Ragini-you will find your soulmate (Chapter 1)

Hi guyz, myself miya
I have read many ff and i thought to write one.
Actually i don’t know hindi except few words and i am not much fluent in English so there will be many grammar mistake so pls forgive me for that and i will just write episode n1
If you like it or not pls pls write your comments waiting for it.
So here it is (actually now I am tensed dont know if you all like it or not)

It is an ff on ragini. I really like ragini’s character the traditional lovable girl, her transformation and everything about raguu. In this ff i will introduce many new characters

So i would like to begin the chapter when laksh ditched her and marry kavya and her suicide attempt.

Chapter 1
No one sleep that night everyone sit in ragini’s room fearing that she might do anything.
It was morning ragini was surprised to find everyone in her room. She has tears in her eyes, ragini – (in her mind) oh god what I have done. Why i took the wrong path, i have a family who loves me more than anything, who cares me, who lives for me but what I have done i only make them sad, cry. She cries inconsolably
Seeing it everyone was tensed.
Shekhar- ragini beta pls stop crying. We can’t see u like this
Swara-ragini i know it is not easy to overcome what had happened it will take time but plss stop crying you can’t be this much weak.
Sumi-ha ragini swara is saying correct pls don’t cry
Dadi-you are crying for him who doesn’t even care you and didn’t see your pain but pls understand there are some people who loves you more than anything and cant see your pain
Pls ladoo
Hearing this she stop crying and she comes to dadaji who was standing near the bed she holds his hand i am not crying because of laksh but because of the mistakes that i commit i was crying because i was fighting against my family who only love me like anything, i am ashamed
I am guilty for doing all this, i don’t even have the right to live i..
Swara suddenly comes and hug her not allowing to speak
Swara-bass, now you won’t speak anything.
How you can think of suicide. Haa tell me. every one do mistakes it is a normal thing we can’t be mahan aathma. you were repenting for your mistake and we all forgive you as we know that you were really sorry for whatever you did.
How can you think of leaving me alone and go. if ragini is not there then swara is also not there. We swaragini can’t live separately.
Do you understand?
Ragini-hmm, have you all forgiven me. (she ask in such a innocent way that no one can angry on her)
Sumi and shekar comes and hug her and now dadi dadi swara also hug her.
She was feeling that all her problems have vanished and she was feeling better
All breaks hug and ask her to rest
Shekar-swara, you stay with ragini
Swara- ok papa
Ragini get up from bed and goes near her mothers photo she calls sumi there
Ragini-i am promisng on my both mothers that i won’t do any suicide.
Hearing it all were relieved sumi hugs her and ask her to rest.
Now Ragini and swara was alone in the room
Ragini – i know i am the reason for your and sanskar problem i always create problems for you i am sorry
Swara-no Ragini you are not the problem. You didn’t do anything wrong it was my fate only
Ragini – no swara i will talk to papa and convince him. I promise i will join swara and sanskaar. They hug each other.
Ragini- i want to meet everyone one in maheswari mansion. I want to ask forgiveness from them. Like you all they also love me and i had hurt them so much.
Swara – (breaking the hug) ok i can understand but papa and dadi won’t allow us to go there and i already have given him promise that i won’t step into mm.
Ragini – but I want to go there, i am feeling like that my heart will break by thinking of my Mistakes plss swara pls.
Swara – ok we will leave from here saying that you want to go outside for some refreshment then we can go to mm.
After breakfast swara and ragini ask permission and goes outside
Everyone allows because they think that it will bring some refrehment for there both children’s.
Ragini reach mm and has asked swara to wait for in a cafe nearby.

Precap – kavya insulting ragini, Ragini walking in rain a car it her

So guyzz this is my first ff anf i know that it is very much emotional in this episode and slow too. really sorry guyzz. I know it is boring. But i will make it interesting by having ragini a new life, swasan romance, and also new characters.

I was thinking of a character opp ragini.
I think of shakti(ranveer of matsh)
Will they make a good pair? What all your suggestions plss comment
Plss give your suggestions plss
Waiting for your comments


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  1. Yes they will make awesome pair

    1. Thank you so much i also think that they would make a good pair

  2. So cute yaar even i like ragini

  3. Me too think t same

  4. karan wahi or parth

    1. Ok i am bit confused but thank you for your comment

  5. awesomee but Karan wahi or parth samthan will suit better

  6. nice pls make it shakti..they make an awesome pair

  7. Karan wahi is a nice option nd the story is also gud

  8. Parth or shakti….please make her more stronger and independent and I want to see Lakshya jealous after she got married to someone else…

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  9. Awesome…. Make her independent…… Parth samthan or karan taker are the best for her but mostly karan taker plsssss

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