Ragini – TS By Aahana

Hi everyone. This is Aahana with a new TS. This is my own and I didn’t take help from anyone. This is my own and I didn’t copy from anywhere.
This is for ragini. All might have remembered that after her accident and speaking with sanskar she changes her mind and thinks to make Laksh hers. But in my OS it I not like that. You all remember right that she took poison and it was just a prank but in my OS she really drank poison. So let us see now what happens.

On that hill :
Laksh and Swara : please get up ragini. Please. Why did u do like this
Ragini : Swara from my childhood I am unlucky Swara. I never got ma and Papa’s love. Papa always used to be away from house. His reason was I resemble my mother and he feels alone when he sees me. Dadi and dadu were only there with me in all phases of my life. They gave me the love but not the support to be independent. So I am an introvert and not so outspoken like u. So Laksh rejected me.

Laksh : ragini I ( he was about to say something but ragini stops him)
Ragini : no Laksh, please don’t give explanation. I know your family forced u.
Swara : ragini we will speak later but first we will go to hospital
Ragini : please Swara I want to speak. I want to say u everything that is in my heart. Please don’t stop me. I want to share my pain.

You know Swara I used to be jealous of u when ever I saw u with sumi ma. U at least had ma in your life but no one was there with me to share my feelings, my problems. U know I used to feel that I am unlucky as I don’t have anyone. I wanted to be with u but Dadi never allowed me to be with u and scolded u but u were always there for me from childhood. Thanks Swara. When I was engaged I felt that now I got someone with whom I can share but God like always snatched him also from me. U know Swara when u told about sumi ma and papa I felt now I got a mother and sister and god sent someone to this ragini. I felt that I too deserve happiness but see the fact is I am obstacle in everyone’s life. Janki ma died when I was child. If I was not there at least sumi ma and papa would have got married. And now also see I became obstacle between u both. I know Swara u are ignoring Laksh’s feelings thinking I will be hurt but no Swara accept him. At least that will make me feel that in my life instead of giving pain to all I made someone happy.

Laksh feels as if someone is stabbing his heart. Someone dear to him is going away from him. Then he realises that he loves ragini not Swara and he is just attracted to Swara. She is his crush but ragini is his love.
Swara is crying listening to ragini’s words and sanskar who followed Laksh listened everything.
He thought to speak with ragini and use her to take his revenge but whatever he listened made him speechless.
He felt that she is the only girl who can sacrifice everything for her loved ones without thinking about herself and now she is ready to die.
Swara and Laksh looks at ragini who is unconscious by now.
Swara : Laksh let us take her to hospital. I can’t live without her. She is not my sister but my life. Please Laksh
Laksh also comes out of shock and picks her up and comes near car. He starts the car and takes her to the hospital.

They joins her in the hospital and doctors are checking her.
Swara and Laksh informs their families and all are in the hospital.
Sanskar also comes and now he doesn’t act as mad. No one observes him as all are praying God for ragini well being. Sujatha tries to convince him to continue his acting but he doesn’t listen to her. Doctor asks them to stay in waiting hall and he will inform them everything.
All are in waiting hall

Sanskar says I want to say something to all. All looks at him shocked as he is speaking normally. He says that he is not mad and tells what all he did to take revenge. He then says what ragini told to Swara and Laksh and says I understood the meaning of family now. Please forgive me, I will go away from here. He also says the reasons for his revenge and elders forgave him. Now everything is cleared between sanskar and family. All are eagerly waiting for doctor to know about ragini. Ragini’s family members are remembering their behaviour with her and mainly shekar. He remembered how he ignored ragini whenever she wanted to spend time with him, how he used to avoid her. And after his marriage with sumi he used to spend time with Swara thinking she is far away from him since childhood but he is not even closer to ragini who is with him since she was a child. He is feeling that he is the reason. Same here with Dadi, she remembers how she didn’t allow ragini to do anything and always interfered in her life not allowing her to take decisions on her own. She blames herself and DP is thinking that I I had asked Laksh at least once if he liked ragini then he would have known about Laksh’s wishes and had not been spoiled ragini’s life.

And the one who is feeling that his life is being snatched from him I Laksh. He now understood that he loves ragini but she is only not there with him to listen him. He is silently crying standing at a distance. Everyone are feeling themselves responsible for ragini’s condition at present and praying God to save her.
Doctor comes and Laksh asks him how is ragini. Doctor : we can’t say anything. Her condition is very serious. If she doesn’t get consciousness in 12 hours then she will slip into coma or she may die too. Everyone are shocked listening to doctor. Laksh loses his strength and about to fall but sanskar holds him.

Sanskar : Laksh what happened to u, nothing will happen to ragini
All sees towards them
Laksh : I love ragini Bhai. I realised it very late and now I am in the state of losing her. I want her in my life Bhai. I can’t live without her Bhai.
All are staring sanlak only
Swara : see Laksh what your stubbornness did now. I told u already that I am just your infatuation and not love. But u never listened and see now we are in a stage of losing her forever.

