Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 10)


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Episode 10
The next morning as usual sid wakes up to ragini’s voice. He comes downstairs take part in pooja and ragini give him prasad. He was staring at ragini. Jiya hits him.
Sid- what
Jiya- nothing, pls close your mouth something will enter.
Sid- oh great joke. Say this type of joke to your bf.
Jiya – (angry) oh, can’t i say some joke.
Sid- getting angry. Don’t overreact ok baby.
Jiya didn’t say anything.
Sid- ok ok i am sorry pls forgive me.
Jiya – ok. (smiles)
Suddenly they here the door bell. Sid opens the door. Sid was shocked to see it was meera and her mother. Meera sees him and hugs him. Sid break the hug.
Aunty – oh my meera is so happy seeing her would be.
Sid- would be?(shocked)
Jiya too was shocked.

Meera feels shy and goes to hug him but he move back.
Meera – oh sid, you are so shy. We are going to marry na.
Sid – what you all are saying. Marriage? Without my knowledge.
Aunty – hey sid beta, i am going to talk to your dad after he came back from tour. He will agree. He can’t reject my request.
Anjali too comes there.
Sid – i don’t want to marry. (sternly)
Saying this he goes from there.
Aunty – what is this? Why he is behaving so.
Anjali – pls go and take rest di, you have come after longhour of travel. We can talk everything later.
Ragini come there.
Aunty and meera- who is this
Jiya – my friend ragini.
Meera – oh,
Ragini- nice to meet you. She smiles. But meera ignore it and go to her room.
Ragini feels bad. Jiya come to her.
Jiya – hey don’t feel bad. She is full of attitude. She is like that. She only cares of herself. Leave it.
Jiya take ragini to her room.

At mm
In laksh room. Kavya was wearing her diamond necklace.which laksh gifts her after her request. He comes to kavya and take the diamond necklace from her.
Laksh – we don’t want this. Infact we don’t want anything of this family. We are going from here.
Kavya was shocked. She tries to change his decision.
Laksh – no kavya, i won’t listen to you. We are going from here thats final.
Kavya – but your family. Properties are here.
Laksh – what family. They don’t want me. And the properties money. Actually papa give me my share but i ask him to give to some orphanage as i don’t want any of the property.
Kavya- what (shocked) how could you.
Laksh – i don’t want any property but i just want you.
Kavya – stop it laksh, i am not ragini to love you more than anything and die for you.
Laksh – Kavya what are you saying.
Kavya – can’t you understand my language.
By saying this she takes her bag and take some paper. And she gave it to laksh.
Laksh – what is this.
Kavya – actually i think to do this after getting everything in my name. But it is the right time. This is divorce papers. Sign it.
Laksh was shocked. Tears were rolling from his eyes.
Laksh – kavya how could you. Don’t you love me.
Kavya – nonsense. Who can love you., only your stupid fami..
A tight slap was given to kavya by laksh. He was fuming in anger.
Laksh – don’t dare to speak against my family. For you i have, my family, i i
Kavya – how dare you.

Just then all family members come there.
Swara- laksh now you understand your wife true nature. For this disrespectful girl you are against your family.
Laksh- i thought that she loves me.
Swara – love she doesn’t know the meaning of love.
Kavya – oh madam knows well. First loved laksh. Then his brother. You know the meaning well.
Sanskar- Kavya stop it.
Laksh – kavya you are crossing the limit. Stop it or i
Kavya – or what will you kill me. You beat me because i say about your family now i will show you. Your family is the stupid family. With many rituals.ho my god such bl**dy tradition.
Laksh slap her.
Kavya – your father is a pimp and your mother is a prost
Laksh slap harder. He push her. Her head hit the drawer. Her head starts to bleed. But she didn’t stop. She say very bad about annapurna. Laksh gets angry he takes a flower vase and was about to hit her. But sanskar and adarsh holds him back.
Laksh – leave me i will kill her. He pushes them. But annapurna stops him.
Laksh – ma, don’t stop me she says about you. I won’t leave her.
Ap- no laksh. I got my son back i don’t want anything and i don’t want to lose you. Pls. She cries and hugs him. He too cries and hugs her. Everyone has tears seeing them.
Kavya – oh drama doesn’t get over.
Sanskar – stop it kavya. Leave from here.
Swara- just leave from here.
Kavya – i am going to leave. Who wants to be with the loser.
Dp- stop it. My son is not a loser. I wont keep quiet when you speak ill about my son.
Laksh cries seeing this.
Kavya goes to her room and take her dress come down stairs.
Kavya – i am going but i sign this i don’t want anything between us.
Laksh sign the papers and throw it on her face.
Laksh – even i don’t want.
Kavya – but don’t be happy. I won’t leave you all. Laksh you beat me
. SHe touches her head. Her hand has blood.

Kavya – i will make you suffer.
Kavya leave from there. Laksh cries.
He falls on dp feet. And cries. He cries vigorously.
Laksh – papa, plz kill me. Even death is not punishment for me. Believing her i had hurt my family.
Dp hugs him.
Dp- now you realise your mistakes. I can’t angry on you.
He goes to rp and sujatha.
Laksh – i am sorry sorry sorry. Plz forgive me. Plzz
He falls on their feet. They too forgive him. He comes to adarsh and parineeti.
Adarsh- we can’t hate you. But we were upset by your actions but now everything is over. Don’t cry.
He hugs him.
Laksh – i am sorry bhai. Bhabi
They too forgive them.
He comes to sanskar.
Laksh – thank you bhai for making me realise my mistake. Thank you for showing kavya true nature.
Flash back
Sanskar come to laksh show a video in which kavya says to her brother that she is cheating Laksh and she married laksh for the money. But didn’t believe him. So sanskar ask him to act as he don’t have money and is leaving the house.
Fb ends.

Laksh – i am sorry bhai, i should have listened to you.
Sanskar – everyone do mistakes but you should learn from mistakes and should not repeat it.
Laksh – no i won’t. Pls forgive me.
Sanskar hugs him. Laksh come to swara.
Laksh – swara, pls i am sorry. Pls forgive me.
But she go from there. Sanskar stops her.
Sanskar- swara, he is asking forgiveness he repent for his mistake.
Swara- even after doing so much how could you forgive him.
Sanskar – because he is my brother.
Swara- i lost my sis because of him. Then how could i forgive him. I am happy that badi ma badi papa got their son back. Papa mom got their laksh back. You nd adarsh got your brother. But there is a father and mother who lost their daughter. There is a grandfather nd grandmother who lost their grandchild. I can’t forget this because of him. My ragini goes from here. We don’t were she is how she is. Then how could i forgive him.
She comes to laksh.

Swara- i accept that she has done mistakes. But you were the reason. You were the one who gave her hope. You break her heart many times. But she only loves you.
Laksh cries.
Swara – you want forgiveness. Give me my ragini back. Don’t know were she is get her backask forgiveness from her.

Laksh – i will. Till then i won’t come here. Saying this he left the house.
He goes to gm
He falls on feet of shekar. But he snubs him. They say what swara said. He gave them promise that he will find ragini.

Precap- laksh thinks of ragini he feels guilty. On the other side ragini and sid share some moment.

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Credit to: Miya

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