ragini true love VS/ destiny (Intro)


Love VS destiny
Ragini gadodia: beautiful charming girl belonging to a marwadi family she is brought up in Kolkata at present she is living in delhi with her family she doesn’t stay at one place she is a cop working in India’s secret agency no one knows about her true identity she is behind a terrorist group who r planning a bomb blast in India’s top 5 cities dehli, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. Their first target was Mumbai and they succeded in their plan their next target is cheenai. She has disgussied her self as isha. She became member of that group the group is unaware about her true identity along with her their r three officer who too have disguised themselves she is successful in passing the information to government about bomb blast the bomb blast failed because of her. She is sharp, intelligent, brave, loyal towards her duty.their next target is Kolkata they don’t want to fail for this attempt. She has entered Kolkata
Sanskar maheswari: a young charming dashing police officer sp of Kolkata. He is a brave , courageous officer loyal to his work very sharp and intelligent . he is behind the terrorist group. He talks non stop he’s a filrt about work he’s serious but not so much during work also he’s keeps craking jokes a person who’s always laugh in all situations he’s not afraid of death can do anything for country.

Their r some corrupt officer in department who r helping the terrorist in bomb blast. Ragini is trying to find those corrupt officer.
Acp parduman : sanskar elder officer and boss he likes sanskar lot
Raj mehra: he’s sanskar’s best frnd he’s working at cyber crime department he’s chief their
Avinash singh: he is another officer with ragini who is working with her disgussied himself as asad khan ragini and avinash share a good bonding
Karan vahi: ragini’s good frnd from training time (police training) disgussied as deelawar khan
Akram mohummad: another officer in team (no change in name or identity)
Shipa singh: working under raj. She’s mad on sanskar but he doesn’t care
Swara bose: ragini’s and sanskar’s common frnd and ragini’s best frnd a business tycoon
Laksh maheswari: sanskar’s younger brother he’s IPS officer of a city of west Bengal he’s been appointmented as special officer at Kolkata for failing the bomb blast plan he’s working with sanskar he loves swara
Other all character’s r same and some charcters’s of CID(sony channel)

This is all about their profession
Ragini swara, sanskar and laksh had stuied in same school sanskar was ragini’s senior and swara. Ragini, laksh were in same class ragini and sanskar didn’t like eachother at all they always used to have quarrels and swra was a common frnd to both she was stopping their fight
Sanskar’s first crush was ragini but he never said to her ragini didn’t have any such feelings for him she used to hate him because he did her ragging but our brave ragini was the first girl in whole school who challenged our price charming
Four of them were in same clg for two years at that time ragini and sanskar became frnds sanskar ragini got know that she was his first crush ragini too had something for him sanskar proposed ragini but she rejected because of a incidence she started hating him she is determined to her work and profession sanskar moved to Hyderabad for his studies and tranning ragini was unaware about his profession ragini was selected as police officer ragini moved to delhi where she met karan they became good frnds karn knew about sanskar their were together during their tranning period and for mission too they were together
Karan , avinash, ragini and akaram joined terrorist group from four different place they showed themselves unware about each other karan avinash ragini r unaware that akram is a police officer and he’s too unware about tio’s true identity as cops because akram was appontmented by acp to enter the teriiorst group

At present sanskar still loves ragini
Sanskar and laksh r behind that terrorist group they r unaware about ragini as cop present in that group they think her as isha they have not seen her photo
Ragini is too unaware about laksh and sanskar
Gues plsz comment how is that I know its somewhat somewhat subburn I hope u’ll like that the pairs r ragsan and swalak I’ll soon show how they ragsan beacem frnds and why ragini don’t like sanskar I want ur help do u want to know their teenage love story or shall tell a short one bout it and continue with present situation hope u gues enjoy
How will ragsan again fall for eachother and how will ragsan react when they will meet? How they will meet? Will sanskar get to know about ragini being cop or he’ll belive her as terrorist how will he react how will sasnkar come to know about ragini’s true identity? Waht’s their love story…………….. why ragini hate sanskar? Will sanskar convice her will she accept her feelings? Whom will ragini chose her love or country
Will swara accept laksh proposal…………………… do swara love laksh how was their love story how will they fall for eachother from frndship to love how will be their journey………………….
Many things r waiting……………………

Gues plsz plsz comment

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