ragini true love VS/ destiny (Episode 2)

At a base room
Karan and ragini come ragini has her face covered
Cheif: hope u did ur work
Rag: ha cheif but what’s the reason for the sudden call
Cheif shows them a photo ragini is shocked to see it
Rag: cheif
Cheif: ha she looks like u she is ragini gadodai acp of delhi and crime branch officer
Rag: cheif she looks exactly like me what the reason
Cheif: she looks like u u have to enter police department as ragini
Rag: but why
Cheif: ragini is sanskar’s lofe he can do anything for her u have to misguide them
Rag: but how
Scheif: by passing all information to us about their activity sanskar will never untrust ragini he’s mad on her
Brag: sure cheif
They all leave
Karan: rag what will u do know
Rag: isha should know arrested know at any cost
Karan: how
Rag: by hurting sanskar ego so much that he should catch isha at any cost
Karan: and how will do that
Rag: wait and watch

Some goons come and attack uttra(sanlak sis)
Sanlak come to know about it
San: I will not leave them
Laksh: bhai wait see their’s another letter
Sans reads it he gets still more angry he crushes the paper and move to police station

At a house
Karan: what have u done
Rag: I got his sis attacked and that letter will do my work
Karan: again letter what
Rag: “I had written : stupid what have u thought about urself price charming don’t try to mess with me other wise ur dear ones will get hurt ragini can be in danger I know u”
Karan: rag u r awesome

At police station
Sanskar comes in rage all r tensed to see him he moves to acp’s sir office
Acp: what happened
Sans: sir they r crossing their limits she has warned me for my ragini what they thought about their self
He shows them the letter
Acp is shocked
Acp: sanskar realx
Sanskar: no sir I want to get hold of her know at any cost he moves from their
Abhishek: sir why they r behind sanskar
Laksh enters

Acp: what has exactly happened
Laksh says them everything all r shocked
Daya: sir they r upto something big
Acp: ha daya kuch toh gadbad ha
Laksh: sir woh log ragini ke barre me kasie janthe hai
Daya: may they know from outside
Laksh: it can’t be possible becaus still bahi had no confession and it has been 7years ragini left Kolkata and bhai didn’t meet her from past 4 years and when they met last they had big fight and bhai tried to ask he sory so it can be impossible
Abhishek: it can be someone from our department said that
Laksh: ha that can be because bhai has bored all so much by telling about ragini
Daya: but still their r many other officer why they r behind sanskar only why they r troubling ur family
Laksh: no they r not troubling they r hurting bhai’s ego
Acp: what do mean

Laksh: sir they want sanskar to be behind them I think they got to know that if anyone hurt bahi’s ego he will not spare that person
Acp:waht sanskar has that much ego
Laksh: ha but only few and very close to sanskar only know about his ego
Abhishek: what’s happening here
Daya: no idea

At cyber branch office
Sanskar come to meet raj
Sanskar: I need ur help
Raj: what happened ok relax and tell me
Sanskar says him everything
I want cctv carmera recordings around daragha
They r watching the recording (their a bid room many computer screens sanskar watches them carefully)
Sanskar: this is
Raj: ok but how will u recognise her
Sanskar see this photo she’s wearing a bracelet on her hand and when she pushed me her bracelet got broken definitely she will get it repaired
Raj: this can help us
Sanskar: exactly
Sanskar with someofficer , he makes a sketch of braclet he searches for that around jewerly shops he doesn’t find any clue
And finally at small jewerrly shop he gets a clue
Owner: sir a lady bought it
Sans: ok have u seen her face
Owner: no sir because she was wearing bruqa but ha she gave her number she was in hurry she told when it ger reapired to call
Sans: it means braclet is with u
Owner: no sir she took it long back but I have her no
Sanskat takes it

At cyv=ber branch office
sanskar: raj trace this no
Raj: bro this number at present is around kali badi area
Sanskar thanks alot and tell me eaxact location I am moving tell me I am having this Bluetooth device
Sanskar with someofficers moves to that area
Raj: bro she is present in a house he gives address of gadodai’s house
Sans is shocked he moves to that place

Karan: r u sure it will work
Rag: ha I told cheif we can more information about ragini through this house and my braclet dram and all it will help
Karan hears some sound
Karan: I think they r here
Rag: be ready to run
Sanskar enters the house breaking door
Ragini has her face covered
Rag: run deelawar
They try to run
Sanskar and other ifficers try to catch her
Rag helps karan to run and gets trap
Sanskar slaps her hard
Sanskar: how dare u think of harming my ragini
Ragini gets angry of his action but is quite they take her to police station
At police station
Ragini is kept in custody
Acp: awe u done a great job