Laksh : I am sorry Swara it is my mistake completely. I had a feeling towards her but thought it just as a friendship. If I had realised it before then me and ragini would have been together. It’s my fault completely my fault. I am sorry everyone. I am sorry
By saying this he sits on the floor on his knees and cries. Sanskar and Swara consoles him. All had tears in their eyes.
6 hours passed but there is no news of ragini.
Sharmista is remembering her moments with ragini

Flash back
After marriage ragini came near sharmista and gave her a box. Sharmista opens it and finds a pair of bangles. They are ancestors. Dadi says laado why are u giving it to her they were given to your mother by me. They are ancestors bangles ( I mean to say they are kandhani, from generations they are coming). Ha dadima they are ma’ s and now I am giving them to my another ma. Sharmista gets tears and hugs her.

Another incident

Sharmista has a headache and ragini is pressing her head. Sharmista says go and do u work, I am fine beta. Ragini says ma I never got a chance to spend time with ma and after few days again I will go far away from u. So let me be with u ma and do whatever I wish. Sharmista just smiles and hugs her
Flash back ends

Sharmista I silently crying remembering all this
Other side shekar is trying to think of his moments with ragini but as he didn’t spend time with her he doesn’t have any. He realised that he was never a father figure to her. He was never there when she needed him.
Flash back
Ragini was doing her schooling. She is very good at studies and always got top marks. Next day was parents meeting and she came to say him about that
Ragini : papa there is parents meeting tomorrow. Please come to our school na
Shekar : ragini am i looking free to u. I have much work. I can’t come. U go from here. She moves away silently but he saw tears in her eyes but didn’t speak with her and went away from there.
Another incident
Ragini got a prize and came to show him that but he rudely asked her to go out and didn’t listen to her.
He was never there with her when she is sick or needs him. He didn’t celebrate her birthday even once. He didn’t attend any school meetings or functions of ragini’s. He realised that he doesn’t even remember her birth date now and cries
Flash back ends
Dadi remembers how she used to stop her doing work on her own. How she stopped her from playing with friends and didn’t allow to go out after coming to school. Never allowed her to any picnics or tours. She remembers how she restricted her from doing any and everything

All are crying remembering their moments with ragini
Sanskar remembers how she took care of him like a mother when he acted as he is mad. How she fed him saying stories and diverting him. He feels that he is reason for hurting her second time as Laksh after breaking engagement for once, again agreed to marry her for his sake. He has tears in his eyes remembering her words on the hill. He is happy that she is his friend but has a fear that she may not speak with him after knowing his truth. He again thinks she is ragini who can never hate anyone and smiles. He has faith that she will be ok

Swara is remembering all their moments from childhood, how they were best friends and used to hide their friendship from Dadi. She feels like someone is giving her a life time punishment by taking her far away from ragini.
Maheshwari family members thinks how ragini used to value and respect them, how she behaved with them etc,
And Laksh POV
He is thinking, how happy she used to be whenever he spent a few minutes with her. She never complained when he used to avoid her. She didn’t misunderstand his friendship with Swara. She never approached him for anything. She tried to change herself for his sake. She loved him with pure heart. She was worried more than him when he got a small hurt. She almost cried when he just got hit with the door. She tried to save him and told lies to Dadi for his sake. Her love was selfless and he is not a perfect one for her but he want her in his life as his better half.
He silently cries in the corner
All are in their own sorrows and didn’t notice time. It’s midnight and almost 12 hours have come to end.

Doctor comes and says sorry everyone we can’t do anything now. She is not responding for the treatment. Some miracle only should happen now. Go and see her. All are shattered listening this. Swara, dadi and sharmista cries a lot. All goes one by one to the ICU and sees her. Except Laksh.
Sanskar : Laksh once convey your feelings to her before she leave this world. At least her soul will feel happy.
Laksh : Bhai don’t say like that nothing will happen to her. She can’t go leaving me alone. She has to come back for my sake. She can’t go like this and enters into ICU. He asks the nurse who Is watching ragini to go out. He sits on the stool beside bed and holds her hand

Laksh : ragini now I understood how u might have felt when I left u alone after breaking our engagement. But please don’t do that to me ragini. I want u in my life. I can’t live without you. If u want to leave from this world then take me too but please don’t leave me alone like this. Please ragini please wake up. If not for me then at least for your Dadi. U love her a lot na, then see she is crying. Stop her from doing that. Wake up ragini wake up. He cries bending his head and tightly holding her hand as if he leave her then she will go far away from him.

Part ends on their hands
Please say if this is good. I know it is not so interesting and is emotional but just wanted to prove that a mistake can be done unknowingly too. I will update next and final shot tomorrow same time. Hope u all liked it and please say how it is. And i just want to convey that few times we commit mistakes unknowingly. Other don’t make it an issue and give them a chance to explain. First notify them about their mistake and then if they repeat then scold them. Don’t judge a person with a single mistake. If a person takes it to heart then it may lead to destruction which we cant expect. So i request everyone to speak after thinking for a second. Sorry if i had hurt anyone with my words. thanks for reading.

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