’t hide anything from him as he knows her better than anyone

Anjali ;nothing I was just thinking of something
Sid :ma pls tell me i will solve it
Anjali: I can’t say anything pls understand I can’t
Sid: ok i understand but please rub your thoughts which makes you sad I can’t see this I can’t see you in pain
Sid eyes was filled with water.anjali hugs him she cries
She breaks the hug
Anjali: tk I am not crying nd thinking of that ok she smiles
Sid too smiles
Sid: that’s my mom
She kisses him on his forehead
Sid :I wanna lye on your lap

Sid lie on Anjali’s lap they talk a lot nd Anjali was all in smiles
Later he goes to his room when Anjali slept he covers her with blanket nd kisses Her forehead nd when backs to his room

Sid was restless thinking of Anjali someone put hand on his shoulder he turns back it was Ragini

Ragini: what happened why you are so restless
Sid tells everything

Ragini was sad too
Sid: she is my everything I can’t see her sad if I have to solve then atleast she should say what is her problem but she is not I don’t know what to do
Tears rolled from his eyes
She wipes his tears they share an eyelock which was disturbed by Meera

Meera: what are you doing here
Ragini :we were talking as he was…
Sid Stops her
Sid: what is your problem
Meera looks angrily at Ragini
Ragini goes from there Sid calls her
Sid :hey have you taken your medicine
Ragini bites her lips
Sid understood that she didn’t
Sid looks At her
Ragini: sorry I will take it now
Sid goes with her
Meera gets angry seeing their closeness
Meera :sid is mine I have to do something she smirks
Meera to goes angrily to her room.

At laksh’s friends house
Laksh was in his friends house he feels guilty for betraying Ragini
Laksh (in his mind): I am sorry Ragini I am really sorry for whatever happened I played with your emotions many times I hurt you but you still only love me .Now I realise your value I promise you Ragini I will find you get back to our house nd give you all my love I will make our life as heaven I promise.

In ragini’s room

Sid gives her medicine nd was about to go but Ragini calls him
Ragini : one min
Sid :what
She stands near him
Ragini :to be honest with you I don’t have the words to make you feel better but I do have the arms to give you a hug nd I have a heart ,a heart that’s aching to see you smile again
Saying this she stretched her hand smilingly
Hearing this Sid smiles nd hug her  he feels better after some time he breaks the hug
Sid: Ragini , sometimes you need a hug to feel better nd I feel good now, thank you
Ragini smiles at him he looks at her lovingly
Ragini :my friend is double okay now so go to sleep now
Sid :actually I am not sleepy now so let us talk now
Ragini :accha but I am very much sleepy
Ragini pushes him from back to his room
Ragini: ok now you go to sleep bye goodnight
Sid(smilingly): bye

So GuyZ I am back after a long time hope you like this

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