At special custody cell
A lady police officer forces ragini to tell truth but all in vain
Rag:I want to meet acp
Lady consepatable: why
Rag: if u want to know truth call him
Officer moves
Acp: any information
Officer: no sir but
Daya: but what
Officer: she wants to meet u sir
Acp:me but why
Officer: sir she is telling she will tell truth to u
Acp: what ok come
They move to cell
Acp: what u want to tell me
Rag: take a pic of me and send it to Delhi’s comissnor
Acp: why
Rag: u’ll get to know
Acp does it
Delhi’s comissnor sees it and get shock he immediately calls back
Acp: sir
Comissnor: acp what’s that
Acp: sir she’s isah
Comissnor: yeah she is isha I know she is our specai officer ragini gadoadia acp of delhi and a special officer of crime beranch she Is appointed by me to fail the bomb blast
Acp Is shocked
Acp: sir she didn’t say anything
Comissnor: ok I wnat to talk to her
Rag: hello sir
Comissnor: why u left mission incomplete
Rag: sir their’s a long story they wanted isha to disguise her self as ragini and enter police department
Comissnor: what’s next plan
Rag: I’ll soon tell u
She cuts the call

Acp: why did u not inform us
Rag: because all what happened recently from those letters to my arrest all was planned
Acp: awesome but why
Rag: because in ur department their r some corrupt officer to get their name I did but u have too shift me to another place
Acp: done
Rag: sir one more request send sanlak in plsz
Acp: r u sure
Rag: ha some incomplete work is left she winks at him
Acp comes out
Acp: sanlak u go and try to get information from her
Daya: but why they
Acp: u’ll get to know

Sanlak enter
Ragini is facing wall
Laksh: bhai I don’t think she’ll tell anything
Sanskar: I am feeling to kill her how dare she thinks of troubling my rago and my sis
Laksh: bhai cool
Ragini turns around and both r hell shocked
Sanlak: ragini
Ragini stares at them
Laksh: no she can’t be ragini
Sanskar: ur right she can’t be my ragini I know ragini she will never do any work like this and that too against country na it impossible
Laksh: ha she is isha
Ragini comes near them and slaps laksh
Ragini: know u tell me who I am
Laksh keeps his hand on his cheek
Laksh: know I am sure she’s my rago
He turns towards sanskar he faints
Raglak: sanskar

All enter
Daya: what happened to him
Abhishek: saw any ghost or what and what what happened to ur cheek
Acp:laksh what she done
Laksh: sir can’t u have said that
Acp: what I know about it
Daya: waht’s happening here
Abhishek sprinkles somewater in his face
Sanskar gets senses
Laksh: bahi r u fine
Sanskar: ha
Daya: waht happened
San: I felt is saw ragini andshe slapped laksh to prove she is ragini I can’t belive I think it was dream
Lak: bhai it not dream
Sanskar quickly gets up: (in loud tone): what……………..
Lak: ha he points his finger towards ragini
Sanskar sees her she waves hi hands to him
He gives wired similes to her he moves towards her
I think I am dreaming she pinches him
Sanskar: ah………………. what r u doing
Rag: came out of dream world
Sanskar: u here where’s isha and wait ur isha what’s happening here why r u here and why didn’t u inform me that ur coming what’s happening
She places her finger on his lips
Rag: sshh……….. I’ll tell first stop questioning
Ragini tells them everything
Laksh: wow rag what planning
He sees towards sanskar

Daya: u have anaylsed sanskar……… verywell
Rag: thank u for complements but I need ur help know for my next step
Acp: what’s next
Rag:I’ll tell u later because anyone will get doubt
Acp:ur right lets move
All leave sanskar sees behind
Sanskar comes and hugs her she is shocked
Rag: what happened
Sanskar: why u did this so much confident in me ha
Rag breaks the hug
Rag: ha on ur stupidicity
Laksh come in
He comes and side hugs rag
Rag:and ha what were u saying I am not ur rgao
Laksh: ha sory for that and u got me only to prove ur ragini u could have done on bhai also
Rag: no he was already baali ka barkara so why to trouble more and u saw na I slapped u but he fain ted they bith laugh and give hifi to eachother
San: over
Ragini wher will u stay
Rag: here only
Sans: r u mad how can u ………
Rag: just chill its all part of my plan u go out plsz
They both move a small eyelock btw ragsan

At acp cabin
Sanskar: sir can we go somewhere else plsz
Acp come with me he atke them to a scret room
Laksh couldn’t control his laugh he laughed a loud
Daya: what happened
Laksh: baali ka bakara
Abhishek: what
Laksh: ha u all know why bhai fainted because she’s the same ragini on whom bhai is mad
All laugh

Daya: what a meeting the girl whom he loves the most he didn’t accept to meet her after four years like this
Abhishek: ha ur right baali ka bakra
San: gues plsz stop it
Acp: she is awesome her planning she’s too good
Sanskar simile:yes sir
Laksh: bahi oh…………. control urself
Acp:ragini is great achiever, at young age acp of delhi impressive
All were impressed by her

Precap: ragsan nohk jokh swara’s entry

Gues I hope u like it plsz comments

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  1. Poonam

    Wow yaar such a wonderful episode. I liked it very much…. Ragini was too good….. Pls update asap

    • Lila

      Isha and ragini are same person…the department knw she is Ragini pretending to be isha to stop bomb blast

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